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BBC’s Sharp Practice

The permanent smirk of an arrogant, entitled sod – Richard Sharp The British right-wing have finally got their tallons deep into the BBC. The corporation was always a supporter of the British State – cannot be anything else, it has … Continue reading

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British TV Racism

The reprint of here of Nesrine Malik’s interesting analysis of British right-wing televison is only flawed in that it does not include Scotland and the Scots. We have endured centuries of being belittled as savages, but fine men when used … Continue reading

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BBC’s Agents of the Right-Wing

When at the BBC, I recall vividly losing a discussion over stopping broadcasts that involved vox pop, the convention of asking members of the public to offer their opinion on a current news topic. This is accomplished by stopping people … Continue reading

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Lampooning the Media

I’ve not seen the satirical movie ‘Don’t Look Up‘, but on the strength of climate campaigner George Monbiot’s opening statement, I’ll rectify the omission! His column is another in GB’s Climate Change series, a series culled from reports, surveys and … Continue reading

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An Irish View of GB News

The Irish know their history. No one dare tell them to forget it, or that it is bunkum, or inappropriate to be reminded of, or wrong to teach in schools. They can spot an arrogant Englishman before he steps off … Continue reading

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Devo-Max is Back

No matter if one thinks of Scottish journalists as paid hacks of the British state, and let’s be frank, most are, a few do hold tight to their integrity, but they tend to be freelance. Iain Macwhirter is one who … Continue reading

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Coronavirus Updates

It is understandable readers will want to know who has been affected in their local area in Scotland, which places one should avoid. The best tactic is to stay in doors at home as long as is desirable. However, to … Continue reading

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Lost in LaLa Land 3

  “If you’re going to Hollywood, go for fun … and get a bloody lawyer!” That’s wise advice from Sean Connery. You can be at the top of your fame and still get stiffed. Even he got cheated out of … Continue reading

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The Trump Backlash

Remarkable how the worst, most incompetent politicians manage to hog the limelight, promoted by the Right-wing press and media pals. Bumbling Boris Johnson is one example, the odious Farage another. For months to come we are to be assailed by the … Continue reading

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The Degredation of Englishness

English have forgotten what it is to be English? Calling themselves British for decades doesn’t help. Those who strive for a romantic Englishness by ditching anything European, demanding bowler hats back in fashion, are unable to find an agreeable definition that fits … Continue reading

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