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Who Is Running the Ukraine War?

This is the news you will not hear on the BBC. It is critical we know both sides of the story. If we allow our prejudices to run one way we will never find the solution to a peace formula … Continue reading

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SNP: Ferry Fiasco

The buck passing between members of our national government, ferry bosses and shipyard bosses has reached epidemic proportions, with each jostling for public attention to ‘put their side of the story on record. Their side of the story rarely sees … Continue reading

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New Labour Is Old Labour

Scotland took to the Labour Party as its ‘natural’ party of choice because it was conceived by a Scot in Scotland, Keir Hardie. It espoused the principles of the enlightenment without doing what the right-wing has done, falsify and misrepresent … Continue reading

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SNP Wake Up to Smell Coffey

The inestimable Kevin McKenna, pro-independence Herald journalist and lip smacker, I like most of what he writes and how he writes it, often reproducing his opinion columns because their sentiment chimes with the public mood. There it is, and here … Continue reading

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From Indy SNP to Colonial Labour

Campbell Martin is a former SNP MSP expelled from the party by ‘Honest’ John Swinney, an misnomer long since eradicated by the repugnant part Swinney played in delaying critical evidence that would have cleared Alex Salmond from false accusation. Swinney … Continue reading

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Ukraine: The Propaganda War

With the number of weapons being sent to Ukraine the West is back again with a war by proxy, only this one has nuclear weapons on both sides. The sooner people send messages of a peace conference, not pictures glorifying … Continue reading

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An SNP Letter

THE UNBEARABLE ODDNESS OF THE SNP A colleague received a letter from the SNP delivered to his family home. It said they were asking “friends and family” to vote 1 and 2 for SNP candidates and “for no other party”. … Continue reading

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Scotland Bought and Sold

This article was penned by the Guardian’s chief journalist for Scotland, Severin Carrell. It alerts us to the quiet land sell off and why our elected government are dangerously slothful in stopping it, even with emergency legislation. In time, an … Continue reading

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Privatising Channel 4

The irony in the Tory move to privatise Channel 4 Television – a purely commissioning enterprise, and publicly owned – seen as revenge for the way the broadcaster treated Boris in the past, is it was one of arch Tory … Continue reading

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Ferries: A Cover Up

The fiasco over the building of two new Highland and Islands ferries continues to make headlines. In a small country any collapse of supervision and resultant increase in the cost of an enterprise is bound to be noticed by press … Continue reading

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