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Black 47 – a review

Seeing Black 47 stays in the memory, and as a personal reaction, makes me furious no one will back a film of the Highland Clearances, no matter how the subject is treated. This attempt to tell the harrowing tale of … Continue reading

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Car News: Grilles, Grilles, Grilles

Your weekly guide to all that’s rotten in the auto industry, plus some good bits Audi – the car maker whose one-time boss described it in good old Ratner fashion as a “Volkswagen in a dinner suit” and promptly lost … Continue reading

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The Sharp Shooter

An occasional series on eminent Scots undervalued by the public or forgotten Alan Sharp (1934 – 2013) Looking at the life and times of Alan Sharp, author and screenwriter, leaves me with an edgy feeling he would have made a … Continue reading

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Of Jocks, Nats and Nazis

Yoons and baboons In my own political writings I avoid using the term ‘Yoon’, the diminutive of unionist. I disliked it the minute it appeared. In past studies of the tragic, illegal Vietnam war waged by the US on a purely agrarian … Continue reading

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Lost in LaLa Land 6

The continuing saga of a sucker’s adventures in Hollywood Flaky contacts A writer with a screenplay in Hollywood is forever on the prowl for good contacts to pitch a sale. Anybody who is a producer with a studio deal is a … Continue reading

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Car News: Repair or Pimp

A squint at the machinations of the car industry and why we’re suckers for it. One of occasional pieces on the car industry, this time offering good practical guidance. AVOIDING THE MINEFIELD When first I became a novice car owner I … Continue reading

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The Crime of Voting

Cries of shame on EU neutrality are unfounded While I was in Spain last week the Flemish nationalist politician and deputy prime minister of Belgium, Jan Jambon, along with the former Belgian prime minister, Elio Di Rupo, condemned Spain for … Continue reading

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