Scotland – a Colony Once More

The Tories make clear they have no respect for the Scottish Parliament. Never again will the line that Scotland is an equal partner in Westminster system be believed. The decision to act without our consent, and the manner of doing it, will not be forgotten. Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland

First Scotland’s Oil, now Scotland’s Constitutional rights

It isn’t only in London’s streets that you stand to get robbed by hooded oiks on a moped. The same happens in the motherfucker of all parliaments.

On Tuesday 12 June 2018, the Tories at Westminster aided and abetted by Labour’s dim-witted gang of professional abstainers reduced the Scottish Parliament to an assembly. Any decision it might make in the name of Scotland’s electorate can be vetoed by any party in power at Westminster.

There are two nations in a Treaty, England just reduced the other to a joke province.

Dumbass voters duped

“Even if we’d had 100 hours of debate, the situation wouldn’t have changed,” said the spineless, waffling, sweetie wife of a Scottish Secretary David Mundell about the Withdrawal Bill. In other words, this is the Tory plan, stop Scotland’s march to full democracy dead in its tracks, undermine its ability make democratic advances permanent. Voters duped.

The Tories sneered, scoffed and brayed at the protests made by SNP MPs asking for a time to debate what Brexit will do to Scotland’s economy and ambitions, pushing through the objectionable clauses of the EU Withdrawal Bill which effectively abolish Scottish devolution for the next seven years or more, perhaps pemanently. Voters duped.

People in Aberdeenshire that voted Tory on the promise they would protect fishermen’s rights now see their rights taken back by Westminster. Voters duped.

England’s empire starts with owning Scotland

An unelected prime minister called Treeza, wallowing in the phlegm and slop that is Westminster spittoons, on the back of an election that gave her party less than 35% of the UK vote, she of no fixed morality, is handed complete power to override Scotland’s Parliament. She can veto all critical matters such as fishery policy, Trident, visits by Trump, land management, resistance to privatisation buy-outs, agriculture, food safety, and even the environment that includes fracking.

Treeza didn’t have to dismiss SNP or Labour amendments to the Bill because Labour did the job for her, they abstained – that fine old Labour tactic of showing absolute commitment to constitutional rights.

Devolution is dead

Anyone who believes that after seven years Scotland will get all its powers returned, seven years the length the Tories say they will hold those powers, longer than a political parliament, needs their brains undergo shock electrical therapy.

The Tories have taken powers back, and it’s the first in a long line of withdrawals on the table. There is more to come, or should I say, go. The Union is a sham, always has been.

At stake is Scotland’s oil, ergo, England’s balance of payments. It needs the revenues to stave off economic disaster, a situation in the making before Brexit made certain it will happen. It needs Scotland’s taxes. It needs Scotland youth for its illegal wars of conquest. Without those things England knows it will become a small country with no empire.

The precedent is established that Westminster can now over-ride any and all of Scotland’s devolved responsibilities whenever it considers it necessary – which is pretty much all the time. Home rule is over, as dead as a Treeza’s empathy.

The zinger

What Treeza has done is make the case for an independent Scotland not only a fine ideal but a slam dunk necessity. Scotland in any form will not survive without the powers to protect its own integrity. Independence is the only method by which a people’s rights and their humanity can be protected.

The 1998 Scotland Act is buried, cremated, ashes scattered. The Tories hated it, Labour failed to protect it because they too disliked it. Scotland is taken out of the European Union against the will of the people.

“The will of the people” the phrase used by Tories and Labour alike to piss all over the will of the people. The “most powerful devolved parliament in the world” is toilet paper.

Now what?

We have yet to see how the UK’s Supreme Court (another illegitimate British institution) will rule on the legitimacy of the Continuity Bill passed by Holyrood earlier this year.  Also hanging in the air is the Legislative Consent Motion which Scotland’s Parliament threw out as unacceptable. But we can be sure the Tories will continue to treat with contempt all attempts to rescue our rights. They are intent on invasion and recolonizing.

Is there an alternative to a referendum on these profound catastrophic changes to Scotland’s rights? There is none.

Should we wait to see what happens next. Hell, no!

When burglars are kicking in your door to steal your possessions who waits to see if they will discuss matters civilly before you call the police?

Scotland has been robbed, and it isn’t for the first time.


Voters in Scotland believed me when I said the “Tory Party will strengthen devolution”

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12 Responses to Scotland – a Colony Once More

  1. Reblogged to Munguin’s New Republic.

  2. Isabel says:

    I am so angry at their utter contempt shown to our elected MPs and our elected Scottish Government. Couldn’t sleep last night after I watched the farce of our devolved Parliament being dismantled and dismissed by a Tory Goverment we didn’t vote for.

  3. It is time to forget independence referenda and simply suspend the Treaty of Union. There are two parties to the treaty and one of them is being shafted so I suggest that we ask the Constitutional Lawyers among us to get there pens sharpened and
    draw up the Revocation of the Treaty Union and send it post haste down the great north road and force it through the letterbox of No 10.

  4. Andy in Germany says:

    “At stake is Scotland’s oil, ergo, England’s balance of payments. It needs the revenues to stave off economic disaster, a situation in the making before Brexit made certain it will happen. It needs Scotland’s taxes. It needs Scotland youth for its illegal wars of conquest. Without those things England knows it will become a small country with no empire.”

    You’ve summed it up there.

    Unfortunately WM has a history of very quickly turning to violence against small countries when things as sacred at its oil or finances are threatened.

  5. Ricky says:

    In all honesty , it looks very much like the Tories are doing this on purpose . Are they pushing so we make the mistake of having an early referendum , or are they pushing to extinguish Scotland . Has this level of disrespect kicked the backside of No voters into seeing exactly how they are thought of by Westminster , and if not we the hell not .
    Gordon Ross on Indycar has a decent take on things

  6. Kangaroo says:

    GrouseBeater This is ‘The End Game’.
    It looks messy, but what WAR doesn’t?
    Creeping forward slowly but inexorably towards the END.

    Tick tock..the inevitable ‘Death of the Union’ is upon us. Bye bye. It won’t be missed.

  7. Grouse Beater says:

    So be it.

  8. Macart says:

    One more thing worth considering.

    The unionist parties continually stress the absurd notion that Holyrood is a bulwark to the excesses of Westminster government. With one stroke, Mundell’s statement on the nature of devolved government has blown this notion clean out of the water.

    If UK gov can overrule, gainsay or otherwise block any bill or legislation passed by Holyrood, then there is no safeguard, no mitigation, no bulwark against anything. There is only that which Westminster will allow to happen and that which it will choose as an opportunity to intervene. All they need claim is that ‘this is an unusual circumstance’ and Bob’s yer wossiname.

    Basically, not a claim they can make at anytime in the future from now on tbh. They did this. Their narrative. Their constitutional crisis and their inevitable consequence. They’re living the dream, or is it nightmare? Certainly it’s a nightmare that Scotland’s population are living through. Austerity, Brexit, the sidelining of their democratic choices and the threatened roll back of a devolution process they were assured gave them real and lasting personal investment in the bestest union in the history of unions. Scotland’s population, (NOT its government, but its population), have just been told their vote is worthless and that consent sought and refused is consent regardless. There’s a name for that.

    A meaningless devolution promise in a meaningless union.

    UNITY: NOUN: oneness, being one or single or individual; due interconnection of parts; harmony between persons etc; thing forming a complex whole; Math: the number one.

    Personally, I’m not feeling much of that ‘harmony between persons’. Your parliament folks. So, a simple question – Do you believe that the population of a country has the right to govern itself?

    Choose wisely.

  9. Grouse Beater says:

    The Tories aided by blinkered Labour are out to subdue Scotland by reducing our democracy in line with what they see as good for England, which in reality is more of the same, if only our English friends saw what is happening. But it’s up to English to resist the withdrawal of liberty in England, and stop claiming Manchester is on the same level as Scotland. That’s colonial stupidity. And probably racist. As ever, I agree with what you have had to say.

  10. Macart says:

    Sadly, they’ll only learn when it’s too late Grouse. Its going to have to land squarely in their livingrooms before the truth dawns. They’ve been as badly served, manipulated and abused as we have by central government and the media.

    When it does hit home though, there’s going to be hell to pay. I’d rather we were some distance removed by independence when that day arrives.

  11. All very well folks but what do we actually do about it – where are our good Scots lawyers trawling through the documents to stuff the English Treaty of Overrule up their noses? We need their brains and their action right now. Referenda and political machinations will not work at this moment but a writ before the Court of Session just might. Does no one relish the challenge or is life just too cushie for the Advocates who live in Scotland?

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