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Cars: Repair or Pimp

  One of occasional pieces on the car industry, this time offering good practical guidance. AVOIDING THE MINEFIELD When first I became a novice car owner I fell prey to the excessive repair and service costs of flaky official dealers. First time buyers … Continue reading

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The Crime of Voting

Cries of shame on EU neutrality are unfounded While I was in Spain last week the Flemish nationalist politician and deputy prime minister of Belgium, Jan Jambon, along with the former Belgian prime minister, Elio Di Rupo, condemned Spain for … Continue reading

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Wind River – a review

The jury must still be out on Jeremy Renner. He can throw himself off rooftops and onto shop awnings as many times as he likes for a television commercial, but he confused cinemagoers as the lead in The Bourne Legacy. He … Continue reading

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Salmond Unleashed

Alex Salmond, Scotland’s former First Minister, former MP, champion of the democratic principle of one person one vote, plebiscites for all, and ace political bruiser, got the envy of Fringe performers with a sell-out for his first appearance in a nightly Fringe … Continue reading

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Logan Lucky – a review

I think Hollywood categorises this out-of-unhappy-retirement film directed by Steven Soderbergh as a zany comedy about no hopers with ambitions way above their abilities. As it is, it’s an enjoyable romp elevating the ordinary to the extra-ordinary. And you get … Continue reading

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Atomic Blonde – a review

If readers want to avoid reading this review here it is on a postcard: Atomic Blonde is another Hollywood boilerplate story about 100 different ways to kill a man, and one way to kill a woman. What brains it has … Continue reading

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Despicable Me 3 – a review

Pixar animations – we’re not able to call them cartoons these days, though they are – Pixar animations are invariably excellent to outstanding, those from other studios less so. Spielberg’s stable, bought by Disney, tends to pick winning stories aimed at … Continue reading

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