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Russia – The Counter Argument

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is a war crime, but if we were to apply the Nuremburg rules to warring presidents every American president since Harry S. Truman would be facing a world court for war crimes. Too many people like … Continue reading

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School for Scandal

When I asked a close friend, one of our most distinguished international architects, why his firm had not made a bid to design and supervise the build of new Scottish schools planned under the Labour administration, his answer was viper … Continue reading

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The Price of Food

At a time when food ‘shortages’ are blamed on the proxy war in Ukraine yet had existed prior to the war, environmentalist George Monbiot explains the bizarre situation where the production of food has outstripped hunger and yet those who … Continue reading

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The Northman – a review

Based on a traditional Norse saga of murder and revenge, allegedly a tale stolen by Shakespeare for his Hamlet stage play, plot kept nice and domestically in the family, Robert Eggers production is ambitious, as equally rousing as repetitive. If … Continue reading

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Tweedledum and Tweedledee

If there is any one policy critics of SNP ineptness can point to as emblematic of how the party has ripped apart a once cohesive movement by their inability to perceive fault lines in their competency, it is the Gender … Continue reading

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SNP and MI5

Campbell Martin is the author of ‘Was It Something I Said‘, an expose of the internal shenanigans of the SNP that saw some of its most qualified talent thrown out of the party, including himself. In his latest article Martin … Continue reading

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Grouse Beater Live! (Kinda)

A very nice American called Mark McNaught, living in France, who did not know any better, invited me to an interview. We talked a lot about films – or ‘fillums’ as we say in Scotland. And a bit about the … Continue reading

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SNP’s Groundhog Day

NOTHING CHANGES By Kenny MacAskill Groundhog Day! The local elections have been and gone but what’s changed. South of the border the Tories took a pasting, but Johnson clings on, tottering but more from internal Tory discontent than an external … Continue reading

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SNP: A Reviled Party

It takes some arrogance and a large dose of vanity to admit one got something terribly wrong but then refuse to get it right or apologise, as in my case, where the SNP know they endorsed a falsehood, had two … Continue reading

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Breaking Up the UK

Following Sinn Féin’s election wins in the north of Ireland – where the party is now the largest in the province – the euphoria and column inches in the British press about how this will lead to the break-up of … Continue reading

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