The Facts

The new, wholly uninspiring first minister, is continuity candidate Humza Yousaf, who is Sturgeon but without the schoolmistress hectoring. After eight years of Nicola Sturgeon, what did Scots get from her successive administrations that can be truly attributed to her time as leader of the SNP?

What events and support evolved that moved Scotland closer to reinstating self-governance and what is the comparison to Alex Salmond’s administration when bridges and infrastructure were built, our executive became a parliament, and a sense of pride in Scotland rekindled after years of colonial rule?

INDEPENDENCE SUPPORT (last 3 polls avg)

Salmond: 50%
Sturgeon: 47%

SNP SUPPORT (Holyrood)

Salmond: 50%
Sturgeon: 43%

SNP SUPPORT (Westminster)

Salmond: 46%
Sturgeon: 39%


Salmond: +35
Sturgeon: -4


Salmond: 85,000 (net +78,000)
Sturgeon: 72,000 (net -13,000)


Salmond: YES
Sturgeon: NO


Salmond: YES
Sturgeon: NO


Salmond: NON-ALIGNED until after Indy. Support of EFTA and EU Members Sturgeon: ANTI-RUSSIA, CHINA, IRAN, SYRIA, Pro-USA et cetera


Salmond: 85% Opposed by DUP, Orange Lodge, & Unionist Parties Sturgeon: 35% Estimate based on Women’s Rights groups, YES groups and the above


Salmond: Three Union parties reduced to rump, Tory, Labour, LibDem Sturgeon: Three Union parties plus two Indy parties ALBA and ISP


Salmond: Referendum, wind power policies, free higher education. Sturgeon: Reduced Barnett Formula, funds handed to Tory councils, referenda refused, out of EU


Salmond: 95% united. Sturgeon: Factions, and waves of resignations.


Salmond: NO
Sturgeon: YES

NOTE: This is a work in progress


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7 Responses to The Facts

  1. God help our women and children so 😡.

  2. lorncal says:

    The SNP is now in its death throes. They had this one last chance and screwed it up. Now, circumstances will play out and we should all let them. A few things I am certain of: independence is not dead, but very much alive, as will become obvious very soon; the GRRB is dead, as will become obvious very soon; and all of this mess had to happen become the path could be cleared for what is coming next.

    Those who voted for Humza are very happy to throw women and children under the bus. They knew what they were supporting, so there can be no mistake now. Women, you know what these SNP supporters think of you, and of your children, Scotland’s children, so you know what has to be done. They have treated you all like a pile of turds, so return the compliment. They believe that sacrificing Scotland’s women and children is worth returning a leader who will never make any moves, except mouthy ones, towards independence. They think they’ve won. They have actually lost.

    Ash Regan has cut her teeth on this leadership bid. She will be ready next time – and it will not be too far off.

  3. duncanio says:

    The claims of Sturgeon, her clique and her claque are hollow. They are more fallacy than legacy. Just like the party itself in fact.

    Meanwhile up goes the “Huzzah for Humza!” cry from the blindly loyal brigade in The National.

    In my view at least, it really means one of 3 things:

    1. The remaining SNP membership are in the main a combination of devolutionists and transgenderists.
    2. Those that voted for Humza as 1st preference plus those that voted for Ash 1st and NOT Kate 2nd plus those that didn’t vote at all are idiots.
    3. Michael Russell fixed the Fix.

    For my money the SNP having article 2a in its constitution is a fraudulent position.

    The only saving grace will be watching HY getting kicked about by the Unionist press … that will provide much needed light entertainment in the dark period ahead.

  4. sadscot says:

    “The GRR bill is dead.”
    We await developments there and it should be interesting. Yousaf flip-flopped from, “I’ll challenge the S35 order.” to “I’ll await legal advice.” Let’s see how that works out for him with the arrogant Greens. I suppose Sturgeon will keep him right.
    My other theory about him is that the media will now take the gloves off and come after him on all the lies he’s told. Maybe they will actually dig up evidence that he absolutely DID seek to skip that final marriage vote. I mean, only four former ministers confirmed that he had done so but that didn’t suit their agenda at the time.
    I agree that Ash has cut her teeth but I’m sure she must be exhausted, battered and bruised. She did well to hold it together today. She has had a kicking from day one and, for me, Forbes got a kicking too.
    In all honesty, maybe I’m glad Forbes didn’t win, maybe that’s why she was smiling because we all know what her own Party had in store for her if she did. I’m glad she doesn’t have to endure that.
    Further, I’m wondering if the next Bill to go through will be to withdraw the vote altogether from anyone who is a Christian. That’s how utterly toxic this contest was. And that is not good. The whole image of the SNP has been utterly destroyed by the poison we’ve seen in recent weeks.

  5. arayner1936 says:

    If the Nu-SNP carry on as before, I hope they will get pelters from the media, though that may not happen given previous form, I fear they will lose the next Holyrood Election and that will allow a Unionist coalition to take charge, with all the damage that will bring to Scotland and would embolden Westmister to apply more damaging legislation, such as the ‘Free Ports’ to restrict our trade.
    I agree with Lorna that the Independence movement is not dead but will be invigorated by information which has come out recently about the inner workingss of the SNP, My hope is that it starts to fall apart quickly so that the general public can see how they have been duped. The investigations into missing money and conspiracy in the attempy to discredit Alex Salmon must continue and be well publicised. Perhaps Alba will gain members and Ash will get more support if she makes another bid for leadership but we are in such a sorry mess now that I fear we are in for a very hard few years.

  6. arayner1936 says:

    I would like to see the new First Minister take an oath, not to king Charles, but to the people of Scotland and the same to happen for all the MSPs after a Holyrood election.

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