Scotland’s Mafia


Boss, do we send Tony da Bull or Prof Pennington?

The United Kingdom government has no God-given right to assume it will inherit every nation automatically at every general election. Scotland in Union be advised.

Once you accept that maxim and hold rigidly to unionism right or wrong, you have no option but to seek out ways for the demonization of official enemies. To the right and left there is only one enemy in Scotland, the SNP. Ergo, those who vote for them or support their policies are to be side-lined or disenfranchised – a vast proportion of the electorate.

Organised Mafia families are legalised these days. The Tories hand the DUP in Northern Ireland a bung of £2 billion so long as the DUP protect the Tories from attack by adversaries, and subsequent loss of power over its territory and businesses therein.

 The unholy fat keeping a tight hold of the fat of the land.

Chief among the bogus ‘grass roots’ crop of fabricators and slackers is Scotland in Union, (SiU) a self-styled counter intelligence unit. They are secretive in  that they hide what they plan and conspire to do. Bogus, because ‘Union’ has absolutely nothing to do with unity, civil rights or the spread of wealth. It exists to halt progress.

This is a group of people planning to keep power and wealth in the fewest hands. These are individuals the lazy press call ‘an expert’, or ‘an academic’. The press rarely like upsetting them. When was the last time you saw criticism of JK Rowling’s politics?


Who the hell knows what that billboard slogan means, but it cost a lot to say it

Never mind the quality, feel the width

In short, it’s a con, a scam, a group of rich folks determined to keep us poor folks in our place. Many are right-wing; some are left-wing, all happy to stand together, extremists.

They get their henchmen chosen for interview by lazy television and radio researchers. They organise fake letters and distribute them to national and local newspapers.

The content of their letters is artificially concocted to make it seem from the pen of an individual of no fixed political party. They infect the independence debate with lies and half-baked statistics. They exchange congratulatory messages praising each other for the number of letters published.

Sending written concoctions to newspapers has the effect of giving our darling media the impression there is a groundswell of opposition to SNP policies.

The alert public nickname SiU the ‘Green Ink’ gang, an affectionate newspaper term for eccentric letter writers, but that’s far too nice. They’re an organised press gang. They’re determined to harness the democratic process and divert it to their ends. These are the same people who rush to condemn the SNP for allegedly muzzling the press if the SNP criticise sloppy newspaper reporting.


Alastair Cameron exec director and Goebbels disciple

A fraudulent organisation

Their aim is reactionary and regressive – to keep Scotland in the 19th century, wedded to a belligerent, xenophobic, neo-liberal ideology; society moulded to their advantage, a two party system. And while they’re back slapping, imbibing the latest Beaujolais, they make a few lucrative deals between each other, they’re businessmen, after all, it’s what they do. Everybody’s a winner.

To service its black propaganda SiU needs a lot of dosh; voluntary work demands high remuneration in the higher echelons of society, advertising is expensive. The organisers pay each other. Among their assorted fund raising ploys are auctions for private safari lodges in Kenya and Botswana, and for polo festivals in India. This has all the stench of empire loyalists at work.

The agenda

SiU’s agenda is uncomplicated: it aims to inculcate us with the notion every positive thing Scotland has achieved it got by association with England. There’s the colonial mentality again. Their mantra is the Union made Scotland. You don’t need a Ph.D. in Scottish history to know this is bullshit. For a start, they stole Scotland’s oil to subsidise England.

Of course, those same people are more than happy to exploit Scotland’s political outlook: free prescriptions, a subsidised NHS, free education, those sort things. Scotland in Union is a one-way street.

It’s the Mafia, stupid

Watching SiU antics I am reminded of my ancestral background – the Mafia. (I am half-Sicilian.) The SiU are going to protect us from SNP policies and self-determination if we pay them money. To get it they warn dire things will happen if we don’t pay up.

The Mafia are terrific at intimidation but truly incompetent at administration. They maintain order by surrounding you with their informers who keep an eye on you. We are reminded of Al Capone trapped not by instructing slayings or his boot legging activities, but by his tame accountant keeping a book of the names of all the mayors, politicians, and police officers he bribed. (One of the founders of SiU is a former senior police officer.) The coincidences get greater the more you compare activity.

The SiU woke up one morning to discover their list of names who have given donations or who might give a donation sent by a disgruntled employee to the Internet sites Wings Over Scotland, that published it, and Bella Caledonia that did not.

The list reads like a Who’s Who of Scottish entitlement, aristocracy, landowners, corporate CEO’s, retired academics, members of the forces, Uncle Tom Cobley and all.


Hugh the Ubiquitous – ready and willing to disparage SNP policy no matter the subject

Any negative you want, you got it!

One member of SiU, interviewed on television for his ‘considered’ thoughts on Scotland’s health service, is retired Professor Hugh Pennington. Among many risible tweets, Pennington wrote is “London taxis subsidise Scotland”. And in another, “Salmond, when we lose BBC Scotland we lose their orchestras.” Let’s look at that slur closely.

Formerly a member of BBC Scotland Trust, (he opposed an international news slot) Pennington should know better. There is no indication BBC Scotland will decamp south on the advent of independence. BBC’s Charter makes mandatory that it serves Scotland. As things stand, it is in competition with STV, and a plethora of terrestrial broadcasters.

With more broadcasters Scotland’s musicians being what they are, bolshie freelancers, will have more work opportunities. Only the daftest diehard Unionist euphonium player will sell his home, pack his bags, and take his family and mistress south.

‘Serving’ Scotland – on a plate

In an off-hand casual expression of distaste for voters, the smug professor boasts he ‘has served Scotland well’, a reference to the 2014 plebiscite. Pass the spittoon.

The issue is, when Pennington is interviewed the interrogator does not make plain Pennington’s political loyalties. He is introduced as a neutral ‘expert’. The SNP supporter in the discussion will be pointed out top of the interview – a person biased.

He will never explain that if BBC ever closed down in Scotland it would still serve the same programmes for us as it does now, but without Scottish news full of metro-centric propaganda, and perhaps a weather map north of Newastle.


Nigel Bigger – the Bigger the bigot the better the attention

When thieves fall out

There is always a wise guy in the mafia ‘family’ who has ideas above his station. He wants a piece of a territory for his own back pocket. He forms a splinter group. In SiU’s case there is a ‘Unity UK’ group and the hilariously misnamed ‘These Islands’, a group of gung-ho, right-wing Christian academics wearing Donald’s Trump’s boxer shorts scored with – ‘Make America Britain Great Again’.

Chief zealot is an Oxford University academic approaching the day he will have to face his God. He is Professor Nigel Biggar, regis professor of moral and pastoral theology. He writes on his pet project “Ethics and the Empire”.

His racist opinions – no more than unproven hypotheses and conjecture – amount to: the British Empire wasn’t all bad. That has to include slavery. He might as well opine Hitler was not the Devil incarnate. He liked dogs. His revisionist twaddle has angered fellow academics, fifty of whom signed an open letter condemning his 19th century ideology.

Flying by the seat of their pants

So there you have it, cabals within a secret society, within the pillars of community faking letters of protest, and few marked out as dishonourable lying sons of bitches by our shabby right-wing press. They use subterfuge to carry-out their work; deception and fabrication are their tools-in-trade. However, failure to be open and honest has consequences.

The scrubbed clean, smiley-faced Scotland in Union is in serious trouble. The published list of ‘subscribers’ to their wee heist of a nation is in breach of the Data Protection Act. If fined their membership won’t be happy to see their charity thus misused. They’d better have a placeman on that DPA committee. Gang splits are the least of their worries.

The morally bankrupt.

SiU works hand-in-hand with the press and media. Subordination to their prevailing orthodoxy has consequences. The not-so-tacit message is, any lie, any ruse, any falsehood is a means to an end, and the end is to rob the voter of an open and honest debate.

In accord with the journalistic principle of Scotland’s lickspittle craven press core,  “objectivity” means not reporting accurately what the powerful do and say, or how they spend their ill-gotten gains. Our press is subordinate to wealth and power.

SiU and its tame press wage war on the democratic system. They should understand the gravity of their deceit. They’re no better than a Mafia gang using threats and blackmail to grab territory and divide the spoils.

Scotland in Union is an attempt to give greed moral justification by wrapping it up in British patriotism. It remains resolutely self-serving selfishness, nothing more.


Jill Stephenson, one of the shrillest (and outrageous) Scotland in Union members diligently removing sight of all the letters she’s written to newspapers


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8 Responses to Scotland’s Mafia

  1. Marconatrix says:

    Good piece but your coda has me perplexed. If you’re best buddies with some of these rogues why would you want to attack them? Did they refuse to pay the ransom?

  2. Grouse Beater says:

    I hovered over that one a while. Still am. SiU prove they’re ruthless enough to resort to lawyers to shut down discussion. The people I know have yet to be approached. I know they’d be appalled to be associated with SiU and its shenanigans – and if they are not informed I can alert them.

  3. Marconatrix says:

    Gabh mo lethsgeul! I must have got the wrong end of the stick, the way I read it, it looked as if you were in cahoots with some of those SiU types. And what with your Mafia back ground … lol! Aye, SiU would sue (Oh, dear!) (And what is a ‘cahoot’ when its at home?)

  4. Grouse Beater says:

    It was a bit of a shock to see some of those names on the list, but though a few are no friends of the SNP, they are democrats and wouldn’t undermine an elected administration that wants to do the best for the majority. Their beliefs don’t include full independence, but a few expect it to happen soon. It always takes me by surprise to hear the wealthiest of landowners say, “Independence is inevitable”.

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  6. Macart says:

    Well said Grouse, on all points.

    Union does not mean unity. (As you know, a pet theme of mine for some time.) Political union isn’t about social cohesion. It isn’t about identity. It’s about power and wealth. The acquisition and control of both. The usual establishment practice of politics was bad and bad enough. They’ve stolen, oppressed and murdered their way to empire over the lifetime of the union. The actions they’ve taken and the strategies they’ve employed against their own populations in attempting to retain/maintain their political construct however, that’s a whole new level of low. And as you correctly point out, has bog all to do with unity. Unity requires a level of care and empathy I very much doubt they are capable of, never mind understanding.

    The greatest trick the devil/Westminster establishment ever pulled was to convince people that a system of government and practice of politics, created by the few, to service the few, were the arbiters of all definitions of identity. The big lie. Politics is what they say it is. Democracy is what they say it is. A democracy undermined, re-packaged and marketed to suit. You are pigeonholed according to the political requirement of the day.

    The kind of people who run Westminster government, who bankroll SiU? They’re not so fond of how democracy should work. They don’t like the idea that a government should reflect the wishes of its population. They’re definitely not fond of the idea that government should look to fulfil the needs and aspirations of a population. A population who pay to have those needs administered.

    Mind you, it helps to have a compliant media on your side. Folk to help you point a finger of blame in the other direction when things go pear shaped. Folk who help you sell the next big get rich quick scheme. Helpful sorts who tell you who to hate. Who to vote for (between two parties) and why you should believe their advice is better than you thinking for yourself.

    I’d say, the revelations of the past few weeks have been highly educational for people. A wee peak into the world of the influential and self interested. How they operate to secure the very bestest deal for themselves. Hopefully the lesson will leave a lasting impression.

  7. Grouse Beater says:

    “You Nats and your conspiracy theories” – aye, right. What is SiU and its ‘send a fake letter to six newspapers’ but a damn conspiracy group determined to subvert the democratic system?

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