The Salmond Witches


The National newspaper, a newspaper that has dedicated itself to putting forward the case for regaining Scotland’s autonomy in all things, has published a letter signed by the same anonymous Women who accused the former first minister Alex Salmond of attempted rape, most of sexual harassment. The High Court found Alex Salmond innocent, in effect finding the Women made false allegations or had no case to bring. The same Women now attack him again. This has caused outrage in all quarters, anger expressed from as many women as men. 

The Law has spoken

Watching the agents of England’s rapacious power redouble effort is an ugly, unpleasant sight, yet another reason for an independent Scotland. We have no other way of ridding ourselves of tyranny in a colonised nation.

Alex Salmond was acquitted of all charges. Twice. In separate cases, once on procedural issues in the Court of Session and once in the High Court. The affair is an ignominious blight on all concerned. Attacking the court’s verdict does little good to those who think the procedure flawed or the jury ill-informed.

By circulating their letter and remaining anonymous, the Women are, in effect, saying hundreds of women interviewed by the police who found no fault in Alex Salmond are suspect, the decisions of a jury of their peers, the majority female, the judge female, suspect, the High Court verdict is suspect. They imply Alex Salmond is guilty, jury and judge missed the obvious; he should be punished.

They also imply the women who spoke in Alex Salmond’s defence in court lied or are blind. The editor of the National could have refused publication on the basis they chose to remain unidentified, but the newspaper published their bitterness just the same. A colonial mentality is tough to throw off especially in British-orientated journalists.

The implications

The Women cause the curious to assume the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is part of a concerted attack on her former mentor’s integrity and honesty. If they do not mean Nicola Sturgeon is involved in any way or manner, they most certainly embarrass her to the core, a serious matter of association that only Nicola Sturgeon can dispel.

In time, the British state will dump the Women when they think them of no more use, just as the Women attempt to junk the verdict of Scotland’s justice system.

Dreyfus or Salem?

Commentators suggest the Salmond trial is akin to the scandalous affair of Alfred Dreyfus, (1859 – 1935), an artillery captain in the French army, falsely convicted of passing military secrets to the Germans. There are parallels, an innocent man framed, dreadfully harmed by the French establishment, but there any similarity ends. Dreyfus was found guilty in a closed trial and sentenced to life imprisonment. Later he had a great novelist come to his defence, Émile Zola, in his famous “J’accuse” letter. In that case there was a strong element of anti-Semitism. Dreyfus was a Jew.

I align Salmond’s agonies with ‘The Crucible’, a play by the eminent American playwright Arthur Miller. He wrote it as an antidote to the McCarthy political trials. Accused of being a communist, you lost your reputation, livelihood and friends; and you were forced into perpetual penury. The play is based on a real event, the Salem witch trials, a series of hearings and prosecutions of women (and men) accused of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts between 1692 and May 1693. Yes, the British were at it even then.

Miller’s play has sexual longings and frustrations at its centre. He distills the hearings and trials into one; an innocent man, John Proctor, strays once from his wife, soon brought down by women scared of being caught out as liars and so accused of witchcraft. They are understandably fearful of God’s retribution and the power of the elite. The group is led by one woman, Abigail Williams, seeking retribution for being spurned by John Proctor. To convince the court they speak the truth, they conspire to accuse Proctor of adultery, and against all natural justice, cause him to be hanged.

Group hysteria spurred by fear of community retribution convinces them what did not happen, did happen.


We live in an age where false accusation, or a pernicious thought crime, is enough to ruin a person. (I should know from bitter experience.) Men dare not wink at a woman in case they are guilty of misogyny or harassment. How a man manages to show interest in a woman, even one who has shown interest in him, is fraught with angst these days. Just listening intently to a woman, one-to-one, and not making a move on the woman, is liable to be termed ‘teasing’, another form of misogyny.

The central civil servant to the Salmond affair, Leslie Evans, issued an email on January 19th, 2019, after losing the first case against Alex Salmond, in which she wrote, “We have lost the battle but not the war.” In addition, Woman H made an anonymous complaint and was told the SNP would “sit on that and hope we never need to deploy it.” Not a police matter then?

Deploy it for what purpose, exactly, unless politically useful? How else does one interpret this fusion of events if not civil servants plotting to ruin the reputation of a prominent politician, the one most able to deliver Scotland’s self-governance? How then can you not implicate the UK government, their employers? Those questions may be answered in time.

Conscious I am a male questioning the honesty of women, and despite married with two daughters I have protected from nefarious males, I lay myself open to being accused of not knowing anything of the crime of rape. Let me be candid: as a vulnerable youth I was attacked on three occasions by predatory adult men. In each case it was a physical attempt to rape. That they did not succeed is neither hear nor there. They were harrowing events. On a fourth occasion a known pederast exposed himself to me. Most young boys have a similar experience to tell. However, the Women here are not young naive girls. They are all adults.

The letter

The letter in question issued as a press release I republish below. Badly set out, I publish it in paragraphs without altering a word. It is a classic example of its kind, full of supposition, innuendo, tautology and streaked with revenge. Keep in mind Alex Salmond was accused of attempted rape by two women. There is no law against a person being too tactile, yet that accusation was added to the list by most of his accusers.

“The jury has delivered a majority verdict on the charges brought against the former First Minister.  We are devastated by the verdict.

However it is our fervent hope that as a society we can move forward in our understanding of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

In defending Alex Salmond, Gordon Jackson quoted Woman H and said his client should have been a ‘better man’. He said behaviour which others described as demeaning, intimidating and humiliating, was ‘trivial’. The behaviours that Alex Salmond and his defence team admitted to in evidence were not and are not trivial.

Today we want to send a strong and indisputable message that such behaviours should not be tolerated – by any person, in any position, under any circumstances. This has been a traumatic process however we thank Police Scotland and the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service for taking our experiences seriously and for allowing our voices to be heard. Many of us did speak up at the time of our incidents but were faced with procedures that could not deal with complaints against such a powerful figure.

Others were silenced by fear of repercussions. It was our hope, as individuals, that through coming forward at this time we could achieve justice and enact change. We remain firm in our belief that coming forward to report our experiences and concerns was the right thing to do. But it is clear we alone cannot achieve the change we seek.

The outcome of this trial will pose many questions and be cause for much debate. But as politicians, commentators and society reflect on this case, we would ask you to consider whether behaviour which is so often merely described as ‘inappropriate’ or is tolerated by society, is acceptable towards your daughters, granddaughters, sisters, wives, friends, and colleagues. Many of them will already have suffered such conduct. Often in silence.

We would also request that as you debate, you conduct it respectfully and stay mindful of the many women in Scotland who may have had traumatic experiences and are considering whether or not Scotland is a country in which they can come forward to seek help and support. This is more important now than ever before. All people should feel safe, valued and equal in society and their workplace and it is imperative to ensure robust complaint structures are in place.

We should all take strength in calling out bullying, sexual harassment and sexual assault wherever it takes place. And we should all seek to create an environment in which people can challenge and report these behaviours without hesitation or fear of retribution. Some say that women’s fight for respect has gone ‘too far’.

We argue it has far to go. For too long, behaviour which should be condemned has been accepted and excused. For too long perpetrators in positions of power have been shielded by their ability to influence and intimidate. For too long women’s complaints have been dismissed or swept under the carpet. And for too long, women have been let down by organisational structures which should exist to protect them, not put them in situations which endanger their welfare. This must end.

To those who have spoken out in support – thank you, we see you. While we are devastated by the verdict, we will not let it define us. We hope through shining a light on our experiences, it will serve to protect and empower women in the future.

Be brave, be loud, be heard.

Signed, Woman A, Woman B, Woman C, Woman D, Woman F, Woman, G, Woman H, Woman J, Woman K” 

To the press release is appended a post script:

“These women are brave, and we stand with them and hope that their voices are heard.” Please remember that this letter is absolutely NOT an invitation to contact any of the women individually – if you have any further questions or queries please direct them to Rape Crisis Scotland. Brenna Jessie, Press + Campaigns Officer | Rape Crisis Scotland”

The witches of Salmond

The British state, an archaic colonial institution, is rubbing its hands with glee. It’s protectors have both Salmond and Sturgeon on the rack thanks to the fury of the Women. The Women have the backing of the media who are turning the scandal into a topic of gossip. In time, the British state will dump the Women when they think them of no more use, just as the Women attempt to junk the verdict of Scotland’s justice system.

All those years ago none chose to complain officially about Alex Salmond to anybody who was not Alex Salmond. As it is, they do women everywhere a terrible disservice tarnishing the judicial process. They entrap men by widening the definition of sexual harassment to mean as little as a wolf whistle.

If there is one unassailable quality in the Scots Calvinist character it is a sense of justice. The Women lost not one but two court actions. Justice was done and seen to be done. For what it is worth, that is my view of events.


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33 Responses to The Salmond Witches

  1. John says:

    Think now that the latest poll shows increase in support for SNP things will really get nastier , Salmond and Sturgeon for different reasons will be the big targets , there are people out there determined to squash the SNP , this is the ramping up of efforts to get this party out !.

  2. Geejay says:

    I am male, I am also a feminist, because, among other things, my wife was for years discriminated against in her profession. I also abhor violence of any kind. I also think think that cases which amount to one person’s word against another where there is no corroborative evidence are highly problematical.

    I read both your and Craig Murray’s commentary on each day in court. It seemed to me that the case of criminality against AS was very weak. There also seemed to be considerable problems with the evidence of the women. I concluded that AS might have acted unwisely but not criminally.

    When the verdict was reported by Good Morning Scotland on the radio at around 6:10am there was an interview with someone from Rape Crisis who suggested much of what now seems to be in the letter. In other words, as you’ve said, everybody was wrong and AS should have been convicted. She even suggested in these kinds of trials we could do without juries.

    This kind of trial by innuendo is a very dangerous route to take and I don’t think it’s going to do women’s safety any good whatsoever or to protect women from violence and serious sexual abuse. My wife, who is a very strong character, and no shrinking violet, agrees.

  3. Grouse Beater says:

    Worthy comments. My wife feels similarly, and when it comes to men’s intentions, is no fool.

  4. I suggest that men write to The National with their thoughts on these matters and sign off as bloke J, man D, chap T or whatever. I wrote immediately thus:

    Dear editors,

    I note that Alex Salmond has said he is not going to comment further on his recent acquittal while there is an ongoing pandemic.
    While it must be right for victims of rape and unwanted sexual domination by men in powerful positions to draw distinct lines between what is and is not acceptable, there can only be one conclusion to be drawn from the timing of the open letter from Mr Salmond’s accusers. That indeed, this whole sorry affair is an element of a wider political project.

    Sincerely, Gentleman D, Cupar, Fife

  5. Brian Powell says:

    ‘that such behaviours should not be tolerated-.’
    They were trying to send him to prison for many years. Extraordinary.

  6. Very well said, and it would quite possibly be an idea for these people to consider that old saying” when you are in a hole it is usually best to stop digging”, These awful women are in effect saying that the highest court in the land on two occasions and the Jury were wrong. It would also seem that these people through a high degree of collusion, conspired to deprive an innocent man of his liberty. They should be hanging their heads in shame.
    The prosecution in the form of the procurator Fiscal and Police Scotland also have questions to answer as to why such a flimsy case ever saw the day of light in a courtroom.
    Of course, the main questions which have to be addressed is just how far up the scale did this collusion go in the Scottish government and the leadership of the SNP. I have a feeling that once the identities and positions of some of these women are made public then the answers to these questions will become patently obvious.

  7. The Crucible is an excellent analogy because the parallels with McCarthyism also apply. The deviousness, anger and ruthlessness of Abigail Williams intensified as the court appeared to challenge her version of events.McCarthy tried to use one victim to implicate others as he pursued his vendetta, in the name of the established power system. Until I am shown proof that it was not the case I firmly believe there were two prime targets in this affair: Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon. I believe that architect thought to destroy both with one vicious little plan. I hope the Scottish Legal System has a method of dealing with such innuendo and disparagement of jury verdicts. But above all I hope, fervently, that Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon team up very quickly to exchange knowledge, confront the plotters, whoever they are, and rid Scotland of them all, back to their bosses, forthwith.

  8. Be brave. Be loud. Be heard. But do it anonymously. In other words,not brave, not strong just vindictive.

  9. Can someone explain to me how that press release is not contempt of court? Craig Murray was denied entry on spurious allegations around contempt, yet this cabal is openly saying that decisions of the High Court of Scotland are meaningless in their eyes. They are also sailing very close to the wind in terms of libelling Eck surely?

  10. Stuart MacKay says:

    It’s taken many ruined lives and many, many tears to get the justice system, the police and society to the point where it takes accusations of sexual assault sufficiently seriously. There is still a long way to go. That people would set fire to everything that has been achieved to further personal and political goals is beyond words.

  11. To use the word ‘witches’ in such a derogatory way is immediately going to discredit what would have been a good article. ‘Witches’ were both men and woman who were persecuted by the ‘state’ (including the church) hundreds of years ago because they knew how to heal people and live in harmony with Mother Earth.Hence the corrupt state (including the church) tortured and murdered as many of them as possible.The same ‘state’ that went onto commit genocide on indigenous people’s around the world. We are in times where we urgently need ‘healers’ to take the burden off our overworked NHS and many current healers are no different to witches gone before.(they are good people)

  12. Grouse Beater says:

    What would *have been* a good article? By what yardstick? The analogy is with Arthur Miller’s play, and therefore justified.

  13. Lucas Sultan says:

    When shall we half dozen meet again? On Instagram, Alphabetty. Same as last time.

  14. steelewires says:

    The “Alphabet Women”, have been shown in court to have lied, committed perjury. Why were they not prosecuted?

    The Statement by the Rape Crises Centre issued the report by those women as if they were telling the truth. It was, however, clear from the evidence from the witnesses for the defence that they were lying, and the verdict and judgement was that they were lying.The National published the statement from the RCS without a response from Alex Salmond and his defence team. That was wrong. I am seriously considering cancelling my digital subscription. In fact I wrote to the editor informing him that unless there is a statement by Alex Salmond or his defence team by next Sunday I’ll cancel my digital subscription,

  15. diabloandco says:

    I hadn’t read the letter until now , I like the analogy as I remember the play well.

    I did wonder if the letter is already showing fear of the coming retribution , a kind of rear guard action if you will.

  16. Grouse Beater says:

    I see the Rape Crisis centre genuine in expressing consternation of events but unwise to encourage cries of foul, not after *two* court cases. The letter as composed I regard a first draft, the kind you leave overnight to check in the cold light of day and make revisions on it when not in a bad mood. What I am unhappy about are the charities behind the Women are generously funded by the Scottish government, places where they talk about men as predatory and scumbags. All too cosy for my liking.

  17. duncanio says:

    “The outcome of this trial will pose many questions”.

    Too true. And, in due course, perhaps most of them will be asked of Women A through K (minus Woman E).

  18. millssandra says:

    Poor judgement by The National in publishing this blatant example of some very poor losers trying to justify their ”lies ” !
    Imagine the reaction of the Alphabet Gang had Alex Salmond been found guilty and HE responded in a similar vein .

  19. Grouse Beater says:

    Good point, Millsandra.

  20. duncanio says:

    “While we are devastated by the verdict, we will not let it define us.”

    Then why continue by publishing this ‘letter’? It might lead one to wonder if they protesteth too much…

  21. For those looking for the motivation behind the Rape Crisis Scotland (RCS) women, we need look no further than that small cabal within the SG who have orchestrated Alex Salmond’s character assassination from the wings.

    The RCS core funding of £316,740 (2019) and £260,309 (2018) comes directly from SG. The same source gave awards for Justice Funding (£958,465) and National Helpline purposes (£260,838) last year. Is it stretching the imagination too far to suggest that the RCS group knows what side its bread is buttered, and they provided their requested input to undermine the clear verdict sent out by the Scots court?

    Apart from the occasional nudge, nudge…wink, wink reference to MI5 there is little reliable evidence to support their handy work in this elaborate espionage. They usually do their business and disappear like the Autumn mist in a Highland glen. The are not so clumsy as the clowns who went to Salisbury to poison Sergei Skripal. No, the perpetrator/s of Salmond’s ugly and humiliating trial and its prequel lies on our own doorstep.

    Her face stares out at us every day from every vantage point. Her agents aren’t hard to identify either, but are just as culpable of criminal behaviour against the Scottish people.

  22. Whilst I’m here, can someone justify why Leslie Evans is paid £165,000 per year plus expenses and a handsome pension?

  23. Alastair Murray says:

    I think it’s 175k now…. I may be wrong but I don’t think she has any job experience outwith civil service/local authority spheres.

  24. millssandra says:

    Ms Laird is also complicit in a very serious loss of public money in Ayrshire due to the lack of oversight on a PFI development . Strangely , despite this she has thrived within the Civil Service !

  25. Pingback: J’Accuse – Peter A Bell

  26. Andrew Veitch Walker says:

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive” …. the alphabet women continue to spin their web, which will imminently entrap them. Alex will respond in due course, in his “light of day” exposure. Should be worth waiting for!

  27. Andrew Coulson says:

    If one is, like me, a by-standing civilian, it is impossible to be rationally sure on which side the truth lies — I know which side I’m inclined to believe, but the scale of the conspiracy presented by Craig Murray is the stuff of a sensationalist mini-series. Can it really be true, in Scotland, in 2020?
    Past scandals and ‘affairs’ have often been brought to a head by a published account that is so defamatory that to leave it unchallenged is to admit its truth.
    We must be hovering around this point now, I think

  28. Grouse Beater says:

    If the case involved a run-of-the-mill politician I mighty share your scepticism, the one politician capable of delivering Scotland’s liberty – the evidence leaves it almost impossible to believe it is anything other than a conspiracy. However, to be a conspiracy, it has to have the involvement of Nicola Sturgeon and her husband, Peter Murrell, the SNP chairman, in some way or other, otherwise it would have been stopped in its tracks.

  29. I admit to being dumbstruck by those who want Salmond to embrace Sturgeon and settle their obvious differences now the case is officially settled. The matter of guilt may be settled at one level, but at another, the embers are still hot enough to bar-b-que enough prime rib and other meats for a large party of guests.

    Do some think Salmond sufficiently stupid to offer his protege the opportunity to attempt to filet him twice?

  30. Andrew MacGregor says:

    Interesting letter. Very good article.
    The phrase ‘hell hath no fury….etc etc’ springs to mind here. Their accusations and allegations rejected by the High Court. It is a continuing attempt to smear the alleged abuser.

    What most worries me though, having read extensively the line of questioning and the answers given, is that there has been no suggestion of an investigation into a conspiracy to attempt to pervert the course of justice. The evident manner in which some of the accusers arranged and framed their allegations is clearly a concerted attempt to engender the result they needed to end his political career once and for all. That smacks of an attempt to pervert the course of justice.

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  32. I really have no words, I find the fact that these women, were never taught by their peers parents, to shut any inappropriate behaviour towards them down instantly, shocks dad taught me when I was about 7 years old, I can tell you if any man approached me in a creepy manner he be wearing his bits as earing’s. yet these grown assed mature woman, don’t know the first thing about protecting themselves, or reporting directly to the police? Why did they not go straight to the police at time of allege incidents. but waited years to do it collectively, I sure as hell wouldn’t wait years till one of my friends got attacked, hell no I be down the police station asap. they lost in court. but here they are again? there is something very sinister and dark at play here. If they are rehashing this, then they should be named, to be doing this behind a cloak of protection is wrong, the man was found innocent. He has the right to get on with his life, without reading this every second of every month non stop. which brings me to the conclusion its a political agenda at play.
    Surely the courts can put a stop to this.
    Its wrong ! as for the National printing it, I am at a loss.~

  33. quaichmaker says:

    Last straw for me with National. Just cancelled my subscription. Interestingly got an automated response saying due to high volume of requests it could be up to 72 hours before I’ll hear back

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