Good Riddance 2021

Edinburgh Castle emerging from a fog, a metaphor for Scotland barely surviving its demise

What a hopes raised, hopes dashed year for Scotland.

For those desperate to see Scotland return to an autonomous state, keep all it earns, protect its borders, and return to sanity, a poll stating 55% of the electorate want an independent Scotland reinstated was manna from Heaven. Then they remembered the SNP was in charge of securing that ideal.

The year was dominated by two things, the Covid pandemic and COP26, the jet in, jet out jamboree held in Glasgow, though CNN decided to host their broadcasts from Edinburgh, the castle being a more recognisable backdrop for their viewers than Glasgow and more romantic.

Nicola Sturgeon bestrode the stage not as legitimate host of the COP26 Climate Summit, a role which Scotland was entitled to take, more the head waitress handing around a tray of drinks and canapés, engaging world leaders and ambassadors in polite conversation, such as, do you drive an electric car? The sign on her back read “Don’t Mention Independence!” Not to embarrass our famous world leaders, she removed the Saltire flags from Bute House at the direction of our masters in London, once more proving Scotland’s premier independence party is well and truly beholden to its colonial neighbour.

The year began well with independence agitator Mark Hirst’s trial acquittal. He was accused of making threatening comments in a video at the anonymous women in the state’s show trial of former First Minister Alex Salmond. Other acquittals followed suit for others faced by similar fabricated offences, the sinister and increasing frantic diktats from the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS), attracting jeers and mocking. Publically reviled for his inteventions in the Putin-like Salmond case, the Lord Advocate James Wolffe QC announced his retiral and a new Lord Advocate, Dorothy Bain QC, and Solicitor General for Scotland Ruth Charteris QC, were nominated by the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, appointments unanimously approved by the Scottish Parliament. They duly received their Royal warrants from the Queen, though in this instance ‘warrant’ meant something quite different to arrest. But the policy of ‘guilt by accusation’ continued unabated causing Scots, once proud of their separate law system from England, to feel Scots law was soured, riddled with agents of the British state, and rotten to a QC’s peruke.

People began to show concern that Police Scotland was being moulded into the Preatorian Guard of the SNP. This was reinforced when the SNP accepted a Westminster ruling banning all assembly and demonstrations around Scotland’s parliament building, a building conceived as, and designed to be, a ‘public forum of democratic debate’. The anger and cynicism this aroused was inflamed when the SNP went a step further by issuing a new policy of Omertà on its own membership: “No member shall, within, or without the parliament, publicly criticise a group decision or policy, or another member of the group’. Voters smelling betrayal, waved their copies of Orwell’s Animal Farm in derision at the SNP, chanting “Four legs good, two legs better!”

The human rights advocate Craig Murray saw himself sent to jail by a judge and no jury for eight months for his alleged 18-piece wooden ‘jigsaw’ identification of the cabal of carping women in the Salmond case. As predicted he served only half of his sentence to walk out of prison anointed as a martyr for open speech. The former ambassador’s defence council had argued he was a man in ill health, a term in prison, injurious to his life, removing him from his wife, young son and a new baby. When Murray left prison it was noticeable he needed no shoulder to lean on, or walking stick to hold him steady. He made a vigorous speech on personal freedoms to an assembled group of happy supporters, his long white beard acquired at Her Majesty’s Pleasure making him look more like a hail and hearty Santa Claus. It was rumoured people planned to leave some shortbread and sherry for him beneath their chimney breast. Within days Murray was back at his old job, explaining how corrupt is the British civil service, of which too many run Scotland’s government.

The alienation of women as females with rights assumed a new proportion of stupidity no one thought possible with the banning of ‘mother’ as a word denoting a female with one or more children. Overnight, mammary glands became obsolete. Women threw fits and breast imprinted men wept. It had taken a thousand years for the church to accept woman were not born from the rib of Adam, but in 2021 the population was asked to accept they are not here for procreation of the species either. It was hard to believe a woman led Scotland’s parliament, presiding over the madness.

Just when it seemed bloggers were falling by the wayside, or giving up for lack of rent – one regular blogger begging for donations to help him buy a house – an unlikely hero made an appearance on the rickety dais of the independence cause. Professor Alfred Baird rose to prominence swiftly but he had been around a long time before people noticed the bespectacled academic with the disharming chuckle knew a thing or two about colonialism. While others, including this author, has published work over the years in an attempt to convince folk that Scotland is a colonised nation, and we are usually vilified for using the taboo word, Baird crafted solid evidence it is all true and put it in a book.

Professor Baird gifted Scotland a solid framework on which to base Scots ‘whinging’, mewling and puking in the form of his scholarly researched Doun-Houden treatise on English colonialism as inflicted on an angry Scotland, and an increasingly annoyed Wales. It was not an investigation the man or woman in the street would normally buy, but then Scotland’s working class had voted Yes to Scotland’s liberty, they needed no additional convincing. In quick time, people began to discuss all aspects of colonial power and understand how Scottish life and progress is unacceptably hobbled.

Meanwhile, Nicola Sturgeon’s increasingly authoritarian party continued to say a man can become a woman simply by clicking their fingers and putting on lipstick. When women protested she told them their argument was ‘invalid’. The astonishing idea that a penis is for Sunday found a home in convicted rapists advising judges they were actually female and wished to be put in a female prison. Some judges took this claim at face value and put the fox among the hen house, so to speak. The SNP continued on its genital obsessed way like a sexually transmitted disease by sending a sex survey to school pupils asking them to fess up to sexual experimentation – the kind of adolescent activity we assume we all did, some earlier than others, until we learn the art of delay. How long before the SNP teach the young that bisexuality means you are a people person?

The founder and frenetic self-styled reverend editor of the political website Wings Over Scotland, Stuart Campbell, finally threw in the towel and gave up on Scotland’s will to set itself free. He weakened his exit somewhat by listing a dozen reasons for his departure, from acknowledging correctly Nicola Sturgeon is chronically unprepared to secure Scotland’s liberty, to stating a loss of trust in key figures of the Yes movement, via feeling his fifty-three years creeping up on him. Losing £220,000 of donations on a reckless libel case against the Labour dunce Kezia Dugdale did not figure as a reason for his going. Those who expressed their sadness at his departure were reassured by his reappearance funding polls with the public’s remaining donation money he holds, and helping the ALBA party compose a Wee ALBA Book in the spirit of Wings’ Wee Blue Book, a pocket edition of Scotland’s White Paper of 2014.

The disaffected and the disenfranchised found sanctuary in a new party of independence, ALBA, stating its single-minded dedication to regaining Scotland’s independence, first, foremost and without cavil. Alex Salmond agreed to return to the political arena and was elected ALBA’s leader, raising a warm welcome from the fair-minded, and groans from everybody who had thought him erased from the history books. ALBA was immediately joined by two trusted and skilled SNP MPs, Neale Hanvey and Kenny MacAskill. Hardly had they returned to Westminster to take up their old seats wearing new T-shirts when they found themselves discarded by their former colleagues and shunned. Like leaving the Communist party, they were not ever going to be forgiven, though the fault for the fragmentation of the Yes movement lay completely at the tartan shoed feet of Nicola Sturgeon.

A battle of words and integrity began between the two parties, clouded by Anglophobes pretending to be a member of one or the other so they could stir things up on the Internet and cause resentment where there once was harmony. They need not have bothered. Nicola Sturgeon pulled a fast one by uniting with the Green Party which had fewer members than ALBA, elevated the Green’s voter unelected co-directors to a ministerial role, showing how adept she is at outwitting Scotland’s electorate but not Westminster colonialism.

The strange thing was, it wasn’t as if if ‘Elsie McSelfie’ (as one female wit named her), was protective of her own kind. The comic Janey Godley who had fronted some Health videos got thrown under a bus by the SNP – the undercarriage a crowded place littered with mangled bodies – when it was discovered Godley had said naughty things about naughty people in her early stand-up days.

Godley made a public apology of past sins to rescue the situation, but failed. The First Minister had been advised the choice of Ungodley as front person might be risky. Yet she ignored a photograph of Godley holding up a placard on Turnberry Golf Course reading “Trump is a C*nt”, an image that had travelled around the world and back again to Scotland. Presumably the First Minister was happy to see President Trump humiliated. It’s debateable if Godley’s career will recover fully. The stress of public rejection would not have helped her health issues when she discovered she had cancer. Joining the SNP proves to be a dangerous thing. You will have to say nice things about the party, and pretty soon you will find yourself having to talk to them. The SNP began to look more like a colonial administration than Tory House Jocks could ever muster.

The year ended as it began, dominated by a never-ending virus pandemic. The Chookie Embra died just before he reached his one hundreth birthday, though what use he had been to Edinburgh was never made plain. The Queen at his funeral looking like she was ready to follow him to the Great Grouse Shoot in the sky. On the power elite front, Lord Frost resigned, the bully boy chosen to batter the EU into submission over changes to a deal negotiated and signed by Boris Johnson. He knew full well his mission was a dud. Nobody grieved over his going as none had done when the funeral director’s cadaver, Dominic Cummings, walked out of Downing Street, fired for criticising Boris. Scotland not an inch advanced on regaining its rights, frustrated at being tossed carrots instead of liberty, watched the shenanigans unfold as the nights drew in.

2021 was a bad year for top dog Scottish journalists. Lord Brillo of Paisley boasted he was co-founder of a new broadcaster GB News, only to see the station fall apart at the seams within a week. Promoted as a news gathering service that would be more right-wing than Sir Oswald Mosley’s Blackshirts, Andrew Neill found himself out of his wonderful new job and isolated, rather like England in the world and everyone else who thought they had Covid. The other Scot, Andrew Marr, said farewell to the BBC, and boasted how he was going to be free to say what was really on his mind, not what was on his autrocue, confirming what we all knew, and Noam Chomsky pointed out, that journalists only get the best jobs if they say what is approved by their paymasters.

By December, Tories in London were still telling Scotland to fuck off, the UK a joke model of ‘equal nations’. After a series of prat falls, English commentators and politicians pretended Boris Johnson only lately has showed how inept a liar he is and how useless a politician. Before that he was a political collossus. Nicola Sturgeon took to fronting Covid briefings as before, her place in history assured, just not the one Scots hoped for. She allowed a set of creepy photographic portraits published of her, eyes wide shut. In one oddly composed snapshot, the photographer captured a shaft of light on her face, she apparently enjoying the sun’s balm, proof positive she is not a vampire. In fact, the glorified selfies were an indication to the populace she believes she is elected to govern Scotland for life. The spirit of Christmas Future looked decidedly grim.

As for me, one more year of life was the one miracle to savour in a year of disasters and mass death.


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24 Responses to Good Riddance 2021

  1. ambouche says:


  2. duncanio says:


    If I may suggest one edit to this section

    “No member shall, within, or without the parliament, publicly criticise a group decision or policy, or another member of the group”

    by appending the following

    “except where the person criticising is a member of the ruling clique and the person being criticised is not”.

    Yours ever so humbly,

  3. Yup, that pretty much sums it up. The permanent panto season continues chez Murrell. Those of us who have abandoned an SNP which clearly does not intend to deliver independence have demonstrated it is possible – nay, necessary – to change one’s fundamental position after a proper examination of the evidence. Those who remain are the very definition of a cult, continuing to worship a thoroughly discredited goddess who could yet take us to independence tomorrow if she wanted.

    The “why not?” of her inaction at this moment of maximum opportunity would be fascinating to know if it ever came out, but it will stay buried for centuries along with all of Inglorious Albion’s other very worst crimes, which are legion. Craig Murray wrote earlier that it could be explained by her raging ambition for a new and suitably remunerated post in the highest echelons of international business, politics or finance; any and all of which require the imperatur of the Imperial overlords in Westminster. As a working theory it makes a lot of sense.

    Her apparently self-pleasuring photos for Vogue go to the very essence of her self-image. She is a gorgeous movie star in her own subverted mind – “I’m ready for my close-up now, Mr DeMille“.

    In the same picture: “You’re Nicola Surgeon. You used to be in Scottish Politics—you used to be big.”

    Nicola (Nicola Surgeon) replies, “I am big. It’s the politics that got small.”

    Well done again, maestro.

  4. Grouse Beater says:

    Fans of Nicola think the snapshots ‘great’ and ‘wonderful”. But I stood back and asked those around me what they thought, and all were highly critical, one showing with a roill of her eyes, it was self-promition too far. Those with aesthetic education, the artists I know, were just as dismissive – ‘mediocre’. None had a grievance about Sturgeon. They judged the quality of the work. I find it all very sad, to be candid, Peter.

  5. Grouse Beater says:

    That looks like a case of Autocorrect!

  6. ObairPheallaidh says:

    Spot on. This is why I come to places like this because the hope is others will come here as well.
    Great writing and 2021 has been utter shite.

  7. ObairPheallaidh says:

    Keep going all through 2022 and well beyond that.
    Unlike our masters who make plans that can persist through the generations we live month to month, week to week. Tuesday is payday and I’ll be buying your book then.

  8. Grouse Beater says:

    Another sale! Much obliged, Obair. I’ve a bet on with a friend to reach 100 hardbacks. Kindle has surpassed that number. 🙂

  9. Grouse Beater says:

    Pass the good word tro others, Obair. Let’s see what 2022 brings us.

  10. Divide and rule: blog discussions are about…GRA, self ID, a children’s sex behaviour questionaire.

  11. Grouse Beater says:

    Aye. Our pary of independence cannot see it is now the party of colonialism.

  12. Jan Cowan says:

    Your work a pleasure to read as always – even though the content is not what you or we would wish it to be. But I’m an optimist so I believe very soon (especially since Prof. Alf Baird has written extensively and persuaded many of our colonial status) that like so many other nations, we’ll throw off the shackles of the British Empire and regain our independence.

  13. Grouse Beater says:

    Independence reinstated is inevitable; once awakened, a people won’t back down. The question is, will it be on our terms? I cannot identify a soul in the SNP or their advisers qualified to negotiate.

  14. lilou57 says:

    Glad you are still with us and still writing – here’s to many years yet! I wouldn’t trust this SNP to negotiate squat on behalf of Scotland so maybe it’s as well that she has no intention of going for it. I don’t want a referendum – it will be stacked against us.

  15. Grouse Beater says:

    Hope 2022 is a happy one for you, Lilou.

  16. Many thanks for another one of your accurate articles!… and HOPING that next year WILL be a HAPPY new year!

  17. Grouse Beater says:

    I can’t see it being much more than more of the same, but I know freeing Scotland has nothing to do with socialism, green policies or freedom to join any other union. The only goal is the liberation of the people.

  18. alfbaird says:

    “By December, Tories in London were still telling Scotland to fuck off”

    Quite, and if ALBA’s MPs ever introduced a Bill on Scotland’s UK-exit one might expect it would likely garner more support from certain Tory MPs than from daeless SNP MPs. Perhaps ALBA MPs could test this out and finally reveal the true nature of whatever it is that remains in the SNP?

    A fine review of another year in the auld colony, Gareth, as Scotland sinks ever deeper intae thon muckle mankit colonial slump – aka ‘the decolonization process’. And some progress indeed in the wider appreciation that independence and decolonization are one and the same thing.

  19. Howard Cairns says:

    I am so happy that you have managed to make it through another year.

    I look forward to reading many more essays. You manage to condense a lot of ideas into an understandable (for me) essay on the progress of our stride towards independence.

    Merry Christmas Gareth and a Happy New Year.

  20. twathater says:

    A somewhat sobering treatise on 2021 , but a great result that your family still has you to love and cherish , sturgeon is scum and a traitor to Scotland and Scots , and for someone who considers herself educated her stupidity knows no bounds , this perverted deviant could have gone down in history as the saviour of Scotland , her name would have been taught in schools as the person who regained our independence , she would have been revered and celebrated with even more demands for selfies , the history books would have painted her as the joan of arc of Scotland the accolades would have reverberated worldwide by exiled Scots and her name would be legendary

    Instead for whatever reason the WM establishment has her by the balls , she is more focused on destroying Scotland and our womenfolk , she is more focused on betraying Scotland and her people , she is more focused on finding out if our children have had vaginal , anal or oral sex which will be followed no doubt by introducing the MAP mantra (Minor Attracted Person ) mantra or as we non perverts call them PAEDOPHILES

    Hopefully in 2022 we TRUE independence supporters will manage collectively to come together and show HR and sturgeon that WE own Scotland and WE are taking it back
    Good Luck and stay healthy Gareth , you are needed in the fight

  21. Grouse Beater says:

    Not half as happy as me, Howard! See you next year! 🙂

  22. Grouse Beater says:

    In a colonised country inconvenient facts are suppressed with surprising effectiveness, those things it will not do to speak or think. One taboo subject is expressing concern at living in a colonised country. You are liable to be mocked and probably silenced, Alfred.

  23. alfbaird says:

    Yes Gareth, as history tells us ‘colonialism is force’, and often descends into savagery and barbaric fascism, devoid of human values, as we can see. The intellectual realisation of a peoples’ colonial predicament is necessary, however; for in this we have defined the nation’s true status as well as the rationale for that peoples’ independence (i.e. decolonization) and hence liberation from oppression.

  24. Grouse Beater says:

    England, the usurper of Scotland’s rights, has first dibs on Scotland’s resources. Only England is allowed to recycles profits. Scotland’s parliament is the colonial facade. This causes eternal conflict. Scots don’t understand why they are not the beneficiaries of their wealth.

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