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Logan Lucky – a review

I think Hollywood categorises this out-of-unhappy-retirement film directed by Steven Soderbergh as a zany comedy about no hopers with ambitions way above their abilities. As it is, it’s an enjoyable romp elevating the ordinary to the extra-ordinary. And you get … Continue reading

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War for Planet of the Apes – a review

This latest simian epic could be entitled ‘Apes of Wrath’ so angry are the aboreal primates at the way we treat them. What you see in this entertaining – if man killing ape and ape killing man can be described … Continue reading

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Debeaking Wings

“An hubristic journalist seeking revenge for some perceived hurt is a minor annoyance compared to the power of mega-wealthy media owners, harvesters of lonely Internet souls. Facebook and Twitter have become Purgatory, the place where you must wait indefinitely until judged innocent or guilty, … Continue reading

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A Bridge Too Far

Grouse Beater on the Garden Bridge Scotland’s money too, stupid! How did a bridge nobody asked for or want, festooned with shrubbery, get cancelled after which millions of pounds of public money, including Scotland’s taxes. How easily it was all … Continue reading

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Atomic Blonde – a review

If readers want to avoid reading this review here it is on a postcard: Atomic Blonde is another Hollywood boilerplate story about 100 different ways to kill a man, and one way to kill a woman. What brains it has … Continue reading

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England’s Neo-Colonialism

Or, How to Decolonise Your Mind In my opinion the seminal document of the first Independence debate was Alasdair Gray’s essay “Settlers and Colonialists“, a document equal in power to the government’s White Paper. It took careful aim at the Scottish arts establishment. … Continue reading

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Valerian – a review

I still think of Luc Besson’s Léon, (1994) with affection despite the plot being one hell hole of an immoral tale. A solitary professional hit man, (the great Jean Reno, chin stubble de rigueur) reluctantly befriends a little girl, (12 … Continue reading

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