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Let’s Talk of Independence

Although this site sustains respect for the output of Glasgow’s journalist Kevin McKenna, even his disagreeable opinions, he has seen fit to block access to his work, effectively cutting off his nose to spite his face. I have no idea … Continue reading

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Ukraine – the Right to Tell Lies

When the Russian army began amassing tanks on the Ukrainian border it was an ominous sign Russian authorities still do not trust the West. There was time to reach a mutual settlement. That time has gone. What exists now is … Continue reading

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Rogue Banks

The Guardian newspaper has been publishing leaked papers showing that the bank Credit Suisse launders money. Nobel laureate in economics, Joseph Stiglitz, an economist who supports Scotland in its attempt to reassert self-governance, reminds us rogue banks are still not … Continue reading

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Raw Propaganda

THE RISE OF RAW PROPAGANDA by John Pilger Marshall McLuhan’s prophecy that “the successor to politics will be propaganda” has happened. Raw propaganda is now the rule in Western democracies, especially the U.S. and Britain. On matters of war and peace, … Continue reading

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An End To Boris

Readers of my vintage will know who Michael Ray Dibdin Heseltine is. For younger readers, Baron Heseltine is known as a Tory grandee, that is, a Conservative of the old school, his membership (the Whip) removed from him for denouncing … Continue reading

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Scotland’s Freeports

Today’s main news in the Scottish press is the announcement of a £52 million deal between the Scottish and UK Governments for two low-regulation freeports to be established in Scotland. Before the ink had dried on the paper, a split … Continue reading

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An Englishman in Glen Feshie

Ben Rawlence is a former researcher for Human Rights Watch in the Horn of Africa. He grew up in Wiltshire in the UK before studying in London, Tanzania and the USA. He worked for several years in New York and … Continue reading

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Nightmare Alley – a review

I can understand why this film bombed at the box office. It stretches too far, and was shot in colour but after some selected North American premiers, issued in black and white by the studio. I have no idea why … Continue reading

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Scotland’s Liberty – All Upside

I really should not have to introduce the eminent Irish economist David McWilliams to regular readers. He was one of the first economists to come out wholly in favour of reinstating Scotland’s independence. I reported as much in a long … Continue reading

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Why Prisons?

WHY PRISONS FIRST? by Sally Hughes I was a front line Police Officer for 25 years, all of it on the beat. I retired in 2020. I’ve been a supporter of Scottish Independence forever. And like many an Indy supporter, … Continue reading

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