Nicola ‘Will Achieve Indy’

SNP MP Stephen Flynn, another John the Baptist – Nicola is Scotland’s Messiah

A too short, sparse and unchallenging PR puff of an interview with SNP’s House of Commons leader, Stephen Flynn appeared in the Huffington Post this week. It might be of interest to readers.

It’s full of certainties and platitudes illustrating the kind of airy-fairy wonderland that the risk-averse SNP hierarchy inhabit. The article is published in its entirety only to show Flynn has not a single idea in his head of how to achieve self-governance, nor how to decolonise Scotland. All he has is a faith in the statemanship of Oor Nicola. (Am too lazy to remove man from statesmanship to substitute an approved pronoun.)

Flynn is telling me (and the rest of us) Nicola is our saviour, and I must live to 2030 to see Nirvana. For me, that’s a big ask. The date signifying liberty and blessed freedom keeps shifting further and further away. To paraphrase: “The promises are near, Dugall, the reality is far, far away.”

UDI is fit to be declared legal tomorrow, the process of a new happier association with our thieving, belligerant, colonial neighbour begun. By 2030, a new deal could be signed by both sides, sealed by Charles III, all money earned by Scotland staying in Scotland, interior colonisation stemmed, Scottish passports issued to indigenous citizens, naturalisation open to settlers, Union Jacks removed from buildings, Scotland’s dignity restored, and all unionist parties, sects and cabals banned forever. Oh what a glorious path to a renewed nation. But Flynn the Flunker thinks we need more time.

The Huffington article begins: “Scotland will be independent by the end of the decade, the SNP’s leader at Westminster has predicted. Stephen Flynn told HuffPost UK he believed that the United Kingdom as we currently know it will have broken up by 2030.

In an exclusive interview seven weeks after he was elected to the top post, Flynn also said he believed that Nicola Sturgeon would be the leader to take Scotland out of the UK. Although Sturgeon has insisted that the SNP has a mandate to pursue a second independence referendum, party chiefs have been careful not to set a date for when they believe Scotland will leave the UK.

Last year, the Supreme Court ruled that the Scottish Parliament does not have the power to organise a legal independence referendum without Westminster’s approval – something the UK government has consistently refused to give. But asked whether he believed Scotland would be independent by the end of the 2020s – less than seven years away – Flynn replied: “Yes.”

Flynn took over as the SNP’s Westminster leader after Ian Blackford stood down last month. It was seen as a blow to Nicola Sturgeon’s authority, but Flynn insisted he was fully behind his party leader. The Aberdeen South MP, who beat Alison Thewliss – another Sturgeon ally – in the race to replace Blackford said he believed the first minister was a “huge part” of why the party “has been so incredibly successful”. “I think that long into the future she’s going to be not just the first minister of Scotland within the United Kingdom, but first minister of an independent Scotland,” he said.

Flynn, who was only elected in 2019, also threw his weight behind Sturgeon’s plan to turn the next general election into a “de facto” independence referendum.Scotland’s first minister has said that if more than half of voters in Scotland back pro-independence parties, that should trigger the country’s exit from the UK.

The SNP will hold a special conference in March to decide the next steps in it a campaign for independence, with some of the party’s MPs opposed to Sturgeon’s proposal. However, Flynn said his “preference” was the Sturgeon plan, but he welcomed the fact there will be an “open debate” on it. “I think if we went into conference and said ‘this is what we think should happen’, we’d be criticised for doing that.”

Flynn also denied that the SNP’s Westminster group was split after his election as leader led to a rare display of public dissent. Veteran MP Pete Wishart quit the party’s frontbench, saying he was “bemused” by the change in leadership, while the highly-respected Stewart McDonald also stood down as the party’s defence spokesperson. Then, last week, Martin Docherty-Hughes quit as chief whip after just six weeks in the role.

Flynn rejects the idea the SNP is an “unhappy ship”, saying there had been a “really positive atmosphere these last few weeks. “There is always change when there is a change of leadership,” he said. “These things happen. Change happens in politics – it’s not a bad thing, it’s nothing to be afraid of.” ENDS

Flynn may have shifted a few SNP deadheads to a fear seat, but he is saying without knowing, by his emergence as Chief Angry Pointer, our colonial oppressors have seven more years of bringing their ‘sunny uplands’ to Scotland. Or put another way, seven more years of accrued pension for SNP MPs.

Aye, that’ll be right.


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11 Responses to Nicola ‘Will Achieve Indy’

  1. Brian Watson says:

    He’d best mind his ps & qs, else he’ll end up with his heid on a platter.

  2. duncanio says:

    The only difference I can see is the change in the alliterative headlines of The National:

    Where Blackford ‘blasted’ Flynn ‘fulminates’.

    But the song remains the same.

  3. YesToIndy says:

    He’s has about as much impact as a man in a betting shop with no money. Nicola has picked the wrong person to do her PR, if he left the planet with ET would anyone notice he was gone.

  4. Alastair says:

    SNP are future facking, Sturgeon has no interest in delivering independence. 8 years of nothing and 6 wasted mandates highlight this. We are being played for mooncalfs, look a the Al Jazeera’s Labour files and you begin to see how the establishment control politics in UK,Ok. We need the Supreme leader removed from the position of first minister then we can prehaps move forward after a night of the long knifes to cleanse the party of Unionist Infuriatrators and Yahoo GRA freaks. Personally I think it may be to late for the SNP to redeem themselves.
    But quite frankly the MSPs and MPs should have taken action against this dud charlatan well before now.
    Dissolve the Union.

  5. alfbaird says:

    (Apologies, correct article this time)

    If only Flynn and his daeless ‘national party’ buddies enjoying the metropolitan high life were to undertake what Frantz Fanon termed “a reasoned study of colonial society”, they might discover that they are surrounded and outnumbered in Westminster not by ‘colleagues’ but by what is known as ‘the colonizer’. Only then might they finally realise that self-determination independence, as the UN maintains, is ‘decolonisation’.

    Sae a body ance quo, Garet: ‘forgie thaim fer thay ken no whit thay dae’. Tho thay SNP MPs an MSPs ken fine whit thay’re aboot. An lossin a hale naition an aw Scottis fowks soveranety is nae verra eith tae forgie, nor forgat. Joukerie-pawkerie an a paircel o rogues, A wad say.

  6. arayner1936 says:

    The very idea of the current FM as the FM of an Independent Scotland fills me with dread, not least because I self-identify as a woman, in other words, as an adult human female.
    Fortunately for Scotland, I think her ambition is for a more international role as she is unlikely to push for Scottish Independence, given her current tactics.

  7. Grouse Beater says:

    On Day One of an independent Scotland the FM of the nationalist party will be engrossed in two things, appointing the best negotiators to meet their English equivalents, and chairing a radical policy revision of her party, including its name. Its role will be vastly different from that day on.

  8. arayner1936 says:

    I very much hope that’s right but A hae ma doots under the present regime, especially the negotiating with Westminster!

  9. arayner1936 says:

    I very much hope that’s right but A hae ma doots, particularly under the present regime with their ability to negotiate with Westmonster!

  10. sadscot says:

    Flynn was said to be concerned about Sturgeon’s “defacto referendum” plan and said so. Many of his colleagues were too. Incredibly, once elected as leader at Westminster, he was suddently telling The Sunday Show that it was a great idea. I wonder what it took!
    Initially I thought he’d be quite good but I’m now just seeing a guy who clearly rehearses his way of speaking all the time and the way he moves too when he speaks in the Commons. And that makes him, for me, not the real thing, just an actor.
    Sturgeon has set her Party back significantly through her indifferent approach to domestic issues, she doesn’t care. This GRR business has sent a lot of people running from her too. One would think that would matter to her or that those around her would be getting seriously alarmed. Friday’s attack on opponents of the GRR bill, where she accused them of homophobia, transphobia, misogyny and even racism, was another shocker. Whatever Salmond built up during his seven years in charge, Sturgeon is destroying it bit by bit.

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