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Scotland’s Seabird Deaths

This is disturbing news. Along the strand, a succession of small bedraggled forms lie prone – victims of the avian flu ripping through the seabird populations of Scotland’s Northern Isles and up the east coast. Crossing over to the Brough … Continue reading

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Climate: Serious Decline in Salmon

This article appeared in the Guardian, penned by their Scots editor, Severin Carrell, the fall in salmon numbers yet another warning that things are going seriously wrong in our seas and rivers. WILD SALMOND NUMBERS ALARM ECOLOGISTS By Severin Carrell … Continue reading

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Climate: No More Excuses

Another in our Climate Crisis articles, this by three past distinguished secretaries of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), an assembly that established an international environmental treaty to combat “dangerous human interference with the climate system”, in … Continue reading

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The Northman – a review

Based on a traditional Norse saga of murder and revenge, allegedly a tale stolen by Shakespeare for his Hamlet stage play, plot kept nice and domestically in the family, Robert Eggers production is ambitious, as equally rousing as repetitive. If … Continue reading

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SNP: A Reviled Party

It takes some arrogance and a large dose of vanity to admit one got something terribly wrong but then refuse to get it right or apologise, as in my case, where the SNP know they endorsed a falsehood, had two … Continue reading

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Breaking Up the UK

Following Sinn Féin’s election wins in the north of Ireland – where the party is now the largest in the province – the euphoria and column inches in the British press about how this will lead to the break-up of … Continue reading

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‘Essays! – Get Your Copy!

Time for me to pimp my book once more. And there’s a good reason for it. This much lauded first collection of essays can be purchased as a signed copy from the author by writing to: Quality cheap at … Continue reading

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Who Is Running the Ukraine War?

This is the news you will not hear on the BBC. It is critical we know both sides of the story. If we allow our prejudices to run one way we will never find the solution to a peace formula … Continue reading

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SNP Wake Up to Smell Coffey

The inestimable Kevin McKenna, pro-independence Herald journalist and lip smacker, I like most of what he writes and how he writes it, often reproducing his opinion columns because their sentiment chimes with the public mood. There it is, and here … Continue reading

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Policing Scotland

This article is written by Scotland’s chief of police, Iain Livingstone. Published in the Guardian, it requires wide circulation. He was a former football player for Raith Rovers before becoming a solicitor. Why he switched to become a policeman in … Continue reading

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