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Okja – a review

This review won’t be easy to write. I attended a birthday party recently for which a large suckling pig had been slaughtered and roasted for the many guests. It was a sad sight. What is the film about? Well, though … Continue reading

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Baby Driver – a review

After a slew of films I’ve not rated, here’s one I can recommend. Baby Driver is proving to be extremely popular, but shoot me dead – though this film is picking up plaudits wherever it goes I have to offer honest judgement … Continue reading

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Alien: Covenant – a review

Ridley Scott has never been a director who inspired great acting, but box office success ensures his projects attract fine actors, especially the brooding kind, such as Russell Crowe, and as here in Alien: Covenant, Michael Fassbinder – more about him later. Scott … Continue reading

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The Handmaiden – a review

The Handmaiden is one hot, sizzling beautiful movie to look at and to listen to. You watch its most erotic scenes either wondering what sort of man is the director – it’s essentially a lesbian parable – or you accept there are … Continue reading

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Ghost in the Shell – a review

In the world of graphic comics I never graduated beyond Batman. I’m happy with that. There’s great literature out there; adult comics are not a substitute for challenging novels or poetic literature, certainly not the bulk of science fiction comics. To me, … Continue reading

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Westminster’s Repeater

Starting pistol fired, the march to a second plebiscite on Scotland’s future has begun. Scheduled to take place probably late in 2018, England’s association with the European Union ended in death by hubris, Gibraltar tossed to Fate, old and new Empire loyalists will … Continue reading

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Trump Redacted

Donald Trump has grown to realise that bluff and bluster are no match for the law and the American Constitution. Whether that  stops him talking nonsense is in doubt. His attempts to turn the clock back on democratic progress keep … Continue reading

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