Mortification Alley


Sociopaths to the left of us, psychopaths to the right, but the sane plod on

The quotations in this ghoul-filled journal are collected at random. In each bodily excretion readers will perceive the budding dictator, the sociopath, the liar, and the plain pig ignorant. The authors come from all walks of society, the wealthy who pride themselves on being educated, the ill-informed whose knowledge comes from the gutter press, and the bourgeoisie who dismiss argument that counters their long-held fallacies.

English poet Alexander Pope said of his kith, “A brain of feathers and a heart of stone”

We all say things we regret in the cold light of day, but when the president of the United States says: “Why do we want all these people from shithole countries coming here?” Donald Trump  (11.01.18) we should not be surprised discourse has coarsened.

Some abuse issues from profound stupidity. If the author’s house caught fire they’d dial 999 on their microwave. Some remarks border on the criminal, others give the Y chromosome a bad name. A significant number come from the pathological intolerance of extreme right-wing Christians. There is no limit to human bigotry.

Readers should be wary of phrases such as ‘my country’ – there’s no guarantee you are reading the word of a Scot living in Scotland. Moreover, some comments may have been deleted out of acute embarrassment since I transported them here. How many come from government shills and puppets is a moot point. Police Scotland has a unit to hunt  the worst offenders, but the torrent that constitute “political banter” go unchallenged.

Of the most vicious there is the horrible perception we’re witnessing a rerun of Germany’s Weimar Republic. You can see how burgeoning fascist regimes found it easy to recruit thugs and torturers to do their dirty work, ready and willing to serve.

Recorded here poor spelling, grammar and all, they make their meaning crystal clear. They show us human envy, irrational fear, and an inability to relate to people.

Should any of the writers chance upon this archive they can see the company they keep.


(Warning – profane language)

“Oh, fuck off, you fat moronic cow!” Richard Hilton (Tory) at Jane Godley. 09.02.19

“You’re Scottish, so stop wearing mini skirt at the pussy’s high, and keep yourzs tits covered (its not attraceted) and Main one: don’t try being a white English cunt, there are too many and this world needs real people.” Marchitto Eric 30.10.18

“I don’t like what you tweet, specially to women you fucking begging bastard clown, your nothing but a piece of dirty dirty pedo scum vermin shite, you are lower than a snakes arsehole, how do you like those apples fuckit.” Royal Jack1872  09.10.18

“Gaelic can fuck off! It says Poileas on the front of Polis cars, y’know, just in case 1 out of the 8 Neanderthals who still speak Gaelic can’t work out the cunts wearing Polis uniforms, driving the Polis car are … FUCKING POLIS! The language isn’t native to Scotland. Jessica Alba gu brath ma baws!” Jamie Dalgleish 20.8.18

“Hope those bitter jock cunts get a second referendum and vote independence, rebuild the wall and fuck all the scrounging gimps off out of our country.”  Kingsbury 12.7.18

“A never said you weren’t. By the way, Grousey, your mother was the only woman I know with two arseholes and you’re one of them.” John McIntosh 01.6.18

“Fuckwit, Britain is a country, and British is your nationality recognised by every nation state on earth as such. Check your passport you ignorant dickhead. Now fuck off my timeline.” Graham 30.5.18

“Hate they independence cunts with a passion if you don’t like it here fuck off to the Republic of Ireland where the rest of the British haters are.” Ronald deBored 30.5.18

“Ha ha “Red Tory from England”. Cunt of the day. Now fuck off empty head.” James Sorah – 20.5.18

“Who do you think you are bitch. With your lecturing and meddling in British matters. You stupid cunt, you are not British. You have no right to say anything. You talk this country down and you want it to fail so the EU can subjugate us. Just fuck off back to Deutchland uber alles. If you stay who know what could happen.” Leave 21.04.18

“ProfBrianCox You fucking shit. I voted brexit because it was the right thing to do, not because it was a sexy word. You CUNT.” Richard Mitton 17.03.18

“mind ye pish aff ye anti Britian cunts.” Billy Williamson 11.03.18

“My learned friend’s post was vague, I’ll elaborate on his behalf.  Fuck off you Jacobite sheep shagging nationalist bastard.” Toti Faminsova 10.03.18

“I see all you Scottish Nazi sorry nationalists are block voting your anti-English anti-UK big fucking deal if the bitch wins it she is still NOT the most influential woman in the UK that would be the PM.” Joanna Mills 05.03.18

“As much as I think you’re a useless cunt, [Yousaf] this weather was quite bad. There were plenty of updates from yourself.” Bert Van Lingen 02.03.18

“Absolutely disgusting that this nation of haggis-shagging alcoholic primtive skirt wearing Scottish bastards have been dragged to a win by against the English rose by a corrupt referee.” Jeff Nichols 24.02.18

“Think it’s time Neil Lennon starts receiving bullets and bombs in the post again.” James 02.02.18

“Yet another problem [Humzah Yousaf, SNP MSP] a machine gun would improve.Robert 03.02.18

“What are u talking about u SNP MORON! I have voted over 78 times! I’m a global entrepreneur with 9 biz interest, not a full time MP like u! The difference is I’m a Baroness for life while u will be out of ur MP job in no time! Michelle Mone 30.01.18

“If your not up this morning way the loyalist music pumping and ready to kick the nearest fenian out in front of a bus then there’s something wrong with you, fuck celtic fenian scum. mon the gers.” Graham Freeman 27.01.18

Never have I let my dislike and/or complete disgust for some turn into hate, but this lady I hate with all my heart. [Nicola Sturgeon] She has turned my country into a toxic shadow of its former self. Subterfuge and Propaganda rule then again they are not up to governing.” Maureen Johnson 23.12.17

“If you feel that way then bugger off or stop whinging and accept Brexit is in the UK interest and move on.” The ElginLoon59 17/01.17

“The nats all be have the same … mob like arseholes … you lost grow up. Scotland is apart of the UK. END OF.” Jonathon Proctor 24.12.17

“Do you ever consider, you Separatist moron, that Shetland may chose to return to Norway rather remain within your Braveheart Caliphate?” Tony Forrest 23.12.17

“People sneering at our new classic blue British passport are either immigrants or not of pure English or British heritage. They are lost, citizens of nowhere, they don’t know what it feels like to love, feel proud of and be loyal to a country. Pity them” The English Brexiteer 22.12.17

“Merry Christmas you torn faced wee Jimmy Krankie lookalike. [Sturgeon] I hope your next jobbie feels like a hedgehog backing out of your arse. PS when you’ve finished with my flag  can I have it back please, it’s no yours.” John Lambert 25.12.17

“While I’m delighted to see leading nationalist voices disowning Wings Over Scotland, the truth is you are four years and hundreds of thousands of pounds Too Fucking Late. Beg forgiveness for your poisonous nationalism. Scotland deserves an apology.” Duncan Hothersall 03.01.18

“Fuck you, penis breath!” Toby Young 22.07.2009

“Well frankly Ms Sturgeon, I hope the United Kingdom government does to you and your rebel cronies what Spain is about to do with Catelonia!! Take back power that was abused by rebel politicians!” Donald Allan 07.01.2018

“You’re a fucking liar! They are [Gibraltarians] are a 100% Brits. You made it up. Remove what you wrote. We can make your life very painful for you.” Brian 07.07.17

 “Wish U had been killed at Dunblane you miserable anti-British hypocritical little git. Your life will be a misery from now on.” Harry S 18.09.14

“I wish that cunt Sturgeon would die, just die”. Paul Addison 09.06.16

“Just been blocked by Nicola “Roll out the miscarriage” Sturgeon.” David 04.08.16

“Nicola Sturgeon needs a kick up the cunt”. Ashley Wager 06.06.16

“Newly arrived immigrants will be first in line to vote. [Scotland’s referenda]. SNP are a disgrace.” Big Scots Bear 01.11.18

“Jason we know where you are always. We know where you are always always.” Butterflyrebellion201 14.01.18

“Hello you racist piece of shit! Just seen your interview on GMB, just want to say, if you don’t like our British heritage fuck off back to the cunting shithole you and your ancestry come from, we don’t want you here! CUNT!” Death_Thrash 18.01.18

Sad to say, the list is only a small sample. 


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11 Responses to Mortification Alley

  1. Like seems inappropriate for this bilge.

  2. daibhidhdeux says:

    Rhetorical question, of course: Where is this being investigated and exposed in the British print and broadcast media?

    It is not, once again and of course, given their British nationalist agenda which permits them only to deflect and project these violent gutter sentiments onto Scots democrats and independentistas whilst shrieking “foul” when challenged for their inarticulate defenses of their imploding and increasingly dictatorial Union (and this with a petted, trembling, collective lip).

    Wiemar Republic indeed and most frighteningly apt as an analogy: These thugs would don SS uniforms in a heartbeat and cheerfully man the concentration camps – a British invention – and the gas chambers with a cheerful smile, much kicking with jackboots, and the rictus mouthing of the foulest bile and vitriol surpassing even these “gems”.

    No fantasy this. It is already nearly upon us with these examples as a foretaste of what my yet soon fully become a very bloody reality (and I suspect is on the imminent agenda for south of the border).

    Ireland re-unified and Scotland re-independent are, therefore, not only constitutionally and democratically incumbent upon its citizens, but also morally imperative in the face of this re-flowering of the poisonous neo-Nazi weed upon the soil of our xenophobic neighbor.

    We need to do this. No ifs and petit bourgeois buts any longer. It is a manifest duty for the democratic citizens of Scotland and Ireland; and one can only hope our Welsh brethren heed the signs and join us.

    We need to defend ourselves and our democracy not simply for ourselves, but as a beacon of tolerance and hope to the rest of the world.

    However, God help the Cornish and our fellow democrats in England, but, at least and then, we would be able to offer them sanctuary and succor in a loop through Scotland via Man to Ireland within the EU.

    Wiemar on the brink of being re-visited and regurgitated in all its preparing of the ground for the horrors that were to follow, indeed.

    We must consequently repudiate this Union asap and urgently get on with re-building our country as one at the very forefront of the global democratic vanguard pdq upon doing so (and it is good to see our ScotGov is and has been laying the very foundations which will allow us to expedite these aims).

    Turbulent times, but, potentially, radical beyond our forebears’ wildest dreams.

    I believe we will do it.

  3. Grouse Beater says:

    I began the new year, Dabydabydo, with a feeling of dread which I’ve not managed to throw off. Mortification Alley came out of the blues. I think my mood stems from feeling our politics are too passive, not proactive enough. It’s not wise to convey depression to readers so I posted a review of the life-affirming Pixar animation, ‘Coco’, as an antidote. And many thanks for your thoughts. DDD. Always good to read comments late at night…

  4. Marconatrix says:

    I have to agree with Max Stafford above, ‘like’ is hardly the right word. Otherwise my feeling is that many of the folk you quote are probably mentally ill, a symptom perhaps of the limits of the NHS? Trouble is if the inmates take over the asylum things could get very nasty.

    (PS I must confess however that the hedgehog metaphor was new to me and raised a wee smile, just for its inventiveness … sorry!)

  5. And you didn’t even pick the worst of it. There’s plenty to choose from on the #sturgeonabuse. It won’t get reported by anyone in the media because then they’d have to ask Ruth Davidson awkward questions. I think of the MSM as acting like rohypnol for the masses. They drug the population with distractions while their paymasters get on with the dirty work.

    I’ve got a half baked theory that we’re living through the final grabbing of everything they can by a very small number of people who know that for them it is now or never.

    Theresa May is 61, regardless of her performance, if the Tories lost the next election it could be almost 10 years before she could be back in power. So she, and her acolytes (Davis is 69, Green is 62, Redwood is 66, Hammond is 62) know that they will never have another shot at this. So they’re taking us all to hell in a handbasket for their personal enrichment. Because they know that they’ll not get another chance in their lifetimes. Half-baked, and probably more paranoid than realistic but there might be a grain of truth in it.

    You write good stuff, please keep it up.

  6. Grouse Beater says:

    I think your theory is correct. They saw in Brexit the chance to rewrite Britain as ‘Great’ Britain again – whatever tawdry form it will assume if dragging disgruntled nations with it. That includes disempowering Scotland of the few democratic gains made these last seventy years.

    Thank you for the compliment – and please draw the attention of others to the site to follow it. The more readers chip in, the better the motivation. I shall keep writing so long as I have something to say that spurs people to demand full reinstatement of self-governance.

  7. daibhidhdeux says:

    Greetings to you all from the far off Land of The Rising Insommnia and Sun though shrouded with rain today:

    Some excellent comments and interchange.

    I second you all and share this site widely along with other fraternal beacons of sanity in this epoch of collapsing big imperialist state, lunatic hegemony (adieu Britannia. Failte, again, Alba and a reunified Eire plus greetings to the Basques, Catalans, and Galicians, et al).

    As Andrew says and I paraphrase: Keep on keeping on writing brother Grouse Beater, even after our imminent repatriated popular sovereignty, for you do it exceedingly well, and multiple voices are needed in the re-building of our multi-communal patria and matria.

    Avaunt and I think our paths may have crossed lang syne, GB (as in the beater of grouse upon the moor and not wannabe great (boorish) Brit). Am sure it was a pleasure given that it still is.


  8. Grouse Beater says:

    Good man! 🙂

  9. daibhidhdeux says:

    Gaun yirsel’, sir! 😁👏

  10. Grouse Beater says:

    I’d prefer to be of a very large crowd, if you don’t mind. 🙂

  11. daibhidhdeux says:

    Each to their own. Crowded in a crowd or singly doing their thing unalone. 😁👏

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