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England as a Colony

What a strange time we live in. Narcissistic celebrity MPs strut and pose for personal gain. The times are precarious, the scene nauseous, the principal characters repulsive. Tory serial dissembler Boris Johnson describes the United Kingdom as a colony of … Continue reading

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Car News: Buying a Banger

A weekly look at all that’s rotten in the car industry, and a few good bits There’s an old adage among restaurant owners which says always eat where the chef eats. That advice can be applied to almost any profession, … Continue reading

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Shoplifters – a review

Among the also-rans and drift plastic of so much Hollywood trash how pleasurable to bring reader’s attention to a five star film, the last of that ilk I reviewed ‘Son of Saul‘ the riveting study of Hitler’s death camp. I … Continue reading

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The English Nationalist

I am apt to describe colonialism as English for the conspicuous reason it was none other than England that built one of the greatest empires in human history, erecting their Union Jack logo on the perimeter fence of each new … Continue reading

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Car News: New Cars

A weekly look at all that’s rotten about car ownership plus some good bits The Los Angeles Motor Show is in full swing. Two things stick out: few saloons are being bought just as in the UK – SUVs everybody’s … Continue reading

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A Heinous Crime

Anti-Semitic? Who is the accuser? This part of the article calls upon Fiona Robertson to resign, the SNP’s Women’s Rights and Equalities convener. I am of the opinion she is unfit for the important post she currently holds. I shall … Continue reading

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Taming Power

When the new culture, the new society has been established in Scotland we shall look back at all the puerile spats, frantic, inane trolls, unionist fabrications and manufactured disputes and insults with a comforting warmth knowing we surmounted them all. … Continue reading

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