A Scot at Oxford

This is a recording of the Right Honourable Alex Salmond MP. (Yes, that is his title as a member of the Privy Council!) He is in debate at the Oxford Union. I leave it to readers to judge how well he knows his subject and how well he conducts his argument.

I would prefer to leave the introduction there in an effort to remain impartial, but readers ought to know that the kilted delight that is his opponent is a unionist born in England, here for the free prescriptions and better education system he says is falling apart, born in Hertfordshire. He’d not get a job ‘darn sarf’.

Don’t allow the domesticated Highland get-up of Prince Albert fool you. He is Alex Cole-Hamilton, leader – a very loose term in his case – of the lib-Dem Scottish branch, (registered in London) who represents the classic meritocratic mediocrity, the bottom of the barrel politician Scotland has to suffer.

I nicknamed him Coal-Scuttle, but he’s not that useful. The derogatory moniker is my way of staying sane, not punching the computer screen whenever he puts his head in front of a camera – which is often – and a mouthful of used toilet paper falls out as if flushed from behind. I live in his ward. Recently I received his latest flier, an expensively produced, glossy, in full technicolour fold-out. It was crammed with his portrait, smiling in each location, an appearance rather like the gnome in the film ‘Amélie’.

Among his forgotten speeches, he was recorded on a Zoom meeting telling the female politician at the other end to ‘Fuck off!” I was less repelled by the profanity aimed at a woman, bad as that was, than the way he curled up his top lip and snarled the words out of the side of his ugly mouth. Come kissing, his wife has my sympathy.

I mention this incident so that readers understand the lower depths of intellect and statecraft that skulk around our Parliament corridors. The old-new Liberal party is completely irrelevant to Scotland’s progress. I knew two Lib-Dems well, one was David Steel, a former leader of that farty party. I helped his rebel son get back on a straight track, but Steel was not prone to thank me. Now, favours from me are never transactional, but in this case, I thought Steel a friend who could help me out. When I asked for his help with a television production issue he laughed and sent an insulting email. Steel had a terrifying rictus smile he fixed instantaneously for the press, one copied from a cadaver.

And later I met an elder statesman of that ilk, known locally as a ‘gentleman Liberal’ who whispered to me that “Creating Israel was a fucking terrible mistake”, without checking my integrity first. Coal-Scuttle is no different a bigot or racist, another heel snapping wee mutt we have to put up with until self-governance is reinstated.

Scotland is unique in having not one but three parties, all wedded to the colonial insult our nation should be governed by another nation, who spend their days demeaning and belittling our country, and we put up with the seditionists, and even pay them to do it. They are all looking for a knighthood in the post.

A cold-hearted, unformed fascist would answer, “That’s democracy. Live with it.” Erm … no thanks.

Anyway, Salmond for Honorary President of Scotland!



NOTE: Be advised: This site automatically blocks those needing treatment for psychosis, unionist zealots, colonial watchmen, Orange Order lunatics, shills, and bots. Twitter, where these essays and articles are promoted, is supervised 24 hours a day – which is why fat-headed trolls are instantaneously catapulted over the Border to their motherland where they belong.


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9 Responses to A Scot at Oxford

  1. Top-notch stuff, once again, from the Great man.
    Thanks for posting, I wasn’t previously aware of this.

    Incidentally, isn’t Cole-Hamilton such a small, inelegant man?

  2. Howard Cairns says:

    A brilliant speech. I agree he is the best advocate for Scottish Independence. I’d like to see more of his speeches.

  3. duncanio says:

    Superb comment GB and, of course, debating excellence from Alex Salmond, the only leader of the SNP post-1999 who has been serious about restoring Scottish full self-government and independent statehood.

    Incidentally I think that toady Cole-Skuttle rather neatly complements his counterpart Con-man lickspittle DRoss.

  4. diabloandco says:

    Loved hearing the main man at his best – thank you.

  5. peeliewallie says:

    Made my day.

  6. Robert McAllan says:

    Thanks Gareth, Salmond in full fight is a sight to behold and how well he demonstrates his craft in swatting away the kilted cockroach identifying as Alex ‘Coal-Scuttle’.

    On the subject of ‘his forgotten speeches’ we would do well to remember Cole- Hamilton’s effusive eulogising of Green Party member Jack (or is it)? Beth Douglas following the recent passage of the GRRB at Holyrood!!

    Most importantly, let none of us ever forget the sinister machinations from within the SNP, the Scottish Government, and the higher echelons of the British Civil Service in Scotland who conspired to have Salmond removed from politics and incarcerated for life on a series of contrived and spurious allegations which on examination were thrown out of the High Court by a jury of his peers.


  7. lorncal says:

    Salmond for Honorary President? Hear, hear. We won’t forget Cole-Hamilton’s lauding of a ‘trans’ ‘woman’ to the detriment of every woman in Scotland, either. The Liberals had, in the past, some decent people of note, and the Lib Dems likewise, but they were never less than street fighters behind all that prim middle-class gentility and avuncular bonhomie. Tory Lite. Politically, in my experience, they would cut your throat, metaphorically-speaking.

  8. sadscot says:

    Salmond knocks spots off the lot of them. What was done to him by his own remains the most sickening thing I have seen in politics. That they got away with it and their treachery forgiven by their own still never fails to shock me.
    After the trial I wish he’d taken time to get back to fitness again both mentally and physically. His failure to address the latter aspect has led to him looking at least ten years older than he is and that cannot be good for his health. He is not an old man. I hope he will have a look at that.

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