Greece’s Trojan Horse



Only sympathy will do for the Greek government. The alien policies imposed on it as a loan state are horrendous. They lead to disaster. If there is such a thing as a reverse Trojan Horse, the bailout from Brussels has to be it.

Greece’s beleaguered Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, blames, correctly in my opinion, the “absurd proposals” of creditors for the failure to reach a deal that could release emergency aid to avert default. Greece’s creditors refuse to alter their terms.

Readers will know I am keen to compare Greece’s treatment by Europe’s right-wing owned media with Scotland’s; so, apologies for continuing that theme.

Like anything left-leaning, any administration elected by an over-whelming mandate of the people, Scotland’s movement for democracy for example, or a mass movement such as Spain’s main opposition party Podemos, Greece’s Syriza is condemned by the supposed democratic neo-liberal states of the European Union, and the German banks. On the terms offered, extreme austerity, cuts in welfare, local services, and privatization of everything except air, only the banks can win. But not Greek banks. (Nor Scottish banks, UK owned.)

Media auto pilot

Any sense of an uprising against the devastating economic and social policies of ruthless bureaucracy and the crooked banks is crushed by smear from the media and press as ‘destabalising.’ When Greece announced it was in trouble the press went into auto pilot to keep control.

We were told millionaires there never pay tax, hospital cleaners were on welfare fit for a banker, and there were more Porsche cars sold in Athens than in all Europe. Some people swallowed that whole without it touching the sides.

The European Union’s response to the Greek Syriza-led coalition request for better terms and some delay is savage, a reaction that Spain’s main opposition party, Podemos, could face because it’s being projected as the next left-wing general election winner.

Greece has hours left to pay its next tranche of interest.

I have a radical solution.

The Greek debt should be written off.

I can hear the laughter from this distance. I am not an economist. I am sure, therefore, some will dismiss the idea as delusion. But I know the difference between  justice and injustice, between fairness and usury. What is the alternative? Accept the Trojan gift and disaster is the consequence. Send it back and disaster is the consequence. Leave the EU and disaster is the consequence. Be forced out of the EU and …

Greece has already suggested it has a right to debt reduction, an understandable reaction to the frustration of being told by Brussels, that is, by the EBC and the IMF, take it or leave it. The Greek debt should be written off in the same way the German debt was written off in 1953, just eight years after the end of World War II. Greece was overlooked in the share of European largesse because it seemed very likely to elect a left-wing government. America, on the cusp of an inglorious era of ”Commies are scum’ attacks, and blacklisting intellectuals, decided to teach Greece a lesson. No help for you!

It is clear to everybody, and German banks too, that the policies inflicted on Greece have led to the increase of the Greek debt. “50% of young people are unemployed and around 40% of the population lives below the poverty line” says Syriza officials. This is the  rip-off of a Wonga-type loan, thousands of percentage interest, for a long time to come.

Looking at the issues dispassionately as possible, no one would be blunt enough to accuse Germany solely for the Greek situation, but they are definitely main instigators of the current Pan-European situation together with the IMF and ECB. In the past 4 years, Germany has made 350 million Euros in interest from Greek loans whilst telling the world that German tax payers have been paying for ‘lazy Greeks to live the Life of Riley.’

There is very little difference from that warped view to the blatant lie from the UK government that they have subsidised lazy, drunk Scots for generations.

Bank brutality

Reading the commentary of intellectuals concerned with saving Greece from pound of flesh banks leaves one feeling Europe is on the brink of totalitarianism under its current leaders and their policies. In effect, MEP’s are not entrusted with the powers that they should be entrusted with and the entire Union dances to the tune set by Angela Merkel and her accountants. Given that European countries have elected pseudo-centre left and right-wing governments over the years it is easy to see how they have managed to thrive without much opposition. (This is why I, personally, was sceptical when Alex Salmond averred it a reasonable notion an independent Scotland would be accepted as a successor state to the EU. I am sure we would be if not overtly left-wing.)

Until now the present Greek government has been paying loan instalments on time, 750 million euros was repaid recently to the IMF days before it was due, but Greece does not have the money to pay the next instalment. Thankfully, and honourably, Syriza MP’s protect their citizens first. They voted unanimously to ensure wages and pensions are paid at the end of the month and not the IMF.

The man of the hour

As Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis says, the situation of impending tragedy could, however, be avoided if the ECB released funds owed to Greece several days prior to the set date or even simply transfer the amount to the account of the IMF, (it is only a couple of days between the due date for payment to the IMF and the release date of owed funds from the ECB). Instead the Troika are trying their  hardest to force Greece into accepting a new memorandum and further austerity and (official) bankruptcy which will really “screw the country in the eyes of the ‘markets’ and cause havoc on the high street.”

The EU was presented with a reform package by Varoufakis at the beginning of the discussions last February which, if implemented, will reverse the current situation and reform the European market as a whole, but, in Varoufakis’s cry for reason, “The Troika are not interested in positive measures; they prefer austerity!”

Varoufakis is candid: “I see many similarities between the Westminster Mob and the previous Greek government and the EU Elite. From where I sit it looks as though things are going to get much worse before they get better. The political elite is undoubtedly concerned about the uprising in the participation of the electorate across the continent and beyond. We were much easier to control when we were not actively participating in politics. We ALL woke up from our slumber just in time and we’ve got many, many years of lies and deceit to wade through.” [My emphasis]

Like the lie that Scotland is too small, too weak, and too poor a nation to survive with giving regular blood donations to the UK Treasury, the common fallacy pervading coverage by the world’s media of Greek negotiations is exemplified in remarks by Philip Stephens of the Financial Times. “Athens is unable or unwilling, or both, to implement an economic reform program.” This is the classic falsehood. Repeated over and over again it becomes fact in the public’s mind. After half-a-dozen announcements it must be truth. This allows third-rate hacks such as Stephens to claim, “Greece is squandering the trust and goodwill of its eurozone partners.” Proof please.

But the reality of the talks is very different. Here it is in Varoufakis’s own words:

Consider what that means: an independent tax agency; reasonable primary fiscal surpluses forever; a sensible and ambitious privatization program, combined with a development agency that harnesses public assets to create investment flows; genuine pension reform that ensures the social security system’s long-term sustainability; liberalization of markets for goods and services, and more. So, if our government is willing to embrace the reforms that our partners expect, why have the negotiations not produced an agreement? Where is the sticking point?”

What is the sticking point?

Like the Tory party’s solutions for Britain the answer is only greater austerity for this year and beyond. Wealth must trickle upwards. Monies loaned and money made, all of it belongs to crooked banks. Then again, we here are all too concerned with fighting those policies to do more than wish Greece luck. Once upon a time Greece and Britain’s debts were similar but Greece got back on an even keel quicker. This time Greece is not given the same chance to flourish.


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15 Responses to Greece’s Trojan Horse

  1. donald says:

    Yes , absolutely 100% agree . Forgive the debt . Tomorrow is another day . The wealth can be generated again once the leeches have been removed . Usury is the most cynical and dangerous weapon to wage war against a sovereign nation . Then you only need a few guns pointed at a few heads when there is a default. Money is not wealth , it is the accounting mechanism for exchange of goods and labour. The works been done , the commodities used . The answer is simply to forget the loss and move on.
    For a brief while I was a landlord and it really opened my eye’s . I was earning money for doing absolutely nothing . What a life ! And you do start to think , Hmmm, negative gearing , buy a few more rentals and live on the margin. Its very tempting to use other people’s money to line your own pockets. But its wrong. Morally ,ethically and spiritually.
    I can think of many people over the years I have known who are rentiers . They are pimping honest people with leverage . They become sleazy ,selfish, paranoid and vicious. Sound like a good description of a Politician ,pressitute , or corporation you know ?

    The seat of our cultural heritage is being attacked because it is the first symbol in our history of defiance of tyranny . The cradle of civilization is being raped by the money lenders .

    Civility is built on mutual respect and honesty . But we now live an economy driven by lies ,fraud , and poisoning the very food we eat. How can an honest man hope to trade fairly when the liars are given preference ?

    Merkel the dominatrix . Brussels the seat of a bureaucracy so complex and suffocating that only non productive people ‘work’ there . Rentiers , all of them . Like the banks whom they serve.

  2. The coming days are panning out to be interesting indeed. On Monday Syriza sent a 47-page bailout plan to the country’s creditors which they subsequently rejected stating that if Athens wants their help then Greece needs to accept MORE austerity in return for cash.

    It goes without saying that Syriza refuses to bow tow to such demands. The totalitarian stance our creditors have adopted is indicative of their plans for Europe. The very thought of such fills with me with angst. One only need look up the career and family histories of those in charge of the EU to see where the likely origins of their fascist beliefs stem from. It truly is concerning that such people have wiggled their way into such powerful positions whilst we were ALL in deep slumber.

    Hopes that Syriza would back down and accept the proposals was a strategy that is evidently back-firing on them. Greece is unable to repay the 300 million euro instalment to the IMF, which is due today. Last night the IMF accepted a proposal from the government to accept payment of all 4 (four) instalments earmarked for June at the end of the month totalling 1.6 billion euros. Under an IMF rule from the 1970s, a country can request to bundle multiple payments as long as they fall within the same calendar month.

    Tsipras has requested an audience with the heads the other political parties in Greece this afternoon. It is widely expected that they will be discussing the likely scenario that the country will return to the ballot box within the coming weeks. If such is the case, I can only imagine that Syriza will return with a stronger mandate to continue. It is the path in which they will continue that remains uncertain!

  3. Grouse Beater says:

    It has been a long time since I used the word ‘totalitarian’ but I have a feeling I’ll use it more and more as events proceed in Greece, in the EU, and now in the UK.

  4. donald says:

    Sadly gentlemen I share your grave concerns . We do indeed live in exceptional times .

  5. Indeed we do live in interesting times. My concern is the severity of the things to come and how the majority are unable, or unwilling, to see it. Are the political ‘elite’ willing to revert to days of old? I very much fear so and all in the name of profit and progress!

  6. donald says:

    That which is taken with violence has to be kept with violence . The governments of the world no longer serve the people , they enslave us . They have sold their souls to the real power brokers . Five years in the Australian parliament will guarantee a poly parrot a lifetime inflation indexed pension of 1 million dollars . Nice work if you can get it. Canberra ,just like Westminster is a sleaze bowl of corruption and graft. Every Aussie knows it deep down . Same in the US ,same the world over. To often people go along to get along.

    Only now when our life savings are being eaten away and our livelihoods destroyed are the people finally beginning to ask the tough questions.
    The 1 percent are now demonizing the 99%. Just posting here could be conveniently construed as inciting terrorism . Its ridiculous ,we know that ,but like George Bush said, ‘if your not with us your against us.’

    Of course the think tanks have an answer to this problem of global economic meltdown .Cashless society. Soon you wont spend a dime without them skimming a percentage and tracking every move you make. Its a win win for the banks and Orwell’s nightmare vision for the rest of us. Perpetual debt ,perpetual servitude.

    If the people don’t wake up soon and take back our world from the banks there will be no justice for anyone on the planet. They don’t call it central banking for no reason . Centralize banking and you centralize power . Borders ? they don’t give a damn about you Saltire ,stars and bars or southern cross . They have your soul in their back pocket .
    So your kissing it 24/7.

  7. That pretty much sums up the state of our current society and the control exerted by others to keep the masses in their place; the trick is to not allow ourselves to succumb to the constraints imposed upon us in order to live a respectable life. Maybe a utopian ideology, but certainly one we should seriously contemplate, especially given how evident our current system is failing us.

    Off grid is probably the best way to disassociate ourselves from the powers that be. The less you rely on the system the less we are controlled by it/them…And it is the fear of unlearning everything we have been taught over the generations and lack of faith in our own abilities that is stopping us from doing so. We need to stop thinking ‘what if’ and just do what we need to do to survive as a society first and individually last, instead of the current way of individually first and society last.

    People need to pull together and support each other collectively and compassionately. We have been divided from ourselves for too long.

  8. donald says:

    Hi Graham . Yes , I agree with all your points. I can see an organic shift occurring in our rural community as the economic realities start to affect people’s incomes . I am gearing up to grow more and go off grid very soon. We saw this coming some time ago. I was well informed by people in the know to get debt free and hunker down . My heart goes out to all those who are more vulnerable and less able to fend for themselves though. They need to network ,set aside their grievances and focus on doing the right thing .
    I threw out the TV years ago .Its a mind poisoning propaganda tool.
    The media by and large disgusts me but there are some genuine film makers out there trying to get the message across .
    Its time to forget the political theater because really its misdirection . The system is to corrupted now . But there are banks on every high street and they are the shop front for this evil agenda . People need to start boycotting them and telling them where to stick their racketeering system. Right there at the point of service . They are all agents of the central banks , no exceptions. The Bank of England is a private entity , not the people’s.

    When I get customer service calls from them trying to sell life insurance etc I tell them exactly what I think of them along with pension fund managers , local politicians and anybody else who pimps for profit . I get vocal . Here, there, anywhere I think it will plant a seed.
    Righteous indignation is a powerful force that the banks fear greatly . As do the government . The word government means mind control. think for yourself and you break the hypnotic trance called ‘normality’ .
    I really want to believe the SNP can and will honor its commitment to Scottish voters but if Im really honest I have my doubts. If they prove me wrong i will be happy to see that day.
    The victory that day was the people’s ,not the party’s .lets see if they remember that.

    The democrats in Oz showed promise for a little while but Meg Lees sold out big time to Johnny Howard on the sales tax he promised he would never introduce and killed the party stone dead . Never heard any more from her since she took her blood money.
    The corruption here is mind numbing . The arrogance of Tony Abbot beggars belief . Out and out fascist .

    So I personally dont waste my time rooting for any damn party anymore. Party politics is the art of stealing democracy , not enabling it. Scum ,the lot of them . I have one message . The banking system has to die . It has to be ripped apart . I want to see a massive bulldozer driven right through that Bitch on Threadneedle street .
    I want to see the the boundary markers of the city of London dug out by JCB’s and smelted down . Its charter burned publicly and revoked . The city mayors symbols of office removed from him in a public ceremony where he apologizes for all the atrocities committed by the city and its agents worldwide. Then he will publicly remove his vestments of office and walk over tower bridge in His Underwear ,never to return on penalty of forfeiture of all his assets . No blood spilled , no gulags or pogroms .Just straight forward ,’its over mate ,take a bloody hike before we kick your arse down the street.’
    How hard is that ? Its easy , when its the will of the people . Why vote for more
    corruption ? that’s just giving them consent to screw you again.

    They did it in Iceland. Don’t say its never been done.

  9. YESGUY says:

    Another educating piece GB.

    Cannot comment as i know so little about the Greece and the debts. I do know the ordinary folk are struggling like elsewhere and as usual the b(w)ankers call the shots. This has got to stop. It’s like a scene from a film and they are make believe yes??.

    I wish the Greeks all the best though. They like parties in Scotland , Spain, etc , who have vocal anti austerity support may yet bring something. Then again i know little and understand the whole picture. The bankers have the support of the EU and the like and will no doubt lie and cheat their way into forcing Greece to pay what it cannot afford.

    We need Scotland independent . Then we can show the world a better way. Examples are the best way to show folk. We can make ourselves a better , fairer country and who knows , inspire others.

    Poor Greece. I expect they will be the focus of some nasty attention , as they have been for the last year or so.

    Thanks GB. I now know a LOT more about the situation now but am only reading the scratches on the surface.

  10. Grouse Beater says:

    To a great extent I write these essays as an attempt to understand the situation myself. I always imagine what it would be like to be on their side of the problem, and I work back from there. On matters affecting Scotland it is much more difficult to be objective because I meet such terrible hatred towards us for daring to rise above the second-rate province our adversaries want us to remain.

    It seems to me Syriza are playing the long game in the hope they can face the EU with the unpalatable situation of Greece being forced out and all the chaos that will ensue. They seem to be doing all they can to get an acceptable deal but are faced with brutal conditions. When asked by a reporter in the street why no deal was imminent, Varoufakis, referring to the negotiators on the other side of the table, answered, “When you don’t want a deal you offer a deal that’s not a deal.”

  11. Linda says:

    “When you don’t want a deal you offer a deal that’s not a deal.”
    – A deal that’s not a deal – how about The Smith Commission!

  12. Grouse Beater says:

    Good point! The equivalent of sugar-ollie water!

  13. donald says:

    When a deal is wrapped as a gift you can be pretty sure there’s a catch . Seduction takes many forms and deal makers will profile their victim to find a weakness they can use as leverage .
    Let SNP MP’s beware . They have been given the sword of righteous indignation by their people. Lets hope they have the strength and integrity to wield it on the people’s behalf. All those who serve must be held to account . Those to whom much is given , much is expected .
    My feelings about syriza so far are good. If they can hold fast and not buckle. If they can hold their love for their land and people in their hearts then they will be a force to be reckoned with.
    Hold fast Scotland . Hold fast Greece . Hold fast ,all those who value freedom above greed.
    This is the testing time for all people’s .

    The banks want their world order . lets NOT give it to them with our nuts ,on a silver platter.

  14. The proposal that was not discussed as Herr Schauble deemed it ‘ “unacceptable” for any written submission to a finance minister by either Greece or the institutions, as he would then need to table it at the Bundestag, thus negating its utility as a negotiating bid.’

  15. donald says:

    The real Greek tragedy is as old as Greek legends and before . When someone lends you something that does not exist in the hope of repayment with something that does , you can be pretty sure its a Faustian Bargain . As always the real asset ,blood and sweat, is leveraged labour of the people to heavily subsidize the self indulgence of lenders.
    The ‘debt’ is digital smoke and mirrors .
    Its an habitual tactic of greedy people to offer you little in expectation of a lifetime of servitude back.
    Left ,right or center ,backed by the ‘moral indignation’ of the churches ,the same scoundrels bulk bill the people with words and legalese .
    The media frames the debate with the usual combatants and a titillating dose of saber rattling for dramatic effect. But the end game most don’t see, until their homes are taken , their lives destroyed and a new order , just like the old one , takes center stage.

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