Salmond v Book Authors

First Minister Alex Salmond with Great Seal of Scotland | Flickr
The Right Honourable Alex Salmond MP and the Seal of Scotland

The former first minister, ALBA Party leader, and champion of Scotland’s rights, here refers to a new publication that quotes flaky evidence from women complainants discredited at his trial, a trial in which he was exonerated from all accusations. Comments in the book include off-the-cuff remarks from some staff allegedly working at Bute House, Edinburgh, the residence of the first minister.

Extracts from the book have been publicised in the right-wing press, most prominently by one David Clegg. ‘Breakup’, subtitled ‘How Sturgeon and Salmond Went to War‘, is by Keiran Andrews and … co-author and newspaper editor David Clegg – the latter of the hot-to-trot US hotel assignation with Nicola Sturgeon’s close adviser, Liz Lloyd, and subsequent leaked Holyrood documents to the Daily Record.

Some of the comments quoted in the book surely identify, jigsaw fashion, the women complainants – contempt of Section 11 – the very thing that put Craig Murray in jail. How the Scotland’s Crown Office can square that arrogance is theirs to explain.

The quotations incorporated in the book are, in the view of this site, a sleazy attempt to resurrect guilt by innuendo and hearsay, or, as in the infamously shabby BBC-Wark documentary, retry Salmond to defame him further in the mind of the gullible public.

If there’s anything guaranteed to unite people behind a wronged radical and confound their scumbag colonial tormentors, know it as the Scots’ sense of justice. GB


Book Extracts referred to Crown Office

“I had previously considered that following two Court cases and a Parliamentary Inquiry it would be best to make no further comment on any of these matters.

The upcoming publication of a book and extracts now reported make that impossible. Thus I have taken the following course of action.

First, after consultation with my lawyers, I consider that the book potentially breaches the criminal law in a number of ways and I have reported my concerns to the Crown. The Crown Office has previously taken action against others. Now it must now display the impartiality and independence which lies at the heart of public prosecution in pursuing these breaches. For legal reasons I cannot say any more on this issue for now.

Secondly, I have instructed my lawyers also to report to the Crown the outrageous decision of some to publish leaked extracts of the Permanent Secretary, Lesley Evans’ findings in the original unlawful investigation.

This appears to me to be in clear defiance of Lord Pentland’s ruling in January 2019 which reduced her decisions and the investigation on which those conclusions were based as “unlawful”, “unfair” and “tainted by apparent bias”. Any leaking is in direct contravention of that order and thus undermines the entire purpose and outcome of the successful judicial review. As such it is an attack on the administration of justice itself. The original leak of the existence of the report in August 2018 was considered prima facie criminal by the ICO.

In responding to the allegations against me I have at all times respected the lawful processes and integrity of the Courts. I have trusted in those legal processes. I won two Court cases in the highest courts in the land both civil and criminal, where a judge found in my favour and jury of 9 women and 6 men acquitted me.

There are some who still wish to ignore the considered decisions of judges and the jury who actually heard the evidence and replace them with press smears based on malicious leaks and ludicrous gossip.

That stops now.

I have therefore instructed my legal team to write to the appropriate investigating authorities in order that these matters, including potential criminality, be comprehensively investigated.



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23 Responses to Salmond v Book Authors

  1. Robert Martin says:

    It is absolutely incredible that one person has to go to such extremes in this day and age

  2. heathermclean19 says:

    Alex has been smeared, vilified, his character trashed and put through the wringer precisely because he is the most able politician in Scotland – the establishment fear him, Westminster fears him and SNP and Sturgeon fear him which is why they’ve gone to such great lengths to smear him.
    This latest trash in the guise of a “book” is yet another attempt – I hope these despicable “journalists” are dealt with in the same manner as poor Craig Murray but for a considerably longer term.

  3. Gordon Hastie says:

    Thanks to Sturgeon, Evans and the Warks and Garavellis of this world the country’s becoming a cesspit. Go Alex – this really does have to stop.

  4. Grouse Beater says:

    The truth, Gordon, yes, that’s the truth.

  5. All this shite thrown at Alex just proves all along this was & still is a conspiracy to destroy his chances of getting elected again AND to sour the Independence support. why else would they kee going? It is Clegg & the rest of them pre-empting future trials & revelations. Rushed out, a cut & paste job & so ill put together at that! What a bunch of F*NNIES! We dinnae come up the Clyde on a watter biscuit! GET tore in to them Alex!

  6. Ronnie Anderson says:

    I hope tha Alex can get his case heard without any delay by the Crown Office How many times has he got to defend himself The man was exonerated several times in the Highest Courts in Scotland I will contribute to his Crowdfunder should he ask . Take care Gareth

  7. Grouse Beater says:

    You’re right, there, Tenacious. Drip, drip, attacks.

  8. moragmaclaren says:

    Thank goodness Alex will fight back on these further outrageous smears!
    Clegg by name, clegg by nature, a nasty biting sycophant of the union cult – get him to jail!

  9. Ian Hardie says:

    Will support Alex 101% regarding fund raising.

  10. Grouse Beater says:

    You might have to stand in a long queue, Ian, for your generosity – the replies I’ve been getting are like yours.

  11. George Anderson says:

    It is supposed to be OUR Scotland! I do not wish to exchange one tyranny of rule and have it replaced by another.
    A corrupt Holyrood and a corrupt Westminster are not acceptable choices for a democratic people.

    Sturgeon has turned the Scottish legal system into a private vindictive arm under her direct control.
    The false charges at the enquiry failed. The false legal charges were dismissed. The BBC “re-trial” failed. The leaks to the Press by Civil Servants continues. Smear after smear is issued. If you do not worship “Nicola” you will have the Police at your door and face a long and costly fight for justice.

    Police Scotland are a disgrace and little better than a private task force for Sturgeon.

    The legal courts are proud to have re-defined Journalism for the Murrell Dynasty. The Crown Office await the next directive from their Master at Bute House.

    …and what of the Scottish people and their vision of an Independent Scotland…Nicola will tell you what that will be…just send more money in the meantime

  12. ObairPheallaidh says:

    yes, indeed

  13. 100%Yes says:

    People don’t think for a minute that because the legal system is written on a piece of paper and put into the law and if you’re in the fortunate position of being able to afford it and are able understand it you have the law on your side think again, its humans who make the law and its humans who imply and interpretate the law and we all know what far right-wing thinking folk are like.

    I could be talking rubbish, but I think and bigger game is being played out here that’s more sinister than Alex and any of us could possibly know and why would we don’t think like that.

    Are we to presume that a book was written without the approval of some sort of legal team checking it over doubtful?

    Nicola Sturgeon and the New SNP are no friends to Scotland, on the day she was elected Scotland went back to the year 1706, I fear for Scotland and I fear for the poor because let’s face it in the year 2021 it’s the poor that are being attack on both sides of the border and its people like Alex who is our strongest asset to be able to remove us from this union so why wouldn’t the British state and its elf’s remove the biggest threat to the union.

    One thing is for certain the top brass in the Alba Party please do not allow this party to fail its our only hope.

  14. alfbaird says:

    “Justice” is perhaps a forlorn hope under colonialism so long as what George Osborne calls the ‘arms’ of the British State are still holding Scotland tight, that is Crown (COPFS+Police) and Civil Service.

    Postcolonial theory (Memmi) refers here to a situation whereby “the astonishing mental attitude called “paternalistic” comes into play. A paternalist is one who wants to stretch racism and inequality farther (and in which) the colonized have no rights. Having founded this new moral order where he is by definition master and innocent, the colonialist would at last have given himself absolution. It is still essential that this order not be questioned by others, and especially not by the colonized.”

    In other words, Scots folk shoudna expeck ony ‘justice’ til efter independence, an anely efter thon mankit deceitfu unionist slump rinnin Scotlan is weel dicht oot!

  15. Grouse Beater says:

    You’ll notice I retaliated twice on Wings ‘Comments’ site today, thus breaking a strict imposed rule only to post links to essays. I am unhappy your reputation is sullied with ease by idiots, with no mediator present, by people who think Twitter reduces everybody to one low level, and they’re free to demean and belittle. I can see you can look after your self with practiced jabs and questions, but your tormentors are an inane troll and an egoist who exhibits all the hallmarks of the smartest staffer in Fife’s 77th Brigade unit – meaning not bright by normal standards.

  16. maceasy says:

    Let’s not forget if Clegg was to be arraigned in front of Dorrian, he would be let off on the new distinction she made between ‘proper’ journalists and all the rest. So even if he has put several pieces of the jigsaw together he’s a mainstream journalist and that’s fine. No Saughton for him.
    Alex has to say he respects the Courts but he must know they will not seek to give him justice. They have shown whose side they are on.

  17. twathater says:

    I have for a long time admired Alex Salmond’s fortitude and resilience in what MUST have been a horrendous and harrowing situation for him his wife and loved ones , his honesty and integrity on public display whilst facing an array of trumped up ALLEGATIONS and spurious hearsay manufactured and organised by a moronic incompetent which so inflamed the judge that he dismissed the whole charade as “unlawful”, “unfair” and “tainted by apparent bias”
    This cadre of moronic incompetents continued with their EVIL VENDETTA by manipulating the justice system and creating spurious criminal charges which a jury cleared him of , but still the VENDETTA continued with wark ,garavelli ,clegg ,the alphabetties , the broadcasters , STURGEON and her rape crisis spokesperson and much, much more
    I have watched all this corruption and lies spewing forth unrelentingly in an attempt to DESTROY and CRIMINALISE this one individual and have asked myself what it would take for him to start to fight back and take the fight to these evil despicable amoral individuals , hopefully this is the final straw which will erupt the Salmond VOLCANO and will engulf and obliterate the fetid and rank disease with red hot cleansing lava

  18. Howard Cairns says:

    Obviously, all of this seems to me to be Unionist backed efforts to supress the Scots. I watch from afar in despair.

  19. scotsmanic0803 says:

    Makes me wonder if the idea is to keep a clearly litigious Alex Salmond defending himself in court against shysters and chancers until kingdom come. Keeps him from doing more productive things with his time. Also makes me wonder if he will win. I mean, he may, but these attacks will surely keep coming forever and a day, as their intent is clearly to rattle him and keep him tied up in litigation ligature. How much mental, emotional and financial abuse can one man take? Clearly the English and Scottish governments (really, there is only an English government, let’s face it) mean to find out, tragically and disgustingly.

    You almost feel like saying Alex should cut his losses for forego this constant defending of himself. He will not change any more minds. The people who believe the charges believe them, and no amount of evidence otherwise – they will not even hear or care about his constant defences of himself – will change their minds. They pay little attention to politics, getting on with their lives, and couldn’t care less, sadly. What a sad, tragic, disgusting place this once-proud wee country has become. It’s a total disgrace. And I don’t feel comfortable saying that, wondering how much criticism falls under the fabled-yet-real ‘Scottish cringe’ label, but it’s clearly the truth. From the Worst Minister down, we are being ‘run’ by utterly pathetic soft, weak, salary-comfortable, simpering, whimpering careerist chancer cunts, let’s face it.

  20. 100%Yes says:

    We are right behind you Alex with donations if you so require. We will not allow the New SNP and its elfs at the behest of the British state to destroy the idea by the destroying the man.

  21. scotsmanic0803 says:

    The idea would not be destroyed by destroying the man. The dream will never die.

  22. kurikat says:

    Go for it Alex, & get the crowd funder going, we will happily back you..

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