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Atomic Blonde – a review

If readers want to avoid reading this review here it is on a postcard: Atomic Blonde is another Hollywood boilerplate story about 100 different ways to kill a man, and one way to kill a woman. What brains it has … Continue reading

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England’s Neo-Colonialism

Or, How to Decolonise Your Mind In my opinion the seminal document of the first Independence debate was Alasdair Gray’s essay “Settlers and Colonialists“, a document equal in power to the government’s White Paper. It took careful aim at the Scottish arts establishment. … Continue reading

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Valerian – a review

I still think of Luc Besson’s Léon, (1994) with affection despite the plot being one hell hole of an immoral tale. A solitary professional hit man, (the great Jean Reno, chin stubble de rigueur) reluctantly befriends a little girl, (12 … Continue reading

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A Scottish Nurse

An occasional series on Scots of singular merit, ignored or forgotten It’s a measure of Suzy Wighton’s modesty, of her steadfast commitment to her work first in Lebanon and then in the UK, and an avoidance of shallow celebrity, that … Continue reading

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Tesla’s Latest Leccy

  A quick guide to Elon Musk’s latest street legal leccy car. Much to their competitor’s chagrin – hell had reigned while Tesla ramped up manufactured numbers to meet pre-orders – the new model is delivered on time, and with … Continue reading

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Banning Dirty Engines

Clean air cleans up Harassed readers occupied with surviving corporate-run DUP Britain might have noticed media chatter discussing the ultimate banning of the combustion engine, that is, petrol (gas) and diesel engines. Hybrid cars are covered too, so you can’t slip … Continue reading

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Lost in LaLa Land 2

Arriving I blinked hard at the blinding light, felt the slap of heat hit my face, and noticed everyone in a hurry to go nowhere. It was my first time in Los Angeles. I had barely got out of Customs when a tall African-American … Continue reading

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