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The Adoration of Saint Nicola

If my old pal, Frederic Lindsay was still alive, a fine novelist and independence supporter all his days, he would be shocked at the chaotic state the SNP now finds itself in, mired in vainglorious, deeply flawed, divisive policies for … Continue reading

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An Arts Policy For Scotland

It took some weeks to get my head around a document extolling art for all, what should be reformed and what should be encouraged. I have always believed everybody should be give the opportunity to participate in the arts, but … Continue reading

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The Irish Experience

Listening to Mary Lou Macdonald in a television interview, leader of the Irish social democratic party, Sinn Fein, I was struck by how unselfconsciously she used the phrase English nationalist, rather than British nationalist. She was not, after all, referring … Continue reading

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ALBA: Women’s Equality

Women took centre stage at the launch of the ALBA party’s Women’s conference. ALBA released its official policy manifesto on equalities. We attach it below for the benefit of voters, particularly those concerned by the other parties’ positions on women’s … Continue reading

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The Story of Circus Lane

A Parable For a Nation I am about to relate the tale of how, by accident, I changed a forgotten backwater lane in the centre of this nation’s capital to a thriving, beautiful place to live, and how it proved … Continue reading

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Publish and be Damned

This glowing article on Scotland’s ability to flourish if reinstated as an autonomous country was published as a London School of Economics Paper a few days ago – and suddenly vanished. Highly positive about Scotland’s economy, you need no familiarity … Continue reading

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