Dr Philippa Whitford

Dr Philippa Whitford SNP MP

Dr Philippa Whitford is an enigma. An SNP MP, she manages not to get mired in sleaze in the party, isn’t a sychophantic Murrell or Nicola fan, and has not decided on a second career as an ALBA party tormentor. Politics watchers are not always sure what she stands for other than Scotland’s emancipation from colonial rule, but what she might accept in compromise is another question.

Somehow, she gets on with her work as an MP and as a surgeon, fitting in a few hospital operations to save lives in between attending Westminster debates. Some critics complain she is too detached from the failures that have beset the SNP, other express affection for her ability to rise above low politics.

She was first elected as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Central Ayrshire in May 2015 and was re-elected in 2017 and 2019. She was SNP Health spokesperson in the House of Commons until replaced in a reshuffle. Whitford was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and you can hear her origins in the way she ponounces vowels. The family moved to Scotland when she was aged ten.[She was educated at Wood Green: St Angela’s Providence Convent Secondary School in London and Douglas Academy in Milngavie, before studying at the University of Glasgow, where she graduated with medical degrees. She was the first woman in her family to gain admission to university.

Just after the First Gulf War and during the First Palestinian Intifada at the age of thirty, Whitford served for a year and a half as a medical volunteer in a UN hospital in Gaza. She spent the 2016 parliamentary recess travelling to the West Bank to operate on four women suffering from breast cancer, and visited the Gaza Strip to advise local hospitals on how to improve healthcare. She believes firmly independence protects the Scottish Health Service.

Interviewed by gravel-voiced John Drummond on Independence Live’s TNT Show, she is asked tough questions delivered with good grace on topical subjects affecting the course of Scotland’s destiny, on the Labour party’s resistence to Scotland’s democracy, and SNP’s pain over referenda promised that never materialises. The interview lasts one hour.

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6 Responses to Dr Philippa Whitford

  1. Phillipa Whitford is a great speaker and I’ve never heard her say anything silly. It’s a pity we couldn’t persuade her to take a more prominent role in the campaign. Alex Salmond is burned by the media and his quest for revenge, Nicola Sturgeon lacks the edge required to push forward with the campaign. Perhaps someone that is universally liked and admired wiould be able to balance the ship a little better. and

  2. Robert McAllan says:

    Dr Whitford’s critique of Westminster and the machinations therein is but a mirror image of Holyrood and the manner in which her colleagues conduct business on our behalf up the road in Embra. Ms Whitford obviously enjoys the contributions she is able to present at committees in her specialism in the field of health and undoubtedly would have made a huge impression on her electorate had she been elected as a single issue candidate on a health mandate.

    The opinions expressed in that interview demonstrate how divorced the SNP mindset has become from bringing about Independence in favour of sub contracting policy decision from Westminster.
    The defence advanced in being a ‘stronger voice for Scotland’ at Westminster reeks of housejocks piss as does the advocacy of Sturgeon in her cameo role as ‘Minister for Covid First’.

    We are delusional, absolutely we are if for a minute, we think or believe that the SNP will deliver Independence under the current stewardship bolstered by the housejocks of Westminster.

  3. She’s indeed a woman of class love her

  4. alfbaird says:

    ‘Enigma’ is being kind, Gareth, albeit an appropriate term in the circumstances. Any national majority (never mind three!) elected on a National Party ticket in a colony should know precisely what independence is and what it requires, i.e. an immediate end to colonialism and the continued exploitation and oppression of the people. The SNP MP’s and MSP’s are indeed a most unfortunate enigma, liability and worse as far as the Scottish people and nation are concerned:

  5. Howard Cairns says:

    This discussion has helped me to understand what the Tories are trying to do the the NHS in England. In Australia we have a “free” health scheme called Medicare that when it was introduced in 1984 was hated by the Liberal Party (Tory) and have always chipped away at the free health system. They have always brought in new amendments to favour their voters. They also hate the Superannuation system also brought in by the Labour Party. This discussion was very enlightening. I wish she was an ALBA member!

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