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The Salmond Witches

The National newspaper, a newspaper that has dedicated itself to putting forward the case for regaining Scotland’s autonomy in all things, has published a letter signed by the same anonymous Women who accused the former first minister Alex Salmond of … Continue reading

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ST: Week Two

DAY 6 – Monday 16 March 2020  a. First witness today is Woman B – Alex Salmond is accused of indecently assaulting her. She was a civil servant in the Scottish government. Court discussing the creation of Alex Salmond’s official … Continue reading

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DAY 1 – Monday 09 March 2020 a. Jury informed that Alex Salmond is pleading not guilty, and has lodged special defences of consent on various charges and of alibi on another. b. Lady Dorrian tells the jury that they … Continue reading

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Car News: Government as Banker

Your weekly look at all that sucks in the auto world, plus some good bits For years the neo-liberal elite have told us less government means lower taxes, forgetting to add it also means fewer democratic rights, less citizen protection, … Continue reading

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Arctic – a review

Arctic received a 10-minute standing ovation at its premiere at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, which is to say, actor Mads Mikkelsen won the ovation, the film’s first-time writer-director Joe Penna relying entirely on his outstanding acting skills. Moreover, Mikkelsen … Continue reading

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The Great British Power Grab

“Scotland has one of the most powerful devolved parliaments in the world.” D. Mundell What is given in loan can be taken back with interest. This is truest in the relationship England with Scotland. The Tory regime, elected by few in … Continue reading

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Car News: All-electric Fiat 500

A weekly look at all that sucks in the automobile industry and some good bits Car companies resurrecting past glories because nothing they produce now is as popular leave me in two minds. A case in point is Ford Mustang, … Continue reading

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How to Train Your Dragon – a review

Normally I don’t go to cinemas to see children’s movies, though I once did when a practising teacher. I will make an effort to see the latest Pixar animation for its adult content worrying as one does, the story-lines might … Continue reading

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Taming Power

When the new culture, the new society has been established in Scotland we shall look back at all the puerile spats, frantic, inane trolls, unionist fabrications and manufactured disputes and insults with a comforting warmth knowing we surmounted them all. … Continue reading

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Peterloo – a review

There is always something suspicious about a cinema trailer that is too short to convey much understanding of the content and tone. Did the advertising department use only the best bits and there were not many of those, or is the … Continue reading

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