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The Irish Experience

Listening to Mary Lou Macdonald in a television interview, leader of the Irish social democratic party, Sinn Fein, I was struck by how unselfconsciously she used the phrase English nationalist, rather than British nationalist. She was not, after all, referring … Continue reading

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To Sir With Love

I was going to say this to Grouse Beater privately, but circumstances being what they are, I feel I should do it publically. If you know me, you know I think the world of my mammy. She was, after all, … Continue reading

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Salmond: Inquiry Submission

This is a copy of the written submission made by the former First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond. It contains redactions as published by the Scottish Parliament on 22nd February 2021. There is a clear and overriding public interest in … Continue reading

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An Innocent Man

This is the submission of Alex Salmond to the Holyrood Inquiry. He lays out the process that led to an innocent man facing the rest of his days in jail, a heinous charge made by people intent on a constructive … Continue reading

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Holyrood Inquiry

Rumours and counter-rumours are circulating that Alex Salmond is relucant to give verbal evidence to the Holyrood Inquiry committee investigating the profoundly flawed process that led to scurrilous allegations made against him, all thrown out in two court trials, both … Continue reading

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Unfurling Murrell

When you are a movie producer, putting together a creative team, you choose the best available who fit the shooting schedule; the best cinematographer, composer, editor, set designer and main actors. They have read the screenplay and tell you in … Continue reading

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Say It Loud and Clear

New Year’s Day began with a tweet from Nicola Sturgeon. For a long time I have felt the SNP should be called the General National Party because they rarely speak about independence in specific terms. On this occasion, her remark … Continue reading

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A Time To Retire

How bewildering to encounter SNP MP Pete Wishart blocking dissent and passion on Twitter from SNP independence supporters. He does it with such ferocity and superiority I am beginning to wonder if he is suffering from severe stress. Reading his … Continue reading

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End of Days

Disdain and disrespect for your own supporters is corrosive. Note Glenrothes MP Peter Grant’s superiority carefully. He thinks discussion on an order for a Section 30 is ‘an internal party matter’. Though his short-hand may have let him down, he … Continue reading

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The Keatings Case

Martin Keatings has posted his legal submission concerned with proving the Scottish nation does not need permission from its colonial neighbour to organise an advisory referendum on independence. (The link for the full 33 pages is at the end of … Continue reading

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