Where has it all gone?

Indi Poster

Where has it all gone?

I mean the camaraderie, the swelling sense of pride, sharing a common purpose, the glowing confidence in the faces of people in the street, joyous smiles among strangers, an open fellowship when we discussed and debated a better way to run our affairs, a better form of social justice?

I had not experienced such a wonderful unification of spirit in all my life until the run-up to the referendum. I wanted the atmosphere to last indefinitely. It was wiped out in one tragic night.

Joy turned into bemusement, and then profound disappointment, and now anger, an anger that by all the evidence will not subside, certainly not in the face of triumphalism ridicule and scorn poured on the 45% who felt, rightly and justly, a mature nation is capable of independent governance without interference from a neighbour state.

The disreputable opposition running a fraudulent campaign claim 55% voted to stay in the Union. This isn’t the truth. It’s the victor’s rewriting of history. They did not vote to remain subservient and accept anything they are given. Some might well have taken refuge in the illusory ‘security’ of the United Kingdom, but that was not the sole reason Cameron, Clegg, and Miliband asked us to vote against our rights. Many of the No’s wanted greater powers for Scotland.

Too many belived in voting for the eleventh hour promise of greater powers, none specified, immediately translated and presented as ‘Devo-Max’ by the anti-democratic press. “Devo-Max is a non-starter,” shouted the synthetic Ruth Davidson, leader of the Tory group in Scotland. But wait – two-thirds of electorate polled want some sort of undefined ‘Devo-Max.’ Ah, well. We gave power away free of charge, didn’t we?

The thought of doing little or nothing for one’s country while gaining new powers without lifting a finger beyond placing an ‘X’ in the wrong box was seductive.

Not one Westminster politician is in a position of power to deliver as much as a dried fig.

Recklessly, in a last-ditch leap at redemption, Gordon the Hapless promised the earth, he a lowly back bencher, with next to no political influence outside his Scottish constituency. Brown promised a set-in-stone timetable to a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the rainbow unionists said was an illusion. Now, ludicrously, he enjoins us to sign a petition warning Westminster they must deliver on their fraudulant ‘Vow,’ powers he asserted they would deliver, yet somehow he cannot guarantee will materialise. Astonishingly, he turns to us to ask them again, acknowledging his impotency to secure a damn thing. The only interpretation of Brown’s assurances is, he lied.

What next?

Westminster has appointed a commission to thrash out what powers, what level of new administration, should be given to Scotland. We can be certain it will not include the power of veto over accompanying England in its endless, futile wars. We can also be sure, whatever is placed on the table for discussion, will remain on the table, a coffee cup ring-stain on it,  and not transcribed into legislation. Westminster parties cannot agree on which powers they want to give Scotland let alone the content.

How many powers? ‘Ten.’ Ten what? Ten tax raising powers? Ten foreign affair powers? Ten land management powers? ‘No. Ten, nine, eight, seven…’ Expect vindictive withdrawal of Scotland’s rights. As I am forced to reiterate, England has always taken revenge on rebels, heads on spikes as you enter London. All it takes is a Tory party with a steady majority and Scotland will be seized by the throat.

But all is not as it appears. What was created has taken a life of its own. They have a lot to discuss, one significant issue being why they should wait at least three years before any new authority is set before the Scottish parliament and its people. That eternity was never stated in the infamous Daily Record ‘Vow.’

A grass-roots movement seeking genuine democracy now faces uncertain and probably feckless powers imposed top down, the very antithesis of real democracy.

The man Westminster chose to gather unanimity for more powers is Lord Smith of Kelvin. Astute readers will spot Lord Kelvin is the same person once chairman of the Weir Group, the international Scots company who told the nation boldly to go forth and vote No. Implacably set against our rights, companies and corporations are the enemy within.

The Weir Group is the one whingeing it could not adjust to Scotland’s self-governance though it adjusts its agenda and management style to new administrations by the year internationally. Lord Kelvin was the chairman under whose watch the Weir Group was fined millions for flagrantly ignoring sanctions imposed on Iraq. It passed largesse as bribes to none other than Saddam Hussein.

Without looking up detail of the court case, I know Lord Kelvin’s parting press statement has to include the hackney, get-out-of-jail phrase, ‘Let us move on now,’ the one that spares the thumping corrupt power elite from the full weight of the law, purifies them in one utterance, while we mortals are jailed for stealing a tin of spam from a supermarket to feed the family. We welcome a Lord who presided over greed and corruption.

New stirrings

As I write the SNP’s membership has increased from around 20,000 to over 75,000, more than all the main parties combined. The determination to regain self-governance is taking renewed form, morphing into a solid unified mass. How it will react to the certain let down of paltry powers with unacceptable conditions the warring parties are bound to affix to their offer is another matter. It will depend on who arises from the masses to lead.

There are other stirrings. More mass Yes demonstrations are planned for city centres. Yes groups are meeting in town, village, and church halls throughout Scotland, determined to keep the march of democracy moving forward.

Meanwhile, Irish think us craven fools, and the rest of the world wonder what happened to the Scottish sense of adventure and courage that they thought we were famous. Boasting we are a separate country has a sickening hollow ring, and I for one, can not find it in me to thank the No’s for their destruction of the democratic spirit.

We were beaten at the river crossing by the might of the British state, aided and abetted by their corrupt press and media, and a handful of Trojan Scots bearing false gifts. Time to throw off witless navel gazing and turn our sights on the enemies of democracy.

In the Land of the Blind

What sort of person welcomes alien policies meant for another country, toxic foreigner hating, poor hating plans from the Tory party? They’d rather that than run their own affairs, take a chance, risk it won’t be so bad once it reaches Scotland? It beggars belief. What kind of people sell their country’s birthright?

Journalists made up a great number. “Journalism is full of lying, cheating, drunken, cocaine-sniffing, unethical hacks. It’s a wonderful profession.” Piers Morgan must know.  A great proportion of the rest are assuredly a very pleasant bunch of bastards.

We should establish an annual awards scheme in the manner of Hollywood’s Raspberry (‘Razzies’) Awards: ‘Worst Scribbler Without a Conscience,’ or ‘Best Fascist Unionist, or ‘Best Quisling.’ How about, ‘Best Lying Etonian Toad’? Every generation gets the political low-life it deserves.

To be candid, who among Yes voters did not harbour homicidal tendencies in their hearts on the bleak morning of Friday the 19th of September, 2014? I know I did.

We’re left bewildered so many turned a glorious revitalisation of their country into a bleak defeat in return for nothing, absolutely nothing to alter lives for the better. What fools we are.


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7 Responses to Where has it all gone?

  1. diabloandco says:

    Grouse , I am with you .
    I have wept many tears for my country and have great difficulty speaking with those who voted no.
    I cannot believe that anyone would want WMDs and their radio active polluting subs in the waters in which their children and grandchildren play and paddle.
    I cannot believe that anyone would vote for 100 billion down the Swanee for Trident 2 while children live in the depths of despair and poverty.
    I cannot believe that people voted for foodbanks and salve their conscious by chucking the odd tin of beans in the collection point.
    I cannot believe that people believed the liars in the Lib/Lab/Con and their ” vow”
    I cannot believe that people voted for privatised education and health.
    I cannot believe that the MSM is welcome in Scotland .
    And I cannot believe that stupid , arrogant supecilious prat above.

  2. mary says:

    I agree with both GB & diabloandco. The no voters I know are all of the I’m alright persuasion so, being totally honest, I wish no voters get what they voted for ie having to pay for prescriptions, university education etc. etc. I realize this goes against all I believe in, fairness for all, but I am still so flipping angry at them for denying the rest of us a far better and prosperous Scotland. I have always tried to see the other point of view, which I cannot this time and, having never been one to keep up spite but this time , for me, it shows no sign of abating yet
    Thanks GB

  3. Helena Brown says:

    Woke up early looked at Wings and could have cried. That morning I became Stateless and will remain so until my countrymen and women grow a backbone. I sat aboard a Viking river boat prior to the vote and listened to an Englishman tell an American all about our Referendum, how on one hand he did not want the Scots to go (wonder why) but how they, the English subsidised us. We were not able to voice our feelings on the subject as it was not obviously addressed to us and any interruption would have given him the chance to back foot us, but boy now I have to say that the majority have given the English the confirmation that they need to say they do have Scots with their hands in their pockets, even though it isn’t true, how do you fight this when you have people with no confidence in their own abilities.
    I am wondering if there is anywhere in the World we can now go on holiday and not be the laughing stock. So I have no country right now. I am still a member of the SNP and will to my dying day but do the people who do not concern themselves greatly really understand what they did on the 18th.

  4. Grouse Beater says:

    Spoken from the heart and the head, Helen.

    We have moved from subservience to potential subjugation. Half of us are wishing Westminster do the right thing and present us with comprehensive powers. The other half of us hope they revert to type and offer derisory powers, a mass incentive to rise up and take our independence back again.

  5. bjsalba says:

    I think the joy has turned to grim determination. Look at the YES parties growth in membership.

  6. yesguy says:

    Grouse that echos my feelings too.

    I call them traitors. They don’t like it one bit but i shout it out loud. I have been threatened with all sorts but they know i can handle myself so they’re threats are useless. What do call someone who votes or works for another county to rule it. Traitor.

    I am an ex soldier Grouse. I would have died to protect this country but no more. I will work for the rest of my life for indi, and i won’t be doing it in a quiet voice. No voters sold my countries soul , they are traitors .

    Great to know your still here G. Saw you on Wings and along with others we are organising , we are preparing. We will not go away.

    Thanks for sharing Grouse and the rest of the comments too.

    We’re not finished by any stretch of the imagination.

  7. Grouse Beater says:

    Of BBC Scotland Salmond said, ‘They know not what they do,’ or perhaps it was Jesus, a phrase well suited to the No’s for a good many, like workhorses, wore blinkers on their way to the polling station.

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