The Great Berwick Bank Robbery

ALBA Depute Leader and MP for East Lothian, Kenny MacAskill, has exposed the scandal of the “Great Berwick Bank Robbery”. Speaking at the press meeting outside the UK Government Offices in Edinburgh, Kenny MacAskill said – at the foot of the article you’ll find a video of what happened when an incomer tried to protect a colonial building set in Scotland’s capital:

With over 300 turbines and the capacity to generate 4.1 Giga watt and power three million homes the Berwick Bank offshore windfarm will be one of the largest in the World. As such it demonstrates yet again the scale and strength of Scotland’s massive energy resources which can meet Scotland’s needs as well as providing energy for export.

The Great Berwick Bank Robbery is seen in the fact that the connection to Blyth in Northumberland will take 40% of the energy produced in Scotland and from Scottish natural resources piped directly south without landing in Scotland.  Scotland’s energy is being siphoned south without any revenue accruing to Scotland or jobs and economic windfall arising from its landing. That bounty off our shores, not just in Berwick Bank but across Scotland, should be a source of affordable energy for Scots, powering homes and businesses across the country but instead we see over half of Scots households facing fuel poverty this winter as average annual energy bills are set to top £3,000.

We are seeing the contrast between Scots families struggling to heat their homes and pay their bills this Winter,  some of whom will be able to see the turbines from their homes, and the massive energy resources off our shores.  The scandal of fuel poor Scots in energy rich Scotland  must end and with Independence it will.”

The skinny

Berwick Bank Offshore Windfarm is located in the outer Firth of Forth, across from the shores East Lothian, Fife and Angus and is being developed by SSE Renewables. It has the capacity of up to 4.1 Giga watt, making it one of the largest offshore sites in the world. The Berwick Bank Wind Farm will see up to 307 of the world’s tallest and most powerful turbines, capable of creating the gigawatt capacity to power nearly 3 million homes. Far beyond the needs of Scotland where the number of households is only 2.5 million. It has a grid connection secured at Branxton, near Torness, in East Lothian. Energy can then be transferred by the national grid south to England or even beyond through the European network.

What Scotland doesn’t require should rightly be made available for export. Leaving aside charges that should be levied for their use in Scottish waters, benefit accrues to Crown Estate Scotland and planning rights and employment opportunities arise for East Lothian and Scotland. Scotland should benefit from its natural resource and her people be helped by it during an energy crisis. But Scotland’s asset is now seeing a connection being prepared to Blyth, Northumberland taking 40% of the energy directly south without landing in Scotland.     

The heist

Two connections will come ashore at Branxton . Completion of the first connection of 1.4GW is expected by November 2026. The second connection also expected at Branxton of 0.9GW is proposed to be completed by November 2027. A total of 2.3GW will therefore come ashore at Branxton. But the third connection carrying 1.8GW capacity will come ashore at Blyth, Northumberland and is due to be completed in October 2031. This means that around 40% of energy produced in Scotland and from Scottish natural resources will be piped directly South.

The Robbery

Scotland is energy rich, yet over half of Scots may soon find themselves in fuel poverty. The heatwave and crisis of global warming has shown the requirement for a transition to renewable energy. In that Scotland is blessed with its geography and environment. It has 25% of Europe’s offshore wind resource. This should mean the availability of cheap energy for its citizens, some of whom may be able to see the turbines from their homes.  

The benefit to Scotland of its offshore resource should see revenue arise for the Government and its agencies. But 40% of the energy resource is being transmitted directly south without any revenue accruing to Scotland or jobs and employment arising from its landing. Energy Rich Scotland yet fuel poor Scots is an outrage and must end.

NOTE: The arrogance of the colonial invader.


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9 Responses to The Great Berwick Bank Robbery

  1. Alas, this shit’s being going on for over three centuries and we still accept it. Scotland’s a joke.

  2. duncanio says:

    Nothing in The National (yet) – that brave mouth piece for Scottish freedom and defender of Scotland’s rights – about yet another rip-off of Scotland’s natural resources.

    The editor and his reporters are obviously too busy faux foaming about what Liz Truss said about ignoring Nicola Sturgeon, in the process giving greater coverage to the English attention seeker over the Scottish variant.

    They seem less concerned about the theft of Scotland’s wind energy than they do about an air head.

  3. ngataki5 says:

    Duncanio, you’ve got it right. I doubt we’ll see anything in the SNP fanzine. After the last scandalous wind farm auction I wrote 4 or 5 letters comparing the massive amount that the New York and New Jersey auctions raised for a fraction of the Gigawatts potential that were expected of the Scottish field. Not one letter was printed and I can’t remember even seeing a mention of it in the National at the time.

  4. Grouse Beater says:

    Only ever had a National reporter stick a microphne under my nose without warning at a meeting outside Holyrood where I was one of many, and one mention of my journey to hospital which confirmed they knew who I was. Never asked to write anything, nor any work reproduced. Weird eh?

  5. duncanio says:


    The National initially trumpeted the ScotWind sale as a great boon for Scotland. Then reality struck.

    When you look at the deal New York Bight cut (£472 per gigawatt) to that achieved for ScotWind (£28 per gigawatt) you can see that the former obtained a rate that was around 17 times greater than the latter.

    The ScotWind sell out is probably the most scandalous of all. The ScotWind sell out is probably the most scandalous of all and the SNP negotiators are truly rank amateurs.

    The National editor(s) turned into deaf mute(s) when the subject has subsequently been raised.

  6. duncanio says:


    I wouldn’t be surprised if The National’s editors shared my opinion that you are one of Yes’ most articulate speakers, creative writers and original thinkers.

    But Callum Baird probably reckons that’s your problem!

  7. Grouse Beater says:

    I guess so, Duncanio, I guess so. 🙂

  8. Paul WingVanMan says:

    Was there this morning and this happened:

  9. Grouse Beater says:

    Thanks, Paul.

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