Greece – Varoufakis Rocks!


Greeks celebrate their referendum win – soon to be quashed by the EU bank

To borrow a phrase from the American banksters, Greece is too big to fail.

The reluctant hero

Greece Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis would eschew the epithet ‘hero’ but hero he is. To begin with, any politician happy to take a press interview session wearing a Tee shirt is a hero in my books. He has the muscular chest to carry it off, but you have to admire the way he has shaken up dress etiquette, and, frivolity aside, neo-liberal economic orthodoxy.

In a glorious acclamation of democracy the Greek people overwhelmingly voted against the blackmail and extortion of the Troika of money lenders, the banks that give you money to return to them five times over, money supposedly for distribution amongst the people.

The EU tried to present the Referendum as a vote for or against the EU, but the Greek population was not fooled. The fear factor, so successfully used to cow the Scottish nation, did not do its dirty work on the cradle of democracy.

It is also a victory against Greece’s privately owned newspapers and televisions stations which were vastly at odds with the mood of the people, and the reality of EC aggression.

Greeks won with over 60% of the electorate, the sort of unequivocal vote Scotland needs to achieve for its next Referendum if the velvet revolution is not to be challenged as divisive.

The Troika, the European Commission, (EU) the European Central Bank, (EBC) and the International Monetary Fund, (IMF) must loathe Varoufakis for showing them up for what they are, a bunch of unelected loan sharks, a den of thieves, and indeed in Varoufakis’ resignation statement he makes reference to that contempt. To give the IMF some doubt, it had expressed reservations about bleeding the Greek economy any more. It admits  imposed austerity has made Greece poorer, not strengthened its economy. What more can you get from broken stone ground to powder?

Putting things in perspective

Greece’s debt is a tiny fraction of the many trillions stolen from the masses to save the necks of the banksters, and to keep their bonuses intact. They want us to pay twice. For the privilege of getting robbed we must accept austerity the meaning of which is destruction of our democratic institutions we have taken for granted for decades, such as free medical care and welfare. (That is exactly what England did over the Darien Scheme. It paid off half the debt in cash, repaid over ten years with interest, and then raised Scottish taxes to pay for the loan a second time.)

Sad to say, at the very point the battle is won Yanis Varoufakis resigns.

His colleague, Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, who has been just as exculpatory of the Troika as Varoufakis, accepts his decision as the best way forward. Yanis Varoufakis is a politician of exemplary ethics and dedication; he realised the next set of negotiations with the EU require a fresh face to present new more acceptable conditions to the money men if the money lenders are not to clam up during talks. Once humiliated, one tends not to be too keen to talk politely to your adversary or give him a gift in friendship.

Controversial as renegade

Newspapers got into the habit of giving Varoufakis the prefix ‘controversial’, the epithet they usually award to anyone questioning the status quo. It is, after all, the job of state newspapers to place doubt in the population’s mind as to the efficacy of individuals advocating democratically radical solutions that are in opposition to conventional wisdom. Gratuitously a BBC reporter describes Varoufakis as ‘mercurial’, meaning unable to concentrate on a single issue for any length of time. And another described Varoufakis as “flamboyant” perhaps to have us imagine he rides a motorbike naked.

Though fundamentally things have not changed, we have the Internet to disseminate stories and news without the interference of the controllers of consent. (So far Twitter deals only in terse opinion.) It worked wonders for Greece. It helps redress the balance of self-censorship that our ostensibly ‘free’ newspapers place on themselves to protect their owners and the dominant elite groups, and to tell us what is ‘news’ and what is not. What we have to guard against is the level of news output getting narrower because newspapers are closing down.

The state owns the media

Greek television companies were no supporters of their referendum. The issues were presented as doom and gloom if the government convinced enough to vote OXI – no! Some broadcasters are being taken to court for misleading the electorate. (See letter below.) Our own BBC was no better during Scotland’s plebiscite.

An irony of UK broadcasting is the BBC is publically funded but not publically owned or accountable, and in Scotland’s case incapable of representing the viewers it was established to serve.


Yanis Varoufakis is leaving the building

Social media rules – okay?

To a useful degree, but not entirely, the press is no longer in charge of news. It has lost control of the main conduits through which stories reach us. That is a good thing. It certainly helped with the Greek people in their revolution though not with Egyptians because their government is essentially authoritarian.

In that regard we can have Varoufakis speak for himself. Here is his resignation statement:

The referendum of 5th July will stay in history as a unique moment when a small European nation rose up against debt-bondage.

Like all struggles for democratic rights, so too this historic rejection of the Eurogroup’s 25th June ultimatum comes with a large price tag attached. It is, therefore, essential that the great capital bestowed upon our government by the splendid NO vote be invested immediately into a YES to a proper resolution – to an agreement that involves debt restructuring, less austerity, redistribution in favour of the needy, and real reforms.

Soon after the announcement of the referendum results, I was made aware of a certain preference by some Eurogroup participants, and assorted ‘partners’, for my… ‘absence’ from its meetings; an idea that the Prime Minister judged to be potentially helpful to him in reaching an agreement. For this reason I am leaving the Ministry of Finance today.

Here is Varoufakis’ resignation statement – as the honest are apt to say, judge me by my actions not my words. I consider it my duty to help Alexis Tsipras exploit, as he sees fit, the capital that the Greek people granted us through yesterday’s referendum.

And I shall wear the creditors’ loathing with pride.

We of the Left know how to act collectively with no care for the privileges of office. I shall support fully Prime Minister Tsipras, the new Minister of Finance, and our government. The superhuman effort to honour the brave people of Greece, and the famous OXI (NO) that they granted to democrats the world over, is just beginning.”

I’ll be back

I have a feeling we have not heard the last from Varoufakis. Tsipras will still need his wise counsel. The power elite are not happy to be cheated of their ill-gotten gains. They will increase the intimidation, not withdraw. Their reply might well be savage for Greece’s audacity in daring to confront their conditions of austerity.

Nevertheless, Varoufakis’ immediate legacy is to prove the Troika vulnerable, open to challenge, and one day electable to change for the common good. It only takes enough people and enough nations to do it. Varoufakis talked in direct speech without jargon or obfuscation. He was sincere and honest. He talked about the human cost debt causes, and how creditors pocket almost all of the profit. He showed how basic economics are strangled by ideological greed. He spoke to bureaucrats and us as equals.

Yanis Varoufakis rocks.

I wish the Greek people every success in obtaining debt cancellation and debt relief.


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64 Responses to Greece – Varoufakis Rocks!

  1. Anne Bruce says:

    “And I shall wear the creditors’ loathing with pride”.
    Ouch! I’m so sorry to see him go.
    I wonder who will replace him since I expect the Troika will be looking for someone more malleable.

    • Grouse Beater says:

      “I’m so sorry to see him go.”
      Me too!

    • The new Minister of Finance is Euclidis Tsakalotos, an Oxford Uni. educated economist married to a Scottish economist Heather Gibson. He is equally as bold as his predecessor.

      • Grouse Beater says:

        Can only be good news!

      • donald says:

        Just goes to show there are a few good economists out there . The untimely death Of John Nash Jr and his wife in a ‘car accident’ is indicative of the stakes involved in the elite’s last big push. The balloon is leaking before they even attempt to inflate it .
        A beautiful mind was lost , but not his legacy . We will have cause to thank and recognize Nash before the end. As indeed we will thank many others who did the right thing when the time came.

        Fortune favors the Bold and now, when everything is at stake, its going to take bold action if Freedom is to survive.

  2. hektorsmum says:

    Thank you GB, I only caught a little of his speech and at that time was unaware what it was. I do hope that the Greek PM can utilise the good will and sort this unholy mess out, otherwise I suspect Yanis Varoufakis will definitely be back, and then they will be sorry.

  3. FergusMac says:

    Corruption cannot endure the presence of integrity. Fair fa ye, Yanis!

  4. donald says:

    Not since Thermopylae has Greece earned such Glory, Honor and lasting Renown.

    I salute all Greeks for their courage and tenacity. Truly they have been tested and NOT found wanting. They alone have stood in defiance of Tyranny when the rest of Europe cowered. No greater accolade than this, that a small nation defied the might of the first world order of Terrorism. And won.

    There remains a beacon that shines all the brighter for facing down a foe more deadly, more powerful, more sinister than the king of Persia and Nazi arrogance combined.

    It took the Greeks to remind America what True Democracy and Courage is . A small nation with greater heart than any before or since.

    In days to come this Victory will become all the brighter. My heart bursts with admiration and my sense of hope is restored. May the Gods Bless all of you and may I soon have the honor of shaking a Greek citizens hand and thanking him for being all that a truly free people should be. No one can take this day away from you. The world owes Greece a debt we can never hope to fully repay.

    Finally I would say that true dignity and manhood has been restored and given a name. Varoufakis. Truly a man of honor. In my family no greater complement can be paid a man.

    My glass is raised to you tonight sir.

  5. jimnarlene says:

    A true Greek hero, of mythical proportions , songs and legendary tales should be written; Yanis Varoufakis, a giant among men, honour personified.

  6. artyHetty says:

    Indeed, a great resignation speech, nation being the operative word.

    The system and situation we now find oursleves in with the corporations and banksters effectively controlling the way that we conduct affairs regards politics, is very concerning. However, the masses will join together and reject the attacks on the people.

    I feel we are somehow coming to a crossroads, are we close to getting towards full circle, ie, where the poor downtrodden will no longer tolerate the cruelty at the hands of the elite. Greed and selfishness has no place here, Greece has proven that. Standing together will get the better of the troughers, it may take time but will happen.

  7. says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.

  8. With regards to the credibility of journalists covering the situation here in Greece.
    Today both the Athens Journalists Union and the Greek National Council for Radio and Television started an investigations regarding the fear mongering and propaganda spewed out by the 3 largest privately owned TV stations (Mega, Skai and ANT1) and 9 of the biggest names in Greek TV reportage in the run up to the referendum. A similar investigation is also being conducted by the Public Prosecutor after a large number of citizens filed lawsuits against the channel owners and reporters for breaking the law regarding election laws and Purdah.

    • Grouse Beater says:

      Would that we had such power here, Graham. Have incorporated mention in the essay – many thanks.

    • donald says:

      Don’t Mess with the Greeks . They are taking back their country and they know exactly who’s to blame for stealing it. No need for guillotines when the truth cuts faster. Nice work Graham.

  9. The uncovering of the ‘seminars’ conducted by the IMF certainly raises questions as to which other journalists from which other countries also attended. The answer to such is probably evident in their coverage of respective matters.

    • Grouse Beater says:

      Cocksure, or what? 🙂

    • Donald says:

      Talk about your stiffening resolve . Things are definitely looking up . The new minister is rising to the occasion and raising his kilt to the opposing field . I know I should stop right there but the temptation to drive it home is to great . We have the measure of a man ready to battle . The spirit of Zorba lives . Rock on.

      Gotta love the Greeks , they have balls.

    • donald says:

      Its what should happen not only with Goldsacks , but every financial institution . GS is just one part of this interlocked monster bleeding people dry . Sadly there is one Scot who was involved in this. Patterson , creator and instigator of the Bank of England . It only takes a few corruptible men in the political machine to bring down a sovereign nation. The temptation to live off other people’s sweat is to great for weak men and women.

      There is a culture amongst these people of extreme denial ,propped up by delusions of Grandeur . I just call it Religion . Create a Dogma of righteousness and you can justify anything . Steal the moral high ground and everyone else becomes the enemy to be trodden under foot. Judeochristianity has raped every country where it has been established. Scotland ,England ,Ireland and Wales. All have fallen to the most insidious poison of all. Jesus never died on the cross. Its we who are being nailed up, crucified and bled every day by their long spears for profit.

      Those ‘Innocent peaceful’ monks where in fact NLP trained salesmen for cultural sabotage. Child molesting , two faced poisonous parasites who instilled hatred and fear of women. I am sick of hearing about christian Saints like St Paul , an avowed woman hater. So we have a Catholic Church populated by closet homosexuals and pedophiles. The same sick culture pervades every religious racket . And politics ,the media ,the intelligence community .

      Now they are trying to kill love between men and women and replace it with leather clad BDSM queens who parade around like overdressed priests in the same fashion of grandiose excess . I am not Homophobic at all , but when sexual preference becomes a religion too , its only a matter of time before it imposes its dogmas at gun point.
      Then there will be no more more mothers and fathers raising children in a natural way . Just self obsessed neurotic gender confused officers of SS sexuality . Cops are notorious for repressed homosexual expressions of violence. Political correctness they call it . Double speak describes it better though.

      Those who are twisted by greed , twist all those around and under them to justify their madness.

    • donald says:

      Im afraid your right . The Germans or rather specifically the Nazi’s , invented mass mind control and they are still at it . Notice the german predilection to uniformity , leather and order . The fourth riech may be undeclared but it exists and its driving its agenda harder now . I have had dealings with these thugs myself . Not nice people.
      The Nazi’s discovered in south America a plant called Datura ,the original date rape /amnesia drug. They went on to synthesize it (scopalamine , rohypnol etc) and discovered a way to indoctrinate/brain wash subjects to do their bidding . The CIA adopted the techniques . The results, while going mostly under the radar for most people , mean that politicians are quickly compromised with a glass of spiked champagne or such . All to often the people you put your hope in are quickly rolled over and sent back out with a different agenda .

      Many victims of this horror are starting to speak out as they break program . Victims are from all walks of life .

      You can tell by Varoufakis eye’s and expression that he is awake , bright eyed and free from any of that nasty stuff. He has not been got at. John Nash probably gave him a heads up on ways to stay safe. Tsipras eye’s are clouded now . They dont call it brow beaten for no reason. Rohypnol acts on the frontal lobe of the brain.
      Nash was not suffering from schizophrenia in the film a beautiful mind, he was being played by the secret service . My grandfather worked at Bletchley park . He could see through code . He was a major thorn in the Nazi’s side. There is a rare breed of men who just have that ability .

      There is a good reason why Putin always brings his own food and drink to summits and never touches the proffered fare.

  10. Grouse Beater says:

    Thanks again, Graham. I follow Varoufakis’ blog at least once a week. Can’t see how Tsipras will get the deal through parliament without an almighty battle in the streets.

  11. He certainly has a very difficult task ahead of him. As it stands he is facing a revolt of about 30 of his own MP’s from within, whilst trying his damndest to fight of Pasok, ND, Potami from staging a coup together with the EU swines. People are shocked at what has happened and that may very well turn into violence. Tsipras was set up to fail from the offset by Samaras/Venizelos/Schauble et al. but unfortunately people tend to have memories like goldfish. They are venting anger at the wrong person.

    • donald says:

      Politics as usual . Representation stops where the party starts. There were no parties in the original Greek definition of Democracy. How can you represent your electorate when you are first accountable to your party ? You cant . Definition of party . A corporate entity composed of parties to a set of bye laws dedicated primarily to its own prosperity . In plain speak , F*** the people !
      This is why the machine creates the left /right paradigm to misdirect and confuse the electorate . Divide et Impera.

      The practical result of of all this BS is play acting parts for the main offenders in the Drama . The leader/hero , the bean counter ,the idealist , the rogue ,the joker , the wheeler dealer , the dark horse.
      While your watching scene one act 1 , the real power brokers are siphoning the public purse and getting contracts signed to further their own agenda.

      So the press pundits give you a running commentary on this soap opera that’s written by the spin merchants ,leaked to the Journo’s and peddled to the dumb hapless punters called the public.

      Where do you think the Intelligence agencies recruit their most useful off the books operatives ? Yep , the acting profession ,where hero worshiping wannabees are desperate for a part to play in something , anything. Holly wood aint the only casting couch in town baby .
      Just sign the official secrets act here and here and here and you’ve got the job. Your first assignment. Just chat up the the MP in this file and follow the instructions. Give him this to drink , your bonus for a successful seduction will be X dollars,with incentive bonus payments in cash upon successful completion of your mission. Once he is asleep we will need you to vacate the hotel room while we take care of a few things . Nothing to worry about . You don’t need to know about that.

      You want the truth ? you aint gonna get it on any network ,news outlet or reportage from any source. The kool aid brigade have all the exits screened and cleaned . Are you not entertained ?
      Is That not why you are here ?

  12. donald says:

    …and Tsipras folds . That’s not my definition of courage or Leadership . The Greek people have been betrayed yet again by the party machine . The Troika dares to declare elections meaningless ! That’s dictatorship right there . Hiel Merkel .
    Today Greece . Tomorrow ?
    Turns out the biggest cause of Greek debt was Germany lending money to Greece to buy German armaments ! Well, well, well. Talk about taking a leaf out of the Rothschild playbook.
    Punishing Greece to pay Israel. Swap the I for an O and Zion is an anagram of Nazi. Same tools ,same agenda ,same innocents slaughtered for the god of all patriots.God the avenging father, Father church , Fatherland.

    “Rabi , are you sure its safe to get on this train ?”
    “Yes my boy , our father will protect us, we are chosen !”

    And on it goes . Get a God and make the slaughter just . Deify a politician , throw a gong at a football player ! whatever it takes to sell the lie and seize their assets.

    “But what about the promises we made to the people ?”
    “Did you write them down and sign a contract ? ”
    “Well no but…….”
    “Not a problem then . Now we need you to sign this……..Thank you ,and now just this ”
    “What exactly is this document ?”
    “Oh, nothing you need concern yourself about . Now we are having a cocktail party tonight and there is this lovely young lady who is dying to meet you ”

    Dying being the operative word.

  13. As it stands at this moment. AN. EL are willing to vote the 2nd article through parliament but are NOT willing to commit to the asphyxiating measures being dictated by Schauble. Syriza is in tatters and it is likely that more than 40 Syriza MP’s will vote against the proposed measures. In all honesty, what we are witnessing is Schauble and co. overthrowing the Greek government. The are forcing such measures in the knowledge that it will split Syriza to the point where, sadly, they won’t support their leader. Tsipras has beenup-front and honest throughout; he was set to fail from the offset because of the actions of the previous government. Syriza have been ridiculed in order to ensure that NOBODY in Europe dare vote for a left-wing government again. It would seem that Capitalism/Neoliberalism/Totalitarianism will prevail, we have no choice on such a matter. Such decisions are beyond us according to Herr Schauble. If Greece ever needed support, it is NOW! Very, very sad day indeed and I am certain Europe has many more to come!

    • Grouse Beater says:

      Am in general sympathy with your sentiments – an undiluted attack on democracy – but will be surprised if Tsipras is ousted, the only man (plus Varoufakis) to give Greece hope.

      I think, I hope, the Greek people have greater loyalty than that.

  14. Generally, people are in shock. That shock has quickly turned to anger in most. People believed that after the recent referendum Tsipras would have returned with a better deal and are in disbelief that what has been offered is worse than the previous offer. It is hard for many to comprehend and believe the game that is being played. They are unsure what to believe; have they been lied to by this government or by the previous governments.

    A poll released yesterday put 72% of Greeks wanting to remain within Europe but NOT wanting the new memorandum. Of course, the media have been firing out lies left, right and center; adding to the confusion and anger. It is hard for people to think what it would mean to return to the Drachma. Tsipras had a televised interview last night on National TV explaining and describing the situation for what it is; an attempt at a coup by Schauble/Merkel together with their puppets in ND/Pasok/Potami.

    We are certainly in for an interesting night tonight. The Greek parliament are set to vote at midnight and the measures will probably get through but doubtful if it will be supported by all of Syriza MP’s; around 40 (ish) are likely to abstain. Opposition parties talking about a vote of confidence in such a case… If that happens then I can only foresee Syriza and other anti-austerity parties across Europe being quickly stamped upon by the powers that be and them likely speeding up their plans for Europe. Rather terrifying thought, to be honest!

    In the mean time, it has come to light in the parliament investigation regarding the media that 27million euros has been paid to various TV stations and journalists in order to tarnish the current govn. Their audacity knows no bounds!

  15. Grouse Beater says:

    It has come to light in the parliament investigation regarding the media that 27million euros has been paid to various TV stations and journalists in order to tarnish the current government”

    Chavez had similar trouble and got called a dictator by western press when he threatened court action if the right-wing MSM did not stop their torrent of black propaganda.

    • donald says:

      I remember a socialist lecturer at my college ranting about the evils of capitalism and fielding questions to the class . What causes poverty ? Exploitation Miss ! That’s right , whats your name young man ?

      At that point I piped up and said ‘yes it true’ and dared to suggest the root cause of that exploitation was private control of central banking !
      The blood drained from the lecturers face and she dismissed my input hurriedly as conspiracy theory . Eye’s like daggers fell on me from all sides . I was surrounded by them .
      I was a marked man from then on but I realized a vital fact . Most socialists are in fact social climbers. Agitating for vacancies in the vast party machine , they out posture one another to get the cherry seats and well paid perks plus salary with excellent fringe Benefits , isnt that right Cyril Smith ? Academia is a rats nest just like Parliament.

      Agents provocateur like that rat bag Soros ,the main influence and financial backing behind Syriza, made sure the agenda would compromise Greek sovereignty.
      Syriza was designed to fail The corruption within the party made it all to easy to foment petty rivalry and back stabbing.

      We forget that long before the EU ,the Persian empire was a vast trade route monopolizing bureaucracy ruled with an iron fist and bent on conquest . Back then the gods name was Mazda , but whats in a name ? The important thing was that everyone was expected to bow before his right hand man.
      What , Jesus ?
      No, Xerxes .
      Now Greece faces annihilation again by a vast bureaucratic machine whipped towards the gates by the financial king pins . Soros their pimp on the front line .
      So lets all wave the flag ,shake our fist and invoke whichever god we are deluded enough to believe is on our side and hope that blind allegiance to the party trumps cynical power games. It wont though . It never has.

      Only the people can save Greece. Parties pay tribute for perks . We all know it deep down but hubris always hides behind a mask of righteous indignation and we want to believe that this time, please god , this time ,they are on the level.
      That ‘god’ has about as much nutritional integrity as a happy meal. Super size that disorder !
      Tsipras ,if he is half the man we are lead to believe will die before dishonoring his people. But I doubt he will .The socialists are always the first to run when the real fighting starts . Hitler ran like a squirming chihuahua when his first pusch when TU.

      ‘Oh no ,your wrong there Donald ,he was a fascist’

      Right, a national socialist fascist . Thanks for clarifying that for me.

      • ‘Most socialists are in fact social climbers.’: such actions have defined New Labour over the past 2 decades. Man’s greed is a terrible thing.

        I am led to believe that Tsipras is a man of his word. So far, he has certainly shown that he doesn’t back down and is willing to take the time to clarify matters so as to put the rumour mills to peace. He comes across as honest. Something that is difficult and rare for a politician.

        It is certainly a trait I have never witnessed in a politician, at least, with exception to Tony Benn.

        I believe he will strive to make good out of the very bad situation the country is in; they have done so thus far and have given no reason for any awakened person to believe otherwise. It is going to be a very interesting time ahead in the world of politics; probably more interesting than the preceding weeks/months.

  16. Voting on the new measures has just finished amidst troubles outside the parliament. The measures were passed with 229 for, 64 against (15 KKE, 17 Golden Dawn, and 32 Syriza) and 6 (Syriza) abstained. All Syriza MP’s have expressed their support for the govn but stated that they could not vote in favour of the measures. Not clear as of yet what may happen next regarding the govn’s 38MP’s not supporting. Opposition may call for a vote of no confidence, however, it is looking unlikely as they know that if the govn falls that not only will they not win the elections but they will likely bring about the Grexit they want to avoid. A cabinet reshuffle is likely though.

  17. donald says:

    Graham ,I will gladly doff my cap to you and sincerely apologize if Tsipras proves to be the man you believe . None of us really know what lies within us until we are tested . Will our heart crumble or will it fire up ? For my part I can only say that Love gives me strength when my mind falters .
    Standing up against the social climbers and refusing to compromise the integrity of my art/work (that could so easily sound pretentious eh ? ) has cost me greatly . I mean pretty much any chance of getting more than a few bones thrown at me once in a blue moon.
    But you know what ? , F*** ’em .
    I was offered much in the past if I would play the game. I know from experience how tempting it is. Some music artists have been brave enough to turn away and boy did they pay the ultimate price.
    A good friend of mine included . Pink floyd did a good job of painting the reality of the music biz.

    The only reason I get away with speaking as openly as I do now is because I enjoy a measure, at least, of sanctuary where we live . But that did not help my Father and I still grieve the loss to myself , my wife and daughter . Love and laughter, the world needs these to heal and the Armour of truth to prevail. We live in dark times .

    While we may never entirely agree on everything , that’s okay . The important thing is having the courage to use our voices and speak from the heart , I am happy to be proved wrong by a credible sincere argument ,really I am.

    Respect and best wishes to ALL the commenters here . It is an honor to be in your good company .

  18. Believe me, I am as cynical as you are with regards to the sad situation we find ourselves in and I cannot agree with you more that love and laughter are in evermore desperate need.

    Time will tell as to how things will pan out. I find it necessary to keep faith in someone/something otherwise my sanity would have abandoned me long ago.

    Having lived close to the centre of Athens for 10 years, I witnessed many changes to what was a very beautiful city. Before the ‘official’ crisis took hold, my wife and I were involved in various community projects to reclaim disused parks and clean up squares and plant trees in-and-around the area where we lived. Athens council was letting the city become run down and collectively many residents decided that if the council wouldn’t do something about the situation then we would ourselves, (incidentally, Dimitris Avramopoulos, the EU commissioner for immigration, was the Mayor at the time). It happened that a young civil engineer was also involved in such projects and being strong-minded and vocal as he was, he soon made his way up the political ladder. Today he is fighting the ‘tyrants’ head on. Although I don’t know Tsipras personally, we have several mutual friends who have been friends of he and his wife since school, hence my assertion regarding his sincerity. Tsipras has been a strong voice within Greece and is now shouting very loudly at the powers-that-be to take heed of the people. My only concern is that people change their opinion quicker than the wind and if they don’t see immediate results/changes they are quick to turn on those that have done everything in their power and more on their behalf.

    We mustn’t get caught up and disenchanted nor must we forget the plan being enforced upon us. Syriza had no choice but to make a concession in order to remain in the fight for the long haul. Had they simply rolled over, Herr Schauble and co. would soon enough hasten their plans for a federal Europe. Tsipras and co. recognise this and will be ready for the next fight in the ongoing confrontation for a better Europe.

    I look forward to witnessing people from other countries joining forces and overcoming the tyrants that sit at the head of the EU table.

    • Grouse Beater says:

      Rioting was predicable. The assault on Greece is an example of the financial elite attacking the democratic process. You cannot disregard a huge majority in a referendum and then impose your will without there being repercussions.

  19. Absolutely, but that needs to be directed at the aforesaid elite, not Tsipras. I do not envy I position at all. In spite of the situation, I believe he has held himself and his party together well. His transparent, honest approach to the situation and in his conduct is what is giving people hope that there truly is light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.

    And still Schauble is pushing for a Grexit and IOU’s.

    • donald says:

      Hi Graham. I have always admired a man who can stand and say ‘While I can respect and understand your opinion may I make the following observation from my own personal experience…’ You have done so and my hat goes off to our man on the Ground in Athens .
      The rioting worries me because it plays in to the hands of the establishment who will have an excuse to clamp down ‘to ensure law and ORDER prevails’. yeah right ,their order . Its understandable that the Greeks are angry. Im angry . Its an outrage , this whole sad business.

      My personal experience with Germans in Business is that they are either very honest ,competent and straightforward OR if they think you are weak and gullible they will go full postal ,to use that delightful Americanism . Schauble smells blood and he is going for the jugular but I think he may regret that tactic. There’s one sausage dog sticking his snout down the wrong rabbit hole.
      Take your beach towel to Belgium you money grubbing weener ! Yeah , I’m talking to you Schauble.You and your leather clad army of BureauKrouts.
      Last time your mob messed with my family you got your Liederhosen handed to you on a V12 RR oil pan. Sorry , got a bit carried away there.

      I think its marvelous that you are involved in urban regeneration by the way . That’s a noble thing. We have a Greek couple not far away who turned an arid small holding in to a marvelously productive Olive Grove . They sell honey, olives, eggs and all sorts of wonderful home grown produce . Love Greek food. I had a very special Greek friend , a writer. Wonderful salt of the earth guy. Quiet Dignity personified . How can anyone not admire the Greeks ? Acropolis Now.

      Best wishes to you and the Greek people. Remember the 300.

  20. gmacq says:

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Fortunately, I no longer live in Athens. My wife and I decided to leave some years back as we sensed then the changes that were coming. The riots of Dec. 2008 were the last straw; we realised Athens was no place to raise children anymore. Now we live on a beautiful island in the Ionian; no regrets.

    With reference to the recent riots. A dozen or so particpants were arrested. Interestingly though NONE were greek.–but-not-one-of-them-was-from-greece-10393386.html Greek media puts the number of those arrested at 21.

    And today, after several years of no arsen attacks, Greece finds herself fighting no less than 52 wild fires across the country. All in one day!

    I get the distinct feeling that someone somewhere is thinking to themselves, ‘if we can’t have your country, neither will you’.

    • Grouse Beater says:

      “If we can’t have your country, neither will you”.

      Yes, with the mentality of Golden Dawn gaining ground in and outside Greece it all sounds very sinister. I have a horrible premonition the EU’s brutal treatment of Greece will come back to haunt us.

    • donald says:

      Agents provocateur Eh ? why am I not surprised to find the riot instigators were not Greek Nationals. Its one of the oldest tricks in the book . Golden Dawn is yet another iteration of Illuminist thuggery . The only way forward is peaceful demonstration of solidarity and decency .
      The hard part is discriminating between those who are sincere and those with a hidden agenda.
      So I think your suspicions may be right . Order through chaos is the illuminists standard operating procedure . Stir up a fight and exploit the confusion by offering a ‘solution’.

      I watched the riots on youtube and thought , Greeks wont throw fire bombs at their own policemen .

      We Bailed on America for the same reason Graham. We could see things going down the tube . Greece’s debt is tiny compared to that of the US and Europe . But its all manufactured . Its not real . Its just digital bribery . Play the game by our rules or we cut off the cash flow. Its laying siege with money instead of catapults .
      Money is the sinews of war .
      The Euro/IMF/World bank/Gold sachs etc is no Different than walking in to a Casino owned by guess who and trying to invest in the future on the roulette wheel . They take your hard earned and promise a fat return with glitter and show girls . End result is a another sucker with empty pockets and a hangover.

      The thing Greeks need to do is simply squat on their land and not budge an Inch . The land is their wealth, not the stock market or bogus currency . The banks are after Greece’s sovereign assets.

      If anyone dares to invade with an army the home of democracy ,they are going to be seen for what they really are . So they use financial weapons instead. There is no greater evil than usury . Its the ultimate pyramid scam.
      When the global economy goes in to free fall I hope that the Scots will simply walk out of their cities and towns and reclaim their land . Turn over the soil and plant potatoes . Keep chickens and grow their own veg . If the Game keeper turns up ,tell him to get off THEIR land. Then take his gun and shoot some grouse for dinner. Because when you catch someone trespassing with a weapon ,that’s a given.

    • Grouse Beater says:

      Will chew on it. 🙂

    • donald says:

      Hi Graham . Had a good read through . While its rather long winded and prone to academic prose I do get what Yanis is saying and there is a lot of good heart felt comment too which was interesting reading. One guy posted a video by an English Mep which I thought was very well stated .Concise ,relevant and straight to the point.
      Countries are defined by their culture ,land and the products that result. The Euro and its bureaucracy exists to funnel as much sovereign wealth in to corporate pockets as possible. End of story . Its a front.
      Nobody really wants or needs the European union. We got bulldozed in to it by the usual propaganda machines and empty promises of greater prosperity! Yeah , like that’s worked our for everyone except …………….Germany. And Israel . The original odd couple and their tractable thug squad , the USA and UK.

      Why demand independence for Scotland ,only to remain shackled to the European Nazified union ? Does not make sense to me . This is why I am leery of any party that decries Peter so they can suck up to Paul.

      The Romans enslaved Greece for two thousand years using Christianity . They sent Roman catholic missionaries to enslave the minds of England ,Ireland ,Scotland and Wales. Jesus was and still is a Jewish construct for passive aggressive take over.

      The ‘messiah’ has done their work well. The prince of peace has left a trail of misery and enslavement wherever his cross has been raised. Thank you Jesus, NOT.
      By their fruits you shall know them. The only true thing that sleazy Hustler ever said.
      Oh and thank you ‘saint’ Andrew for enslaving my ancestors with your shite house symbol of martyrdom , you lame excuse for a man.
      Socialism . The false prophet of capitalism. Save us from those who would save us.

  21. Sadly, people have been hoodwinked for centuries into believing reality is what we are told it is by the media and governments alike.

    My strength comes from watching them enact their convoluted plans whilst simultaneously enraging people all the more. Their actions enable people to witness the stark difference between what is believed to be conspiracy and what is in actual fact reality. In effect, quickening the arousal of the masses from their political apathy and deep slumber.

    At some point, in the not-so-distant-future, I strongly believe we will be free of the vices of neoliberalism/capitalism/free market. It is the interim I find concerning.

    • donald says:

      I hear what your saying every step of the way Graham . What concerns me as husband and father is the terrible cost in suffering that greed exacts . To me religion is just a sales pitch , a sexed up document (the bible) that promises so very much and delivers Hell on earth . I cant think of one of the thousands of christian denomi (the father) nations that has not caused a fire storm of injustice in its wake. In the name of the father , we take your land your women and children , your sanity and your hope. Now dont forget to go to church every sunday and put something in the collection plate , or you will go to hell. The collection plate funds Hell. But wait there’s more . If your an atheist have we got the religion for you ! Socialism.

      The biggest WMD ever invented is religion . Tell a Christian that your church is nature and they are conditioned to fear and deride you as a pagan . As if the Birds ,bee’s and flowers are some kind of evil !

      The Parthenon is Greece’s testament to the Unity and beauty of natures laws. Acanthus leaves scrolling around the tops of Corinthian columns . Beautiful women rendered perfectly in stone . So why did the Nazi’s shell it ? Outrageous . And the british govt is no better with its fire bombing of civilians . That pompous wind bag Churchill that everyone is so conditioned to equate with ‘the best of British’ . When christ’s heaven opens , it rains hell fire. Literally.

    • donald says:

      Read it through . Its coherent and well reasoned argument . BUT as always it fails to go the heart of the problem . The wagons form a circle , the ‘barbarous’ Indians attack and no one asks , why ? When someone lays claim to the land that raised and nurtured your people for countless centuries , you don’t give up without a fight . Not when you have lost loved ones , homes and children .
      Only when the native Americans were tricked in to signing meaningless treaties did they loose control.
      The EU is a meaningless treaty which like all the others promised security ,peace prosperity and all the rest . The EU crushes nations not enables them.

      What we got is a massive suffocating bureaucracy that enables the banks theft and turns a blind eye .

      What makes a country a country is its language and culture . That’s what unifies a people and defines it borders. You cannot apply cookie cutter policies to these countries without disrupting them. This is why Kings invented religion, to justify claiming sovereignty over the land . The earth is the lords and all that lies therein……………
      Heaven descends to Earth and hell is in its train , the ministers who rub their hands behind the Kings ‘right to rule’.

      So all the royal houses of Europe claim direct lineal descent from Jesus.
      That’s their claim to fame, land and title over you . Its a con . A royal con with fancy flags and gilded coaches . Very hypnotic , very seductive but in truth ,totally false.
      Interestingly in the Islamic faith , usury is banned and rightly so . No wonder they have been demonized by Israel. And yet funnily enough ,usury is considered a sin in the old testament and Jesus famously kicked over the tables of the money lenders .

      When we adopt a faith ,we adopt its rules and are expected to obey them without question. Its a CON tract . No matter who you are , when you embrace their faith for profit it comes with strings attached .

      The Kilt allowed free Highlanders to run through low gorse,brambles and Heather without being snagged ,up steep crags without being restricted. Their Dress was no Gimmick . It was the way of their land . Buckskins kept Native Americans warm in the harshest of winters along with Buffalo Hides . They were one with the land , not the church or Euro. The EU is a religion .
      Forget the politics , remember the land and claim it back, or you have nothing , absolutely nothing.

      Its no accident that the EU corals our flags under its center of operations . The symbolism is all to obvious . We OWN you.

  22. Indeed Donald, our perception of reality and the truth behind our society is warped. However, try convincing people who are ignorant to the current state of affairs. The majority do not, or do not want to, think about such matters; nor are they willing to accept responsibility for their lives or even try to place some form of understanding to how we have come to be in the situation we are in; it didn’t happen overnight.

    Unless people the world over come to realise the concept of government, we will continually find ourselves in such a predicament. Man’s greed knows no bounds!

    The question is, though: where do we go from here and how do we achieve it?

    • donald says:

      I know Graham , its a big ask . But it takes a big dream to make a big change. Or it takes enough people waking up to the current nightmare to ask the right questions. Since the answer is invariably in the question people need to be seeded with truth, empowered with knowledge and supported with love.
      Here’s the tricky part . Those righteous truths have been hijacked by Religious leaders to end run the best in us , and twist it to their own ends .
      The people are the government , not the elected . But if the people are twisted by shame ,guilt and fear they loose the courage to speak . That is why the churches set up networks of abuse , to rape the minds of the innocent and corrupt them before they grow in to responsible adults who can express honor ,decency and love.

      Look at the scandalous pedo rings being exposed in the BBC and the political establishment. There is your answer to our freedom. Victims are finally speaking up. They are casting off the chains of shame and exposing the roots of our enslavement.
      We need to support these people with everything we have . Ordinarily , no one ,and I speak from considerable personal experience here ,no one dared to question these bastards . They own and control every local business network , the banks ,the churches. You name it ,the cartel rules it through fear and intimidation.

      But they are a tiny minority . And they are shit scared of their minions turning on them.
      People need to understand the simple tools that the cartel uses to Rob them blind . Fear is the main one .

      The contract this mafia organization has on all of us is written down . Contract means to diminish ,shrink ,confine and control. That’s what they do. Mortgage is Latin for death grip ! Says it all right there. Examine the contracts and you find they are illegal , de facto not de jure . Walter Scott points all this stuff out in Waverley.

      The cops enforce these contracts because they are no longer serving and protecting , they are harassing and intimidating. As does the govt that they serve . The govt , in debt to the banks ,does their bidding at knife point . Blackmail holds the academics in line. They are the ministry of lies. But they encode the truth to keep it safe. Shakespeare is a gold mine of enciphered truth as is the work of most writers and poets of any worth.

      The elite are abusers of everyone and everything including their own flesh and blood. They think nothing of sexually abusing their own children to drive their agenda . They are extreme in breeding, bastard siring pedophiles and their agenda is driven by shame. Remove the shame and they loose control of their human assets. Its actually that simple really.
      Its happening Graham . My wife lost her family completely when she stood up and exposed their Nazi ties and lies . She lost everything but she is fine with it because she has real love in her life to make up for it .

      Love is what is missing in so many people’s lives because the churches and the cartel work over time to destroy families ,destroy love . They replace it with sick twisted expressions of sexual deviancy and try to pitch it as the new normal . Cross dressing pedophiles raising my kids ? No thanks.

      Let a man be a man and a woman be a woman. Equals in love and opportunity . The church be damned. Religion steals spirituality, not encourages it.

      P.S. Boycott the BBC . Don’t pay their fucking license fee or better still throw that idiot propaganda box out the bloody window. I did and I never looked back. Just imagine the panic in the halls of MI5 when the license fees dry up ? Oh happy day.
      Fcuk MI5 and 6 and the whole shitty arse crawling intelligence community. You spineless cowardly bunch of pimp miesters.

  23. Believe me Donald, TV was removed from my household many years ago and the last time I had anything to do with religion was when I left Primary school. I still cringe at the thought of having to have sung at morning assembly.

    Funnily enough, I adopted a more spiritual outlook on life around the same time as I rid myself of TV. As a teacher, I have tried hard to encourage my students to question what they hear and formulate their own opinion(s) based on their own research. Thankfully, the younger generation here in Greece are more rebellious in that manner and politically aware of what is happening, both globally and domestically, but there still lies a certain degree of apathy, which stems from disappointment and disbelief. It is challenging trying to make them see that things aren’t always the way they are presented to us, especially when their parents, and society in general, are steadfast to different beliefs.

    • donald says:

      Nature is my church , but it does not demand my worship , it inspires my respect and love. Big difference . This is why the elite farm people in cities away from natural law and nature . Cage any animal and it will slowly loose its mind . Same with people. We are part of nature . The air ,the soil ,the tree’s and running river. We need that connection to stay sane . That connection to me is spiritual . Life is spirit . But even then ,you have new age guru’s and incense burning caricatures who turn it in to wishy washy nonsense , you know ?
      You dont see wild animals carrying on like that . We have a pet cat , we keep chickens free range too. They all respond to the love you demonstrate . Wild birds will communicate with you when they know you respect them . They will , for playful laughs buzz my head as I walk through the garden and watch me while I prune the fruit trees .
      They tease our cat too . Its wonderful to see nature as it wants to be with you if you spend enough time with her.

      Teaching is a profound thing . We are all teachers in our own way . We all have a responsibility to pass on knowledge ,cultivate free thinking, engage and stimulate young minds , not brutalize them. I am doing a science project with my daughter this weekend .
      I try to pass on as much wisdom and practical learning as I can .
      Have a lovely weekend Graham , I gotta open the workshop and take care of a customer.

  24. The Greek opposition parties and media are truly trying their damndest to tarnish the name and integrity of Varoufakis, whilst, sadly, some within his own party are trying to use him as a scapegoat for their own downfalls and lack of vision and commitment to a viable and practical alternative. Charges have been brought against Varoufakis for treason, by those, who, incidentally, are responsible for the calamity Greece has been duped into. They are implementing a very simple but effective method to further divide the opinion of a people who are feeling furious, disoriented, discombobulated, overwrought and extremely downtrodden.


    Things are going to get much worse before they get better; the question is, to what lengths are those with so much to lose willing to go to and just how bad will things actually get?

    • Grouse Beater says:

      The keepers of the planets wealth will go to any length to protect their ill-gotten gains. Varoufakis was a dead man the minute he denounced the Troika.

      Nations have got to rise up and smite the money cartels.

    • donald says:

      Gut wrenching isnt it ? I am not surprised Graham . I dont understand all the ins and outs of it but if he was trying to create a parallel currency to give the Greek people a chance to recover then surely that’s an honorable thing .
      The cartels hate competition. They have a monopoly on the one thing that should be as diversified as possible .
      I notice the Greeks are turning increasingly to barter to get by . Good move , sensible move . Varoufakis did something no one in recent memory has dared to since JFK. He stood up to the Banks and called them on their enslaving racket.
      Now they are out to destroy him. The people must be made to see who is behind this, they must wake up .
      Apathy is the killer of freedom . In Australia the level of apathy and ignorance is astonishing . They carry more personal debt per capita than anyone . Its going to come home to roost and bite them really badly .

      If its Treason to address corruption and try to save your people then we really are in trouble .

    • Grouse Beater says:

      Thanks, Graham. Been following it … got diverted ten minutes ago by large fireball north of Edinburgh…

    • donald says:

      Have not read the whole thing yet but the opening paragraph is a good summation of the real issues . The German govt has become the tyrant rentier . The same cynical rentier it deplored in Jewish money lenders prior to WW2. But Usury is not a Jewish invention . Show me any business/govt mafia that does not use it to enforce its rule of terror . Aipac does have a lot to answer for though ,even if it does not truly represent the authentic semitic jewish people . Character assassination by assumed identity. This is where you must use caution in identifying yourself to avoid being labeled and tarred with the wrong brush.
      For that reason I reject all labels . I identify myself very simply as a free Man. I reserve the rights of a free man , I declare at every opportunity the value, sanctity and primacy of Freedom . If you are not free ,you are a slave, dependent on the ‘scraps from Longshank’s Table’ .

      Banks lend in the hope of default so they can apply blackmail .
      Its so easy to corrupt politicians and you only need to nail that tiny percentage of the people to enslave the rest . When the voting system fails to redress the corruption,trust is lost, the underpinnings of that govt crumble and the people do what they have always done. Pull together to survive.

      Its to late to ask the Greek people to pay their taxes when they know damn well that the money will be squandered ,siphoned and used against them . That’s the definition of Rentier governance.
      Fiat money by definition is a con . Always has been. The only collateral fiat money lenders have is in fact YOU ,the people and your willing subservience . Reject the subservience and their control evaporates. That’s Freedom. The courage to say “Enough”.

  25. Grouse Beater says:

    Can’t see full-blooded riots, street protests, maybe, but am keeping tabs on developments. Biggest rumour: Varoufakis might form alternative party and contest election.

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