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Never Really Here – a review

With accusations of invisible Russian assassins in the air it’s something of a coincidence we have one in the cinema, but he uses nothing more sophisticated than a blunt hammer and no sickle to the skull to do his dirty work. To … Continue reading

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The Russians Are Coming!

You get what you see What a week – assassins to the left of us, assassins to the right, turn and face the monsters, don’t die without a fight. That aside, there’s something very funny about a fat man called … Continue reading

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The Geneva Motor Show

This year’s Geneva Motor Show emphasises what the perceptive already see, car manufacturers still concentrating their output on producing costly toys for the mega-wealthy, ably assisted in that quest by Britain’s witless right-wing car magazines. Where were the affordable cars? … Continue reading

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Mudbound – a review

Mudbound had such a short, limited release in Scotland and England that I didn’t bother to publish a review judging it too late to be of any use, but then I noticed it had been nominated for Oscars. That usually means … Continue reading

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For the Glory of the Empire

 Empty pockets One of  the lamest taunts aimed at Scotland’s just political ambitions – unionist barbs rarely rise above a snotty grunt – is the one about independence reducing Scotland to “a basket case like Greece”. This insult was thrown at us at … Continue reading

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Of Jocks, Nats and Nazis

Yoons and baboons In my own political writings I avoid using the term ‘Yoon’, the diminutive of unionist. I disliked it the minute it appeared. In past studies of the tragic, illegal Vietnam war waged by the US on a purely agrarian … Continue reading

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Lost in LaLa Land 6

The continuing saga of a sucker’s adventures in Hollywood Flaky contacts A writer with a screenplay in Hollywood is forever on the prowl for good contacts to pitch a sale. Anybody who is a producer with a studio deal is a … Continue reading

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