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Unsustainable Growth

In the second of our climate change articles, environmentalist and activist George Monbiot warns the rape of our Earth, and the pollution that follows it, cannot continue. As ever with climate warnings, the read may be depressing but necessary to … Continue reading

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Rewilding the Highlands

This is the second article in the new category of ‘Climate Change’. Phoebe Weston explains the plan to enrich a large area of the Highlands once populated with villages that might eventually see new communities evolve as well as better … Continue reading

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Define ‘Woman’

A lot of men and too many women are scared to challenge the ‘transgender’ nonsense. Personally, I readily admit I was bewildered by the arguments and apprehensive about writing on the subject. Establishment figures who support Stonewall’s utterances and edicts, … Continue reading

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Baird on Colonialism

This site published a video on three occasions – all for good reasons – one being First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s visit to the Irish Parliament, the Dáil Éireann. No Scottish newspaper covered the event, a few merely gave it a … Continue reading

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A Policy of Truth

The MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, Neale Hanvey (unseated a Labour MP), is an unusual politician in that he has thought about honesty in his profession and not decided it inefficient, inconvenient, cumbersome, and junked it. Having a naturally open … Continue reading

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Locking Down Holyrood

“It will be an offence to enter the area without lawful authority. That simple fact will deter protest, don’t you think? A sheriff won’t listen to a defence that “I read on Twitter that it would only be enforced in … Continue reading

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Earth’s Tipping Point

Greater than Scotland’s liberty is the chaos showing itself now from Climate Change and certain to get worse. ‘Climate Change is a nice phrase to avoid saying, the dire effects of huimankind’s exploitation of the planet. Scotland’s enemies will also … Continue reading

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Declaration – New Discovery

The Declaration of Arbroath is arguably the most important ancient document Scotland owns. English have all but forgotten Magna Carta, few adhere to its principles, bar a few lawyers and academics, but Scots refer to the Declaration often in research, … Continue reading

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A Maritime Vision

Professor Alf Baird sets out the case to bolster Scotland’s maritime network and says current policymakers won’t ‘rock the UK boat’ when it comes to maritime policy in Scotland. Professor Baird was, prior to his retirement in 2016, Professor of … Continue reading

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The Court of Queen Nic

 Country  Population Members of Parliament Cabinet/Junior Ministers  Scotland  5.517 million  129  27  Norway   5.469 million   169  20  Republic of Ireland  4.982 million  160  35 An odd development is the ever-increasing number of ministers and communication officers ever since Nicola Sturgeon … Continue reading

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