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Resurrecting the SNP

The majority government of the SNP that ignored the people’s mandates Criticism of the SNP by this site has been reserved to their flawed policies, but in the last two years to the regressive actions of Nicola Sturgeon and her … Continue reading

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Scotland’s Transport

This 1 hour 30 minutes ALBA discussion from various experts on our transport sectors, truck, sea and air – including a large viewer Q&A section – is well worth a watch if you can spare the time. It may sound … Continue reading

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Everything Everywhere All At Once – a review

Cast, writers and directors with Academy statues. (Jamie Lee Curtis blends in too much) Everything Everywhere All At Once arrives garlanded in Oscars. And there’s no commas between the title’s words. What film fan can resist the lure of a … Continue reading

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For Film Fans: Sam Neill

Neill at home, Two Paddocks in Alexandra, New Zealand.¬†Photo: Fiona Goodall Like a few other natural low-key actors, Sam Elliot, Martin Sheen, and Tom Berenger I enjoyed the company of them all, but I barely got to know Sam Neill. … Continue reading

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St Patrick’s Day

The 17th of March, this is St Patrick’s Day. (My grandfather was Irish.) This is an article from Irish-domiciled Rory Carroll. One day someone will pen similar about an independent Scotland. The quintessential Irish name is famous often for the … Continue reading

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International Court of Justice

Steve Norris There is a truism relevant to all mass movements for greater democracy, in particular those demanding independence of their country to protect their language, heritage, culture, land and economy – sovereignty lies in the hands of the people. … Continue reading

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SNP: Mea Damn Culpa

Nicola Sturgeon, former first minister and charlatan For all her triumphant big rally promises of ‘independence around the corner’, how she was ‘utterly dedicated to the ideal of self-governance’, and ‘despised’ the Tories, the first victory of Tory oppression over … Continue reading

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Oscars Again

After the SNP’s junk politicians decided to come over all truthy today, Sunday, to tell us Scotland’s liberty is a decade away, minimum – ha! ha! ha! ha! – I thought readers would need something to make them laugh and … Continue reading

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Regan’s Law

For readers asking about candidate Ash Regan’s policies – here is her latest press release. There is growing domestic and international attention on my plan to use the ballot box to decide whether Scotland becomes an independent country. I have … Continue reading

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Plastic Seas

Vultures scavenge among rubbish, Costa del Este, Panama City. Photo: Luis Acosta More worrying statistics about how we are polluting our seas, the very thing that gave life to this planet. This is Number 11 in the Climate Change environmental articles. … Continue reading

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