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Lost in LaLa Land 6

The continuing saga of a sucker’s adventures in Hollywood Flaky contacts A writer with a screenplay in Hollywood is forever on the prowl for good contacts to pitch a sale. Anybody who is a producer with a studio deal is a … Continue reading

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Car News: Buying a VW?

Your weekly guide to all that’s rotten in the auto industry, plus some good bits   That VW didn’t cost a pony, mate, it cost a monkey I wonder how many readers knew the shiny Volkswagen (VW) diesel car they … Continue reading

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The Shape of Water – a review

Guillermo del Toro is happy to praise the inspirational source for this truly weird film, the 1954 classic low-budget horror, The Creature from the Black Lagoon. In it, an intrepid group of unlikely looking ‘scientists’, led by a hairy chested … Continue reading

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Scotland’s Don Roberto

An occasional series on eminent Scots unjustly forgotten or overlooked The real Scottish ‘ward’ The great advantage of Scottish nationalism in the twenty-first century is the robust bulwark it provides against unrestrained British neo-colonialism. It offers the last bastion of … Continue reading

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Phantom Thread – a review

Having seen this film twice the only conclusion for its making has to be it was written for Daniel Day-Lewis’s swan song, but by luck and audition choice got a superb match for his acting style out of his much younger … Continue reading

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Car News: Repair or Pimp

A squint at the machinations of the car industry and why we’re suckers for it. One of occasional pieces on the car industry, this time offering good practical guidance. AVOIDING THE MINEFIELD When first I became a novice car owner I … Continue reading

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Early Man – a review

An Aardman animation is always a safe bet. Plasticine antics and eccentricities, an old-fashioned sense of humour, love of nostalgia, and safe japes add up to fun. Take children to see the film and they won’t run up and down the aisles … Continue reading

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