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Devine Intervention

Whenever Sir Tom Devine publishes a new book on an aspect of Scotland’s history, I buy it. (His book of Scots and the Slave trade is the exception – far too expensive. At any rate, I’d rather learn more about … Continue reading

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Sliding Into Fascism

This is not the Scotland we aim to create. This is the old repulsive Queen and Country Scotland, an irrational admiration for an alien culture, a class system not ours, an inbred subservience and a fear of losing what is … Continue reading

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Not If But When

Two things struck me about the death of Queen Lizzie while she was resident in Scotland, three if one includes a well planned and plotted end game to jab the conscience of the natives and kindle a love of a … Continue reading

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Tory Corruption

From a political party that won Brexit by fraudulant means, aided by the discredited Cambridge Analytica – considered as ‘cowboys’ and avoided by the SNP – to Tory buddies in big business keeping Boris happy with holidays and wedding celebration … Continue reading

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That Plebiscite Election

As we approach the Big Day for various reasons likely to turn into the Big Flop, self-appointed experts pop up everywhere to give their opinion. Some ‘opinion’ is only a basic expression of fear rather than scholarly analysis, but aided … Continue reading

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Dire Trussonomics

Following Alex Salmonds’ description of Liz Truss’ grasp of economics as the most awful ‘mumbo-jumbo’, the environmentalist and supporter of Scotland’s right to autonomy, George Monbiot lets rip about her intellectual vacuity: “Trussonomics is a fanatical, fantastical creed, and the … Continue reading

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King Charles Endorses Republics

This news clip illustrates that King Charles III acknowledges and understands countries and territories colonised by the British Empire are free to choose their destiny in the modern world and to do so without fear of reprisal. At the time … Continue reading

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King Swears Oath to ‘Claim of Right’

In a perfectly timed moment of great historical significance, King Charles III swore his allegiance to the Scotland’s Claim of Right, a cornerstone of Scotland’s constitutional framework, rights and safeguards, on this day, the 10th of September, 2022. He upholds … Continue reading

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An Englishman Looks at the Monarchy

Just as predicted, the accession of Prince Charles to the English throne as Charles III, (he has chosen the title; further speculation is redundant) there comes a rush of suggestions that he will be a reformer of the monarchy, the … Continue reading

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The Death of a Monarchy

The mortal remains of Queen Elizabeth II await a state funeral. What happens next, and where is Scotland in a new era? Let’s begin with the mundane and the practical. After the Queen’s record-breaking reign, unpicking her name, image and … Continue reading

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