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The Myth Commission

  After a number of weeks discussing in camera the contents of sandwiches and vol-au-vents delivered to their conference room, the members of the Myth Commission have arrived at unanimity. They are all agreed an OBE, if not an MBE, … Continue reading

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Rowling! Gie Us Yer Money!

  “As a general rule, nobody has money who ought to have it.” Benjamin Disraeli. J. K. Rowling is the children’s fiction writer who advocated voting No in the Referendum on independence. She implied that to do so we, the people … Continue reading

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Alex Salmond – an appreciation

  Forget Professor Stephen Hawking. Alex Salmond expanded our universe. A national poet is always welcome, a composer too, a great philosopher a constant need, but a dynamic, fiercely committed and honest politician is a once in a lifetime blessing. I … Continue reading

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A Flag Party

  The cute young man astride broad shoulders is Ethan, among the crowded fluster and flutter of proud Saltires outside BBC Scotland’s hubristic, stupefying-ly dull yet massively expensive mausoleum of a headquarters, state broadcaster for the UK not so much for Scotland. It was a … Continue reading

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Mr. Turner – a review

A warning for readers: I touch upon the ending of this well-publicised movie; those yet to see it might wish to stop reading now. Writer or collaborator? Mr. Turner comes from the stable of English director, Mike Leigh. In his latest … Continue reading

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Ditherers and Switherers

  I try to avoid dry statistics in my essays, mainly because they are bureaucratic tools easy to falsify, and difficult to refute unless one has all the facts researched immediately at one’s fingertips. Above all, in terms of Scotland’s … Continue reading

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