Scumbags and Sleazeballs


In bleak midwinter it’s hard to throw off feelings of loathing for those who voted for a corrupt, sleazy Westminster rather than their own government near at home. What were they thinking? Were they thinking at all?

Child abuse

Apparently guilt by association with child abusers and child murderers is just an evil we must accept to attain a ‘better together’ government. Scumbags and sleazeballs, public figures protected by Westminster and Whitehall, shielded by civil servants and police, are much to be preferred in comparison to creating our own society, a society ruled by those we actually elect, accountable to us, known to us, in a place with values we can nurture.

Child abuser Charles Napier has secrets to tell, names to name. He faces a grilling by detectives – privately one hopes a beating,  who believe he could help expose a network of paedophiles operating with impunity out of Westminster Parliament.

Napier, now 67 years of age, was treasurer of the ‘Paedophile Information Exchange,’ which ­campaigned on behalf of ­paedophiles in the 1970s and 1980s and ­argued that the age of consent should be lowered to ‘four.’ What a cheery chap.

The scars

Scarring a  child for life is defined as fine when it comes to sexual self-gratification. Officers investigating claims that span decades think the former teacher – amazing how paedophiles manage to gravitate to jobs that involve children – can name Establishment figures including peers, Government ministers, ­civil servants and police. I trust they will take to the interrogation a brazier and poker as a visual aid.

It is an abhorrent state that ensures child trafficking hidden from prosecution.

Having had brothers and a sister held in care homes for short periods, I know first hand what it is like to feel utterly impotent to set free vulnerable people whose safety and health you are obligated to protect. Those sexually abused who made accusation to the authorities over decades, thoroughly frustrated in their quest for justice, must harbour thoughts of finding a gun and doing the job themselves in one decisive act.

When shown facts, abusers named in a written report, Thatcher’s bully boy, her press secretary, Sir Bernard Ingham, challenged one politician so accused.

“He denied the charge,” says Ingham, adding with uncharacteristic lameness. “What else could I do?”

Well, for a start, he could have stopped the report given secret status and filed away. This brazen hypocrisy comes from the man who condemns England’s ‘liberal’ justice system. “It’s gone to pot,” he says, without recognising the pun. Sir Bernard believes in prison for everybody, for everything but not, it seems, for the sexual abuse of children.

Musical chairs

So far, establishing a public inquiry has been a fiasco – two pillars of the community, Lady Butler-Sloss and Fiona Woolf, standing down from nomination for chair of the inquiry because of their all too obvious connection with people who helped suppress the accusations and reports in the first instance. No surprise. Politicians keep reminding us how far removed they are from every day reality and the people they were elected to serve.

The existence of a paedophile ring involving senior Westminster figures should be a shock to us all, yet it is not. We have become inured to sleaze and corruption; even when it involves the slavery and death of children we vote for the same administration again.

The embattled inquiry was set up by Theresa May, [then] Home Secretary, to find out whether public bodies had neglected or covered up allegations of child sex abuse in the wake of claims paedophiles had operated in Westminster in the 1980s and beyond. I add, ‘and beyond’ because it is impossible to imagine it was a temporary affair.

Those who indulged their perverted obsessions were provided with children on demand and on a regular basis. Pimps don’t suddenly become market gardeners, or hermits living on remote Scottish islands, desperately seeking redemption.

Is sodomy and child killing so entrenched an activity of the political classes that colleagues and associates think it no worse than fox-hunting as an activity? Are we to shrug our shoulders and say, ‘So what? They’re all at it.’

The rich use the poor as chattel

In an early fifties film of the French revolution there is a scene in which the carriage of a member of the aristocracy runs over a child. The coachman stops the carriage to allow the aristocrat to pop his head out of the window, makes some callous remark about keeping stray waifs off the road, and toss a gold coin to the grieving mother before instructing his servant to drive on. That is what we are witnessing now.

It comes down to the power of the individual against the power of the state.

They are men who enjoy talking to each other while using the gents urinals.

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10 Responses to Scumbags and Sleazeballs

  1. jimnarlene says:


  2. Wullie says:

    where stands the legal system in Scotland, we are not an occupied country. The abuse of the treaty of union and the act of union go unchallenged century after century

  3. I want to see an end to the British Establishment’s reign of evil. Sad to relate, I no longer care whether or not the means by which this objective is achieved is peaceful.

  4. jimnarlene says:

    It must be by peaceful means.

  5. Grouse Beater says:

    Alas, not even city centre sit downs are categorised as ‘peaceful.’ The right to protest in a public place is almost illegal. For recent evidence, look at Glasgow’s council scramble to make off limits the area around BBC Scotland’s headquarters.

  6. I hope it can be achieved that way, Jim. I really do but I’m not optimistic. Peaceful outcomes can only achieved when you are dealing with reasonable people. Murderous psychopaths with an overwhelming sense of privilege, entitlement and flagrant disregard for the rules when the latter do not favour them are another kettle of fish indeed.

  7. yesguy says:

    Great article GrouseBeater.

    The sexual abuse and murder of kids should be enough to shut Wm down. The fact is they will do anything to cover up this issue. Hardly a mention on the news. But if SNP make a mistake it ‘s international news.

    And the Civil Service should serve the people but then again i read plenty on Wings and the like to see this state, i once served with pride, look more like the characters out of the “1984 “movie,

    And your right about folk being blind to it all. ….. Until it;s they’re kids being abused , or they lose out . the referendum opened my eyes to the rotten core of this union.

    My countrymen are cowards.

    Every day we hear more of the lies and distortions and it shames me to think that we are stuck with the situation .

  8. Sometimes a structure is so rotten that it can be rebuilt in only one manner. It will be interesting to see who delivers the fatal kick to the door.

  9. finnmacollie says:

    Meanwhile how many of the great unwashed are prosecuted for getting an extra fiver on their benefits or stealing food for their hungry weans or maybe even non payment of their TV Licence! Laws for the rich and powerful, laws for the poor.

  10. Grouse Beater says:

    No other word for it.

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