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Shaming Scotland

It will rank as Nicola’s Sturgeon’s greatest error to have embraced her colonial civil servants, led by the infamously inept misandry of chief adviser Leslie Evans, when Sturgeon accepted the complete unexpurgated warped ideology, the cockamamie crap of Stonewall as … Continue reading

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Twitter and Musk

Twitter CEO, and electric car magnate, Elon Musk I joined Twitter in 2014, and did so reluctantly. One could see it was a mess of a communications platform, but as everybody else on the side of Scotland’s independence was using … Continue reading

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Ferries: SNP Solution Sails On

Stuart Ballantyne, a Scottish naval architect and chairman of SeaTransport Solutions  THE FERRY FIASCO – A NEW CHAPTER The Ferry fiasco contunues unabated. Scottish Government ministers stand accused of ignoring proposals for a Clyde shipbuilding revolution to solve Scotland’s ferry … Continue reading

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The Remedy

Salvo was formed to restore Scotland’s Claim of Right. We are up against a powerful and utterly determined British Establishment. It will do everything in its power to rubbish the truth about Scotland’s constitution as foolish, wrong, naïve or divorced … Continue reading

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Repressive Legislation

Let us start with the obvious – Rishi Sunak is a far-right, bad-tempered, vain ‘Richy Rich’ Tory. By the sloth of Scotland’s SNP, this nation of ours, our rights and liberty, may well be crushed by his schemes to see … Continue reading

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Robbing Scotland

ALBA Depute Leader Kenny MacAskill is using his House of Commons time (Tuesday) to debate the “robbery of Scotland’s rich energy bounty while half of all Scots households face fuel poverty this winter“. As is the habit of his English MP colleagues, they … Continue reading

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Challenging Empty Rhetoric

Dear Nicola Sturgeon That smug boast of yours, of outliving Tory Prime Ministers… I have outlived six mandates for independence and expect to outlive six more if you and your inept team are still in governance. (I’ve incurable cancer- what’s … Continue reading

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Busy Doing Nothing

The Wings Over Scotland (WoS) website was ostensibly closed down by its editor over a year ago, he apparently disgusted by the way the independence movement had become fragmented and the leadership of Nicola Sturgeon moribund, the energy of the … Continue reading

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Benedetti’s Festival Plans

The press are making a hullabaloo out of Benedetti being the ‘first female’ director of the Edinburgh Festival, which to my mind is demeaning. More critical is the fact that she is the first Scot, the governors of the world’s … Continue reading

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Sad Sadowitz

The American-Scottish comedian Jerry Sadowitz has made a wobbly career out of courting a strong recation to his shows, a take it or leave it attitude to audiences. There is always a comedian who makes it their task to ‘push … Continue reading

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