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I Daniel Blake – a review

There is a masterful high point in I Daniel Blake, when, after spray can painting a plea to welfare benefit staff on the wall of their building, Blake, nicely underplayed by Dave Johns, gets cheered on by a down-and-out inebriated … Continue reading

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A People Betrayed

Gibraltar, British territory since 1713, doesn’t count itself a ‘corner of a foreign field forever England’. The people are of one mind, furious, incensed, enraged. They detest the British government for dumping Europe and closing down on its borders. 97.5% voted to … Continue reading

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Hunt for Winderpeople – a review

This is a delightfully unambitious film that amasses wisdom about family life as it tells its tale in its passage of rights way, packed with compassion, sadness and laughter. The new Zealand film industry, like the Australian before it, is a wonder: from … Continue reading

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The Bus That Lied

I’ve more to say about the wording on that bus later. The other day, wondering how England will manage to prosper in a new relationship with its Treaty partner without subsidy from Scotland, I came across a speech made by  the … Continue reading

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Inglish, as Spoke ‘n Wrote

Mr Spelling Bee As a writer I get asked to spell words by as many adults as children, en passant. I don’t claim to be a walking dictionary and often experiment to create new words that the ill-educated consider ‘wrong’. It’s … Continue reading

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Deepwater Horizon – a review

Here is a film in which Peter Berg the director is desperately keen to honour the men and women who served on that fated oil exploration rig in the Gulf of Mexico, twenty-five minutes from the Texan coast, and who were … Continue reading

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A Conference Speech

On leaving Europe to the wolves, England’s current prime minister – that chore has no relevance to Scotland’s ambitions and so forfeits the right to be classified as ‘UK prime minister’ – Theresa May said: “This is the first stage … Continue reading

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