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The End of the SNP?

Joanna Cherry, lawyer and SNP MP, clutching onto a doomed party Ever since the departure of Alex Salmond as leader of the SNP, the relentless path downwards taken by Scotland’s main nationalist party has been well documented on this site. … Continue reading

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The ALBA View

Former First Minister and Leader of the Pro-independence ALBA Party, the Right Hon. Alex Salmond, has said that Humza Yousaf is obliged to set out a “credible plan to deliver independence” within the life of the current Scottish Parliament.  Salmond … Continue reading

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Yousaf the Useless

Yousaf, Wee Harvie and Ms Bottlebank pose for photographs Humza Yousaf is the equivalent of using a breakfast waffle as a stone skiffer tossed across the surface of a pond to see how far it will hop, skip and jump. … Continue reading

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The Facts

The new, wholly uninspiring first minister, is continuity candidate Humza Yousaf, who is Sturgeon but without the schoolmistress hectoring. After eight years of Nicola Sturgeon, what did Scots get from her successive administrations that can be truly attributed to her … Continue reading

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Winner Takes All

Right Honourable Alex Salmond leader of the ALBA Party They tried to have him jailed but failed and now face the judgement of public anger and history. How gratifying to see the cheats and sinners gone, diminished in stature, reviled … Continue reading

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Peat, Povlsen and the Monarch

This is a brief look – call it reportage – at what is happening to Scotland’s backyard. It is owned by rich men. The SNP has done very little to progress the pressing need of radical change to land ownership, … Continue reading

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Final Warning

This is Number 12 in our Climage Change series of scientific papers and articles. It is depressing reading. We are making the planet inhospitable fo our children’s children, and wiping out hundreds of species in the food chain. [Words in … Continue reading

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Never Give Up

The happy couple frolic by the sea – and in it Composed in honour of billionaire Rupert’s engagement at 92 to Ann Lesley Smith, his fourth marriage. He was very old, and she, Was sixty-two or sixty-three. She gave him … Continue reading

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Corruption Is Never Sudden

Douglas Chapman MP, one of the good guys. He resigned as the SNP National Treasurer denied access to the party’s accounts – an outrageous act – but he and other NEC colleagues who resigned failed to take any action against … Continue reading

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Resurrecting the SNP

The majority government of the SNP that ignored the people’s mandates Criticism of the SNP by this site has been reserved to their flawed policies, but in the last two years to the regressive actions of Nicola Sturgeon and her … Continue reading

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