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‘Better a friendly Scotland self-reliant than an angry one coerced’ Grouse Beater

For updates of all facets of Scottish politics and the arts, tune into ‘Grouse Beater Twitter’ – breaking news, satire, commentary, and some humour.


Me outside my Malibu pad, pensive and melancholy as ever, but I perk up in good company

This is a personal essay site on Scotland present, past, and future.

The opinion, observations, polemic, satire, and topics chosen are those of a secular humanist, and something of an anarchist. Essays are not always hard politics, they cover film reviews and the car industry, car companies one of the biggest lobbyists of government in the world, subjects chosen because they relate to Scotland in some way.

Extensive experience in the arts in Scotland, England, and abroad, particularly the USA, has given me a perspective of Scotland’s political and social deficiencies. And they are legion. Scotland is too long a colonised country. My vocation spans theatre production, radio, television, film and journalism. At one time I wrote for US car magazines. I wrote the Louis Vuitton Guide to Los Angeles (not the restaurant section) while still in Edinburgh and to a month’s deadline! Most recent books are published by the Royal Academy of Arts in London, in addition to ESSAYS and ESSAYS 2, collections of essays published in various Internet sites, magazines and newspapers, (available from me direct or Amazon) a third book on adventures in LaLa Land now a work in progress.

Raising finance for the arts in Scotland accrued over £5 million pounds, and work for talented individuals.

Chronologically: I am from what used to be called a ‘broken home’. I ran away a lot. Now I am described as a polymath and a ‘self-made man’. There’s a cliché for everybody and everything. My background is Edinburgh-born and educated, Catholic and Jewish. I am half-Sicilian, half-Irish. My vocation began as a student of theatre, (and studied philosophy), teacher in Glasgow and then lecturer in drama, (Distinction) in Edinburgh, broadcaster for BBC and commercial radio, to founder-artistic director of a national theatre still flourishing. I was a few years an unhappy BBC television executive producer, London, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Recently I devoted myself to work as a producer-writer-doctor of filmed drama, and lately an obsessive essayist and polemicist. For relaxation I design gardens and help plant them, currently a Roman garden on Roman archaeological ground.

House Rules – Okay

The site is open to comments and the exchange of ideas. Opposing arguments are welcome but not disputes. No trolling or libel. I allow access to those who I adjudge genuine. Keep in mind it’s my website. If you don’t like it create your own.

As a professional author, essays are copyrighted. Now and then I publish other people’s articles if relevant topically or worthy of note. I may draw attention to them in texts and on my Twitter site. I also like to promote good photographers. Feel free to quote passages but do not reprint entire essays for commercial gain without my expressed permission. I always sue!

Grouse Beater ©





54 Responses to About Grouse Beater

  1. socratesmacsporran says:

    Gareth, I have just finished binge-reading Essays. A terrific book, allowing me to catch-up with one or two of your posts which I have missed.

    Inspirational stuff, I would say required reading for all Independence supporters.

    I hope you are spared and givent he energy to publish further essays in book form.

    Best wishes,

  2. Grouse Beater says:

    Wow. One to savour. And you read it in one splurge! I’d better get ESSAYS 2 to publisher soon! 🙂 As I asked another, a review on Amazon helps to boost book 2 and I can quote reviews. Muchas gracias, senior.

  3. dundeejake says:

    Hi Grouse Beater, great writing & thanks for putting up all your posts I especially enjoyed your film reviews! Keep up the good work! Best, Jake

  4. Grouse Beater says:

    You’re welcome. Life, as you will have read from my eulogy on our national health service, is very fragile, so every compliment makes this sacrifice of time a spur to more effort. I enjoy reading the comments people leave. 🙂

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