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Your Car’s Dependability

The most automobile magazines will tell you about the car you plan to buy is how well it drives, what space there is inside, and how good it looks. A few provide a bullet point run down of miles per gallon, … Continue reading

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A Confident Nation

The world’s nations are governed by a remarkable clan of women, from Erna Solberg, Prime Minister of cash rich Norway, and Prime Minister Beata Szydło of Poland, to Angela Merkel commanding Germany’s prosperous economy. Like men, some are good at … Continue reading

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Not Unity, but Democracy!

Does the electorate, does anybody in Scotland enjoy the daily dose of tosh beamed at us of Theresa May and the jostle for power in the Tory Party? Who is running the UK? England’s self-inflicted woes erupt on Scotland like … Continue reading

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Blade Runner 2049 – a review

When Blade Runner was premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival it was not the wildly successful film that people fondly assume it was. In fact, it was something of a mystery. Bits of the plot went unexplained, the pace was slow, … Continue reading

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A Plug for Dyson

Sir James Dyson is one those people for whom your admiration has limits. You applaud his inventiveness, his eye for clean, colourful design, and his determination, but recoil when you study his ethics close up. I’ve never been wholly convinced by Dyson’s … Continue reading

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Catalonia Then and Now

“In Spain, the dead are more alive than the living”, Frederico Garcia Lorca – poet. I’ve lost count of the number of visits made to Spain, to all points of that vast multifarious, humble, exotic land, but not the memorable … Continue reading

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Detroit – a review

This is a difficult film to dismiss as a lumbering beast, uneven and fractured, or to praise as powerful and a fine work of art. Detroit runs for over one hundred and fifty minutes – it feels much longer if you … Continue reading

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