The British Unionist In Epitome



Aggressive and brutal English nationalism would be familiar to Oliver Cromwell


A unionist will explore every possibility until only common sense is left.


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4 Responses to The British Unionist In Epitome

  1. mary vasey says:

    Pithy yet excellent and of course so true. Thanks

  2. Helena Brown says:

    Well GB we will be waiting a while for them getting there. Going round the houses as I type. The other Broon talking about handing over education to the likes of Gove. Not liking Scots History being taught in schools eh?

  3. Grouse Beater says:

    His remark is the most ominous he has made on unionism so far.

    The other day Clegg said, ‘All teachers should be qualified.’ They don’t even have qualified teachers in England!

    There was a time, Brown, educated in Scotland, believed independence acceptable if it helped remedy Scotland’s ills. He advocates the opposite now.

    #See Hapless Gordon essay.

  4. JimnArlene says:

    Sadly; as has been, amply, displayed by “better together no thanks”, common sense is not so common.

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