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Car Culture: Pop Up Charge

A weekly look at all that sucks in the world of cars, plus some good bits The car industry being the bellwether of corporate society, and the industry realising the instruction ‘don’t go to work unless you have to go … Continue reading

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The Neutral Newspaper

The question I put is this, can a newspaper be truly impartial in colonial Scotland? How does it put neutrality into practice, even when its neutrality refers solely to partisan politics? How can it function as a truly Scottish newspaper … Continue reading

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Car Culture: Emergency Deaths

A weekly look at what sucks in our world of cars, plus some god bits Witnessing a pedestrian crossing a wide road deep in thought, almost get hit by an oncoming car presumably assuming the road empty of vehicles under … Continue reading

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The Mermaid Bride

If a nation protects and nurtures its culture and heritage it has to include timeless folk tales and myths. Scotland has hosted the whirling Dervish of JK Rowling’s derivative doorstop books of magic, mixed with science fiction, for so long … Continue reading

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Car Culture: Carmageddon

A weekly guide to car culture, the good, the bad and the plug ugly When I began this strand of articles published midweek I was asked why automobiles. I answered that they rule the planet, provide millions of jobs, are … Continue reading

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What is Coronavirus?

We – the world’s nations in the west and Asia – were warned in 2019 a new incurable ‘flu’ was on its way and we should prepare for it. We did not. What is the virus and is it Armageddon, … Continue reading

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A Diversion

Here’s an odd occurrence; out of genuine curiosity I posted a question on Twitter: “Does anybody know if there is any truth in the claim coronavirus is killed by high temperatures?” I had in mind a comment I saw stating … Continue reading

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