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Once Upon a Time – a review

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is reported Tarantino’s last movie, his ninth. On the strength of this one he probably is wise walking away. This one is a retread. Now there is talk of a tenth. I hope it … Continue reading

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Never Look Away – a review

Two films seen in succession, each too long to see them flow seamlessly and satisfy fully, Angus McFadyen’s brave dissection of uncertainty in a battle worn man of action, Robert the Bruce, and now writer-director Florian Donnersmarck’s Never Look Away. Warning: … Continue reading

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Robert the Bruce – a review

This review begins with the obvious, the one aspect film critics will miss if ignorant of reality in Scotland, or own a mind set against Scotland’s political ambitions. Angus Macfadyen’s pursuit of this project, well over a decade from inception … Continue reading

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Toy Story 4 – a review

Pixar’s genius, the brains behind the outfit, is their gift of equipping inanimate objects with all the quirks, failings, hopes and aspirations of humans, none more so than in their highly successful Toy Story franchise. The marvel was to see … Continue reading

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Wild Rose – a review

I am in a quandary. Wild Rose is a study of a headstrong, fiesty, fiery young woman, a whirlwind of energy nowhere for it to go, and it is set in Glasgow, but it is so burdened with banal dialogue and … Continue reading

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How to Train Your Dragon – a review

Normally I don’t go to cinemas to see children’s movies, though I once did when a practising teacher. I will make an effort to see the latest Pixar animation for its adult content worrying as one does, the story-lines might … Continue reading

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Fighting With My Family – a review

Fighting for My family is what’s categorised in the business as ‘feel good’ film, but as this one aims for comedy, at least, that’s how it is promoted, you could describe it as a ‘Feel Goofy Movie’. In that ambition, … Continue reading

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