The Devo-Max Carrot

Scottish independence: More powers or just a timetable? - BBC News
Gordon Brown, ‘Mr Federalism’ now advising Keir Starmer, both in line with the DUP and Toryism

A week of the old Devo-Max carrot swung before us saw any number of unionist commentators leap on the bandwagon, followed by people who prefer compromise that leaves them where they started. It instructed the podcast site ‘Scottish Prism’ to bring together a group of of hardened cynics, myself included, to discuss what it means and what it really means. And I even get to do a bit of pimping of my book of Essays which readers can buy now from Amazon. (The video last about an hour.)

The interview begins with Chris Hanlon, a supporter of Scotland’s freedoms, the man who resuscitated the cadaver since it was cryogenically frozen in 2013.


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2 Responses to The Devo-Max Carrot

  1. alfbaird says:

    Well Gareth, you, Iain and Roddy very quickly sussed it all out that SNP heid office has zero interest in independence/decolonization and the pressing of another devo-max ‘vow’ button this time by the SNP itself merely confirms the limits of their colonial server ambition. As soon as Chris gushingly mentioned Michael Russell I kind of knew the game was up, as well as the probable architect of this particular devo-max kite. Anybody left in the SNP seriously hoping for independence really do need to have a word with themselves. Scotland’s colonial cultural division of labour will only continue to worsen under the SNP administrators, as will persecution of Scots, much as we see.

    Marvellous book of Essays Gareth, by the way. Easy to read, and a joy to do so, with many unique insights on Scotland’s continuing colonial wretchedness. Look forward to Iain’s book on ‘banishment of the natives’, and Roddy’s too when it comes. Liberation o the mynd, indeed!

  2. Grouse Beater says:

    Much obliged for the generous endorsement, Professor. I hope you can top that when ESSAYS 2 is published in Spring. 🙂

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