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Greece – One Cool Dude

    Waiting for the IMF wolves to circle I’m allowing the new political situation in Greece a few days to settle into its chosen path before writing about it, but the signs so far are very encouraging. I’d like … Continue reading

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Car News: Pothole Paradise

Your weekly guide to all that’s rotten in the auto industry, plus some good bits A few unkind words on the state of Edinburgh’s roads… Why is it our capital city has a policy of deferred road maintenance, and yet … Continue reading

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Scumbags and Sleazeballs

In bleak midwinter it’s hard to throw off feelings of loathing for those who voted for a corrupt, sleazy Westminster rather than their own government near at home. What were they thinking? Were they thinking at all? Child abuse Apparently … Continue reading

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Terrorism and War on Terrorism

    The murderous events in Paris place the term ‘terrorist’ uppermost in our minds, ubiquitous currency on news bulletins and discussion programmes, and now in every authoritarian politician’s lips intent on ramping up surveillance on citizens. Like everyone else, you watched … Continue reading

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Sex and the Single Girl

 Annus Miserabilis Do we care about the fate of the Royal family? Surveys  show half of Scotland admire them. Gosh, one of her sons, Prince Andrew, The Duke of York, is named in allegations centred around the paedophile convicted American financier, … Continue reading

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