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Paging BBC Scotland!

An open letter to Donalda MacKinnon, Director of BBC Scotland on the first anniversary of her tenure Dear Donalda MacKinnon Leaving the BBC is like leaving the Communist Party, you’re never forgiven. In consequence it was not a surprise to hear … Continue reading

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BBC Scotland Goes Indy

The Great British Broadcaster, BBC, plans a dedicated television channel for Scotland. The fashionable sarcastic rider is to add ‘What a time to be alive’. Trumpeted as if an announcement of Queen Elizabeth’s belated abdication, newspapers dutifully parroted the BBC director general’s puffery unchallenged, repeating the … Continue reading

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BBC and Brexit

 I’m still waiting for the BBC to send a brace of B-list Scottish celebrities and flaky hacks to England to record personal documentaries interviewing loquacious locals on why they want independence from Europe, the place that subsidises their very existence, their infrastructure. … Continue reading

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How the BBC Erases Complaints

On a late evening’s BBC news programme a BBC journalist made this assertion: “The Bank of England governor, Mark Carney, arrived in Scotland to tell the population categorically there will be no currency union.” Carney said nothing of the sort. The … Continue reading

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Lamb, BBC, and Phony Democracy

  “Self-evidently a party that is intent on the break up the United Kingdom cannot, it seems to me, act in the interests of the United Kingdom. Thought of the Scottish Nationalists having influence in the next parliament, or being … Continue reading

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The Bastardisation of the BBC

‘Bastardisation’ is my creation. It conveys exactly a process over a number of years. In no special order: discarding integrity, the diminution of funds, implementation of gargantuan salaries, the contraction of output, the withdrawal of decision-making to London, the squandering of … Continue reading

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Boycotting BBC Scotland

Acknowledging the source The idea to boycott BBC Scotland comes from the social website, ‘Wings Over Scotland,’ a highly informative daily tear down of Scotland’s right-wing anti-Scots newspapers, the site led by a robust journalist, Stuart Campbell, a man with forensic skills … Continue reading

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