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Tenet – a review

How grand to see cinemas reopening after months of lock-down, and better still to see small production companies and the major studios show there work on the big screen again, not constrained to a television transmission. There is no doubt … Continue reading

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Scotland and UDI

First, the misdirect: “A referendum that has a clear legal basis, agreed to between governments, that is regulated by law and consistent with democratic and rule of law values, is the surest – perhaps the only – way to deliver … Continue reading

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BBC Black Arts

“Kirsty Wark is hosting a BBC documentary on the Alex Salmond case, and Dani Garavelli is presenting a ‘civil war in the SNP’ programme on BBC Radio 4. How fucking desperate are the BBC?”  Fiona Kabuki  The tweet above from … Continue reading

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Scotland’s Health Service

I could begin and end with the statement that the Scottish Health Service is second to none and not bother to fill in the middle because that’s the flat-out truth. There are other nations, such as Thailand, where the health … Continue reading

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