Liberty and the Dancing Guard



The ‘dancing guard’ – a breath of fresh air

I am convinced the Dancing Guard is a Scot. He has seen the writing on the wall and cannot contain his delight. What happened to him? Was he demoted, stripped of rank, or sent to Outer Mongolia? Is healthy subversion to be squashed as a means of rebellion, or a new way of seeing and doing?

In a way it doesn’t matter if he is or he is not a Scot. He is a symbol of disintegration, the demise of a corrupt Westminster parliament and all the pigswill that slops out of it.

There he is, Grenadier handsome in his bright red tunic and way too big black bearskin hat, twirling and mock stepping, moon walking and side-shifting, doing sassy shuffles while making sly comical gestures, as subversive as a soldier dare be protecting the edifice of the British realm’s power, the Royal palace. “The chalice from the palace has the brew that is true. The vessel with the pestle …” I salute him. Whether a real guard or a funster that slipped into the barracks to grab his fifteen minutes of fame, he should be knighted.

Polls show the movement for genuine democracy ahead of the doom of naysayers and the indifference of the power elite. Almost 73% would vote Yes if a second Referendum was held tomorrow. A miracle on the road to Damascus? A nation stops sleep walking? Dutch courage now the moment is over? Could be, perhaps not, not since Cameron cheated the vote – it’s all about England’s rule – killing trust in the UK as protector.

Hope and joy commingle. The right to free elections and governments that fight for Scotland’s interests is within the people’s grasp. Now and then the warty toad of Presbyterian miserabilism can be heard above the cheers – “We hav’nae won yet! Take a’ aspirin ‘n calm doon.” No, we have not won … yet.

What we have done is prove hope can triumph over meek acceptance. We have moved ahead on the last bend, a wonderful spur to greater effort. Like Eric Liddell, our heads are back and our arms are pumping as we double the pace and race to the finish. The Scottish ‘cringe’ can be thrown off our shoulders once and for all. We are worthy.

What do we get in return?

We get mocked and threatened.

Our English cousins show they care only for Scotland’s wealth, our soldiers for their wars.

The leader of the Labour party, Ed Miliband, warns if we do not vote the way he wants he will close down our borders. So much for a democrat respecting the will of the people.

This is the man whose party voted for Tory draconian austerity that is a blatant, brazen plan to reduce elected, accountable government permanently, or put another way, to remove the final vestiges of democratic structures and rights from the people and give them to the privileged and the powerful.

Multi-millionnaire J. K. Rowling counselled we ‘remain calm,’ or perhaps she was advising her hapless friend, Gordon Brown not to panic. Does she know more people in Scotland read the Yes side’s manual of sanity, ‘The Wee Blue Book’ than any turgid tomb of Harry Potter? It’s a book readily available for anybody still looking for answers that details the lies told by unionist politicians and the truth about a wealthy nation called Scotland.

Goldman Sachs, that repository of  honesty, searing integrity, and financial prudence threatens economic Armageddon if Scotland dares to regain its nationhood. A bordello of ill repute tells an entire nation it will punish it, if the right of sleazy Goldman Sachs to fleece and to steal is diminished. Goldman Sachs tells us it is in charge, not Scotland. It tells us what we know, and probably what cautions so many from voting Yes positively, that the world’s financial houses determine a nation’s social and economic policies.

Time to chase the venal bastards into the sea.

The photograph of a gold painted Ferrari outside a designer store in London – that is the opposite symbol to the dancing guard, obscene wealth next to a homeless woman begging.

The struggle to regain Scotland’s sovereignty will be a doddle compared to what lies ahead in the renaissance of its values, its culture, its social mores, protecting basic freedoms, composing a written Constitution, but above all, ensuring irrevocable, full participation in democracy of the kind Scotland has not enjoyed for over three hundred years.

We are witness to the supposed might of the British Establishment cracking and crumbling without a shot fired, the same Great Britain that tells Scotland it will become a weak and ignored and an ignorant country if it secures freedom and equality. We are subservient now. How long before we alter that for the better?

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3 Responses to Liberty and the Dancing Guard

  1. mary vasey says:

    Brilliant GB. Say AYE for democracy

  2. JimnArlene says:

    I’ll take the dancing, but not the royal guards.

  3. Nana says:

    Indeed Danny Kaye would be proud of that dancing guard.

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