The Bitch Is In Heat Again


The runt of colonialism that lied and cheated us out of the plebiscite is in heat again. The first ‘UK parliament committee’, as it likes to call itself, met to discuss ways of blocking Scotland from regaining sovereignty. Listening to the first fifteen minutes is all you need for vomit to rise to your throat and fury in your heart. 

NOTE: In January 2021, the UK prime minister, Boris Johnson, together with the interventionist Gordon Brown, announced on separate days, they want to see a commission look at how to rule the UK in a better way than the inadequate system we have now. (Their words.) This essay, on a system planned to obstruct Scotland’s liberty and civil rights, was an early warning of what is now coming to pass.

Here is the video:

If readers keen to see self-determination restored to Scotland are hoping for a second referendum unimpeded they should be very worried. It was inevitable a group of far Right ideologues would get together to compose some sort of ‘friendly’ scheme on the basis they won the Referendum with a precarious margin. And so it comes to pass.

But of course, being an English concoction, it is wrapped up in the most caring, genteel good manners, offered with concern for those it affects. It comes laden with ‘balance’, camouflaged in the crocodile tears of ‘let’s be fair to all the nations and provinces’.

The wary will sense immediately anything marked ‘Federal Express’ is an attempt to block Scotland’s independence permanently. When the package gets delivered the contents will be broken into pieces, tossed around Westminster and the Lords.

Who are these self-appointed butchers of democracy?

Scotland’s history with England is a series of repressions. Each age has its coterie of quislings and traitors. Greed lies in us all, and some are willing to take the gold.

The runts who tried to derail Scotland’s hegemony are in heat again. They hope to design a federal mishmash to stop Scotland’s progress and block civil liberties.

The man leading the charge for a an artificial federal system appears to have chosen himself as frontman – arise Professor Philip Booth.

No one will own up to who is paying for his valuable time, no one admits who is paying for his flaky think tank – and why. Well, they are funded by the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust, the same that gave discredited Lib-Dem MP Alistair Carmichael £50,000 towards his court fees when he lost his case.


Professor Philip Booth – the slogans behind him have the opposite meaning to that written

Who is Philip Booth?

He an economics professor working for a third-rate university. He’s Professor of Finance, Public Policy and Ethics at St Mary’s University, Twickenham, a Catholic institution. (To me, ethics and Catholicism are mutually exclusive. But that’s another argument.) His area of ‘expertise’ is ‘financial regulation’, the perfect excuse to pontificate to Scotland.

He has not always luxuriated in the scholarly image of an academic. For most of his early career he was working in Axa Equity and Law, and then the Bank of England. What connection has he to Scottish life and culture that qualifies him to reorganise its democratic constitution is unknown. Does an Englishman need a connection to Scotland when he thinks the noblest prospect is the high road to London?

The dark side of Booth 

His other handle is Editorial and Programme Director at the think tank, the Institute of Economic Affairs – IEA. The think tank is as you suspect, a right-wing talk shop on developing free market principles, neo-liberal dogma, and a lobbyist for Tory policies.

It contravenes all the charity laws, so sooner or later it will get caught doing something nefarious, such as bartering  access for money. Scores of successful networking and deals they get cocky and cross a line that has officialdom flinch because it’s gone public.

The IEA’s latest publication calls on the privatisation of the BBC. Murdoch will be pleased. In a sentence, Booth thinks free markets will solve the world’s problems, and individual poverty. He’s arch neo-con Milton Friedman’s biggest fan.

Booth’s sympathy for the loss of over 11,000 BHS jobs, their livelihood stolen by venal, crooked owners is, “BHS collapse is sad, but market forces should be celebrated.” He also said tax havens are good. “Let’s make Britain one.” (That’s ‘Britain’ as in ‘England’.) And there’s more: “The problem isn’t that companies pay too little tax, they pay too much.” So, not working to make life better for you and me, just the bosses of rich companies.

What is the latest right-wing Messiah saying?

In a sentence, Booth argues that a fully federal system is needed in the United Kingdom to avoid the “constitutional instability” caused by the new Scotland Act and English votes for English laws. You get a sense he added ‘English laws’ as a false comfort to Scots, a diversion from his real agenda.

No one has argued that the Scotland Act, passed and endorsed by Westminster, is a cause of political instability, it’s hardly had time to be enacted let alone cause fiscal anarchy.

Booth is a proselytizer and propagandist. It’s clear he detests a second run at an independence referendum. He looks for a way to block it. In a speech in Edinburgh, Booth said: “The Scotland Act and English Votes for English Laws will lead to an unstable constitutional position for both Scotland and the rest of the UK. Ultimately it will satisfy nobody.” (That’s the caring sharing bit over.)

“Furthermore, the devolution of tax-raising powers is opaque and accountability of the Scottish government to the Scottish people will be weak.”

Keeping Scots down keeps English up

Booth has decided a parliament accountable to the people of Scotland – his racist sensibility gets that one the wrong way around from the get go – isn’t really accountable to voters. This is flimflam to cover taking powers back to London.

Booth adds “We need a fully federal system with power being exercised by the UK government only in areas such as defence and border control. Other issues would then clearly be the responsibility of the individual nations within the UK. Accountability would be very clear and the settlement stable.”

The enemy within is the Constitutional Reform Group – CRG. Booth’s remarks come as the campaign group gears up for a summer launch to create a new Act of Union to change the UK into a federal structure, where each of the four parts control all power, but then decide to give power back to the centre at Whitehall and Westminster.

Under this artificial, top down imposed arrangement, Booth proposes the House of Commons would become the parliament for England, while the House of Lords would become the federal parliament with members drawn from Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. What plans take shape a Bill needs Royal Assent.

And the weakness is? Each of the four parts of the UK must back the proposal or it falls. At least, that’s what we are told at this stage.

David Burnside, the former Northern Irish MP, a top blowhard in the CRG, believes creating a new Act of Union is “the only way to stop the drive towards Scottish independence” by creating a federal system. [My emphasis.] Well, he’s speaks honestly.

In summation

The plotters see a ‘window of opportunity before the SNP hold another referendum. There are, of course, a mass of complicated, highly technical, and time consuming laws and rights to junk enshrined in Scotland’s sovereignty before anybody can throw aside its place in the world for something small, inert, and constrained they can control.

Nobody should be complacent. Public inertia in the face of forces rallying against the people’s will is fatal. Booth is an influential man. People in power believe what he says.


David Burnside, lodged back row, far right, very far right!

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26 Responses to The Bitch Is In Heat Again

  1. Macart says:

    Spooky how federalism appears as a solution to what ails the UK whenever there is even the slightest hint of Scottish independence on the horizon.

    I’ve lost count of the individuals and times the term has been bandied about over the years. The only image it conjours today in my mind is the legendary Monty Python ‘dead parrot’ sketch.

  2. diabloandco says:

    I think you have just deeply depressed me Grouse.
    So it’s a successful gunpowder plot for me.

  3. Grouse Beater says:

    I know how you feel.
    They won’t stop until we have independence, the only way to protect national sovereignty. After that we’ll have to endure years of trade wars, and falling out with Scotland because it’s pals with France, or whichever country England despises at the time.

  4. daibhidhdeux says:

    Interesting that these Anglo-Brit colonial fcukers never seem to raise the possibility of con-federalism as an option in their devo-ish-kinda-maxy-ish bubble WM-orientated world with a fig-leaf sparkly, pseudo-democratic sporran chucked in to let the Beeb and MSM cream their underwear over to the stirring tunes of RULE BRITANNIA, GOD SAVE THE SAXE-COBURG-GOTHA VIA HANOVER MAFIA, etc, as mood music to their cringing apologias for imperialist, lebensraum, colonialist despotism a la JockBrits forelock tugging to Memsahib bints and Bullingdon Pashas.

    Fcuk this, imminently and when we control the electoral ground,; and may they linger on in their opiate stinking, anti-democratic brothel whilst we repatriate our full, Scots, popular sovereignty.

    Fcuk ’em.

  5. “Federalism, eh? Nah, you had you chance. Game over, Brits…

  6. Grouse Beater says:


  7. carjamtic says:

    Excellent again GB….”unscrewing the inscrutable”

    Thanks 🙂

  8. Grouse Beater says:

    Another exercise entitled, know thy enemy.

  9. smilingvulture says:

    Reason Federal option wasn’t on Scottish Referendum ballot

    1.keep YES vote below 25%,destroy SNP,home rule in one go
    2.45% result a total fcuking disaster for unionists(even thou on night,NO headquarters,dancing on news reels)
    3.smith commission watered down mainly by the Labour Party(vow,vow + pisstake)
    4.when the exit poll 2015 general election for SNP showed 59 ended up 56 game over
    5.2016 Scottish Elections,Ruth Pretend(she’s not Tory)finished if shes 3rd,labour catastrophic if 3rd.
    6.Even with these results,Westminster goes thru every new Scottish Power inch by inch,house of lords,commons,house of lords.

  10. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    I see the Complete University Guide Ranking for 2016 is 109th, Just below the University of East Fife.

  11. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    I know it has been talked about in an ephemeral blue skies thinking sort of way but when it gets down to the nuts and bolts time, Federalism is really playing their last throw of the die.

  12. Iain More says:

    They already threw that Federalism weighted dice in the Indy Referendum with the Vow and then failed to deliver on it. They will never open the books because if they did the anger would blow them all away and not just in Scotland. Ironically it might be that events in NI will overtake all the Brit Nat charlatans and Federal snake oil selling lizards. I expect they will try to rig the NI elections to stop Sinn Fein potentially having a Referendum on Irish Unification or otherwise find some device to freeze Stormont. The Brits are ever mendacious!

  13. Grouse Beater says:

    What’s so galling is, it’s a think tank that is a charity, hence it pays no tax. It is trying to influence an elected government to alter the democratic process without the proponents actually being elected to a particular party with a mandate from voters – other than the authors being decidedly right-wing. I’d call that anti-democratic, wouldn’t you?

  14. Katrina says:

    Federalism, Home Rule or Devo…….only Independence will do, anything else is fakery.

  15. Grouse Beater says:

    Yes, I described the compensation offers as the ‘touring version’ of democracy: once it completes a run of the provinces it returns to London for the rest of the term.

  16. John Campbell says:

    Only independence will rid us of this Westminster arrogance , and the horrible little parasites that we Scots subsidise through our taxes , that continue to make themselves rulers , rather than servants .

  17. Stan McConnell says:

    The only reason I watch BBC news and current affairs programmes!

  18. Grouse Beater says:

    A clever aside! 🙂

  19. G H Graham says:

    So what that Salmond said “… once in a generation…” in ANY context.

    Since when did any one individual determine the rights of a population, in what is after all a democracy. Although the definition of democracy is stretched when we continue to permit over 800 unelected Lords & Bishops to write laws on our behalf, but only with the consent of a old lady who lives in a palace with a family of dysfunctional kids?

    Yet London uses the casual remark of one man to justify the retention of the status quo, to manufacture a construct to deliberately halt the journey Scots are taking, as they surely find the appeal of sovereign independence more attractive than they did compared to just two years ago.

    Sturgeon needs to gamble well by declaring very soon a date for a second independence referendum.

    Now that another Tory grandee has assumed the role of PM & surrounded herself with a cabinet of neo-con cronies, time really is of the essence.

  20. This scheming, duplicitous and complacent, evil wee cabal are more sinister than the Espheni. Gleefully plotting our fate as best serves them and their cohorts. Funded to the hilt. They were boasting of a national roadshow last year.

    I’d be laughing if it wasn’t for the tears.

  21. A bunch of extremely old men talking about us while we are not in the room.
    Peter Hain, the champion of segregated blacks in South Africa decades ago has morphed into an unelected Imperial Lord, who knows what’s best for the Sweaties.
    If anything demonstrates why we demand Self Determination this ragged tattered remnant of English Imperialism does.
    Who gives these dusty old Oligarchs the right to determine Scotland’s future? They do.
    Not us, the citizens of Scotland.
    The bone headed disregard for democracy acted out by this unelected gaggle of land grabbers would be risible, but for the fact that they genuinely believe that they have the authority to quell the will of the ‘separatist’ movement by forcing a fresh Act of Union upon us.
    It’s coming yet, for a’ that. And not before time.
    Great piece GB.

  22. Grouse Beater says:

    You’re welcome.
    The sheer arrogance of the meddlers astonishes. They’re unable to accept that they preach sedition and ways to stymie the democratic will of the electorate.

  23. I see that Adam Tomkins (TOMKAT) has been raised again, seems to have Conservative dinners with the likes of son of Mundell and others,that Scotland could be changed to North Britain,maybe if this is true,??could be construed as the disloyal way of keeping this discredited U.K. together.,well funded from where,?secret funds linked to strange places.

  24. Grouse Beater says:

    They are determined to find a way o override the Treaty and block any moves to self-determination permanently.

  25. Excellent
    Extremely pertinent in this particular moment.
    (12th of March 2019 – 17 days to potential constitutional UK suicide – to all in intents & purposes)

    It’s Important that people have access to this article.

  26. The events of the past 5/6 months have left BoJo as PM of England, the worst possible Politician to have been ‘Leader’ of anything other that a Conga! But the North of Ireland is cut off from the mainland and no matter what he says, there WILL be a border in the Irish Sea. It may stop the Unionists backing his ‘federal’ plans, well Cumming’s plans really. Never thought I’d ever be as grateful for Stormont, but I am in this Pandemic.

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