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Lost in LaLa Land 3

  “If you’re going to Hollywood, go for fun … and get a bloody lawyer!” That’s wise advice from Sean Connery. You can be at the top of your fame and still get stiffed. Even he got cheated out of … Continue reading

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The Trump Backlash

Remarkable how the worst, most incompetent politicians manage to hog the limelight, promoted by the Right-wing press and media pals. Bumbling Boris Johnson is one example, the odious Farage another. For months to come we are to be assailed by the … Continue reading

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The Degredation of Englishness

English have forgotten what it is to be English? Calling themselves British for decades doesn’t help. Those who strive for a romantic Englishness by ditching anything European, demanding bowler hats back in fashion, are unable to find an agreeable definition that fits … Continue reading

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Yer Granny’s Sayin’s

Scotia-biased tweets and social site posts often resort to auld Scots sayings to make a point, or outwit their English opponent who can’t understand spoken Scots let alone written Scots. ‘Hud yer wheesht’ is a well known granny saying, meaning: … Continue reading

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Belladonna is Back

  Belladonna is back, the Belladona of black print. In Italian it means a beautiful lady; in English a deadly poison. Rupert Murdoch has seeded deadly nightshade into an old high-powered job but with added toxins – She is Chief Executive of News UK, formerly New … Continue reading

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England Out of the Closet

In a difficult day manhandling broken fences blown down by gale force winds – there’s a profound metaphor in today’s chore that will become obvious shortly – I had occasion to answer a poster on a social network site. He was, … Continue reading

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The Pitch – BBC Scotland

We don’t do ‘drama’ here The head of BBC Scotland drama kept me waiting over twenty minutes, an open area in the deathly mausoleum they call Pacific Quay headquarters. I’d come a long way for the meeting, from Los Angeles, … Continue reading

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