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The Curious Case of Craig Murray

Why me? The dilemma Craig John Murray found himself in is not an issue I planned to write about – his failure to pass an SNP vetting committee to reach a selection list for election to parliamentary office – and in fact … Continue reading

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Get in Line

GET IN LINE A long queue snakes its way around a block to a food bank in the early morning hours, the wait for the first day’s January sale. It’s only late December, so people are sleeping under blankets, drinking hot soup from … Continue reading

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Time Passes

  Year-end reflection tends to end with an interior sigh – “not much attained.” We recall the highs and lows, and try to salvage some sort of self-esteem from missed opportunities, lost friendships, losses of temper, that scoop of ice-cream … Continue reading

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Pool and Share, Suckers!

The front cover on the right is from April 2014. The front cover on the left is from December 2014. What am I supposed to say? Thank you Gordon Brown for lying? Thank you No voters for believing him? Truth … Continue reading

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The Bastardisation of the BBC

“Assuming that the BBC is for the people, and the Government is for the people, it follows that the BBC is for the Government.” John Reith, 1938, first Director General of the BBC, speaking in favour of appeasement of Hitler’s … Continue reading

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