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Port Governance

The SNP government has announced £30 million of public money will be invested in the Aberdeen Harbour development, this in addition to funds from other sources. Some readers have asked what are the consequences of this, and what can be … Continue reading

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An Attack on Scots Law

Once again we have the unedifying sight of an amateur administration meddling in an issue of which it has little expertise – Scots Law. While there are aspects that can do with speedy reform, particularly reducing costs for the poor … Continue reading

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Boris the Madman

Just when we thought the last Tory leader was a foolish idiot along comes Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, accept by the slow-witted as a typical English toff. He was born in America, New York to be precise, educated at … Continue reading

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Scotland’s Net-Zero Land Grab

Private investment funds and asset managers have also become increasingly active in Scotland’s land market Some companies are purchasing land with the explicit aim of offsetting their own emissions. The craft beer brewer, Brewdog, for example, has purchased over 9,000 acres of … Continue reading

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Unnatural-based Solutions

In our series of Climate Change articles, environmentalist campaigner, George Monbiot, points up cheats making themselves richer from adversity. He argues wealthy companies are using the facade of ‘nature-based solutions’ to enact a great carbon land grab. “Carbon offsetting is … Continue reading

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Scotland’s Enemies

On learning the SNP was resurrecting its independence referendum campaign, BBC Scotland was up a ready with the counter-argument. Unlike the slothful, arrogant SNP these last seven years! ‘Call Kaye‘ a faux participation exercise, in which whatever you have to … Continue reading

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The Burning of a British Embassy

From time to time it refreshes understanding to remind ourselves of the vicissitudes and courage the Irish went through to attain political separation from their English invaders, a country impoverished by British rule, and yet that economic reality did not … Continue reading

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Dumping Fishing Gear

The sight of a humpback whale caught in a fishing net, an almost impossible task to catch to free it, caught people’s attention this month. There is nothing easier than dumping waste in the ocean from a ship, petroleum, excrement … Continue reading

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BBC Propaganda

The video was made some while ago, but is as relevant now as when it was when produced. The announcement by the Tory party that the BBC annual fee will end in 2027 is probably more to save Boris Johnson’s … Continue reading

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Divergence: North v South

I was intrigued to unearth some fascinating research looking for something entirely different on the Romans in Scotland, and I did it without the use of a metal detector. Anything that is liable to reinforce intuition, sensitivity based on empirical … Continue reading

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