The South City Mob


Fats McDee – the mug shot number discreetly removed



“It’s nuttin’ poisonal, Scotland, it’s only bizzi-ness.”

An exposé of two mob leaders sharing remarkable similarities. To distinguish Capone from MacDee, Capone has a large scar on his left cheek. His most infamous dispatch of rivals is the St Valentine’s Day Massacre. MacDee names Referendum Day his gangland revenge.

Al Capone, Boss of the Chicago Gang

(a) He rose to power almost without trace. (b) His gang ran most of the illegal companies in the city of Chicago during Prohibition. (c) His headquarters were 222 South Wabash where he claimed to be an antique dealer. (d) He had grandiose plans to take over all of Chicago’s main companies, and the suburbs. (e) From his many business ‘associates’ he received percentages he termed ‘donations.’ (f) Though he always had an alibi, it’s thought Capone instructed many assassinations. (g) His gang controlled bootlegging, speakeasys, prostitution, and sale of dockland goods. (h) His associates were connected to city machine politicos, newspapers, police officers. (I) They were all bought in some way or other, bribes, placements, or threat of blackmail. (j) When cornered he usually lied his way out of trouble, boosted by an inflated ego. (k) His mentor, John Torrio, was impressed by Capone and encouraged his protégé. (i) To attain their objectives Torrio and Capone called rival gang members to a treaty. (m) They controlled gambling, brothels, distilleries, bookie joints, race tracks, nightclubs. (n). Had Capone not been so disliked he might have tried to attain political office. (o) Torrio took a rival’s bullet, decided to quit the city, leaving Capone the boss of bosses. (p) Chicago mayor, William ‘Big Bill’ Thompson, felt Capone bad for his political image. (q) Attempts to assassinate Capone all failed – he had a network of spies who foiled plots. (r) Capone had a violent temper, but he could be generous to staff and retain their loyalty. (s) Of Italian stock, Capone normally cited American patriotism whenever challenged. (t) Critics accused Capone of using his charitable work to avoid paying income tax. (u) Elliott Ness and Frank Wilson were assigned to investigate Capone and his front men. (v) Accountant, Frank Wilson, knew Capone ran fake companies, and protection rackets. (w ) Agent Ness and FBI boss, J. Edgar Hoover, wanted Capone in court judged by a jury. (x) Capone was found guilty of tax evasion and the coercion of witnesses. He got 10 years. (y) Capone had tried to bribe and coerce the jury but Judge J. Wilkerson switched juries. (z) On trial, Capone expected to be freed, thinking himself above the law, untouchable.

Fats MacDee, Boss of the South City Gang

(a) His rise to power is almost without trace. (b) His gang runs the South Side City, in the district of Little England. (c) His headquarters are 5 Blythswood Square where he claims to be a status quo dealer. (d) He wants to take over the entire North City to control it completely as one territory. (e) He receives ‘donations’ from various unnamed sources, barely within the legal limit. (f) Though he always has an alibi, his “Project Fear” kills people’s hopes and ambitions. (g) His ‘associates’ are culled from various small gangs, all hoping to divide the spoils. (h) He has powerful contacts in local and national government, the media, and the police. (i) Rumour has them bought in one way or another, promotion, bribes, honours. (j) When cornered he has a propensity to utter untruths, bloated by an exaggerated ego. (k) His mentor is, Al Darling; impressed by MacDee he encourages his protegé. (l) Darling has agreed to a peace deal with his one-time enemy, Head Boy Cameron. (m) Their ‘loot’ is in property value fixing, expenses scams, oil theft, money laundering with corrupt banksters. (n) If MacDee succeeds many think he’ll be rewarded a full partner of Cameron’s empire. (o) Darling is believed to have taken a wounding hit from his associates and semi-retired. (p) Cameron avoids seen with Fats MacDee considering him bad for his image. (q) MacDee has a spy network, from newspaper boys to city politicos, who protect him. (r) MacDee is alleged to have a temper but equally displays loyalty and honour to staff. (s) Cornered, he invokes South City patriotism as his whole motivation and guiding light. (t) Critics accuse MacDee of gambling with people’s lives, and a nation’s prosperity. (u) Finance expert, Bald Eagle Swinney, is investigating the South City’s income and tax.  (v) Swinney believes the gang has run a racket of cheating and fear mongering for years.(w ) Agent, Little ‘Eck’ Caesar, wants MacDee judged in the Court of Human Reckoning. (x) If found guilty, MacDee and his cohorts face at least a decade of blighted reputations.(y) Little Caesar has warned MacDee not to bribe the jury with false promise or money.   (z) MacDee asserts his mob are ‘better together,’ that is, above the law and the people.


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3 Responses to The South City Mob

  1. mary vasey says:

    What can I say but absolutely flipping brilliant. Thanks

  2. Grouse Beater says:

    You could say a lot more … just kiddin’! Pleased it entertained.
    Trouble is, there’s a lot of truth in the comparison to be comfortable.
    Take for example, Capone’s non-connections to his companies.
    MacDee doesn’t have a Wikipedia page – odd for a public figure.

  3. Helena Brown says:

    Well Grouse Beater you have scored a hat trick with that one, isn’t it amazing the coincidences or maybe not. I think MacDee doesn’t have a Wiki page because he will vanish without trace on the 19th September and who wants to leave their fingerprints on anything, the mob might be after him.
    Maybe I don’t look for them but I don’t think BT are using much of the internet cause the people they are appealing to don’t either.

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