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A Journo’s Daydream

Together with Kevin McKenna, Iain Macwhirter is one of the few Scottish-based journalists, or columnists to be accurate, whom I can read without using a spittoon. That includes the few times they publish opinion without evidential justification. Macwhirter, after all, … Continue reading

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ALBA – ‘Onward!’

Though ALBA did not managed to a secure a council seat on its first proper outing as a new party working with meagre resources and a limited number of candidates, offering alternative policies from the docile one-decade-at-a-time SNP, they did … Continue reading

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A Broken UK

This article by the environmentalist George Monbiot – speaking from an England perspective – could be subtitled, ‘How the Tories Finally Finished Off the UK’. There is no doubt that the UK is a busted flush. It has been that … Continue reading

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‘Essays! – Get Your Copy!

Time for me to pimp my book once more. And there’s a good reason for it. This much lauded first collection of essays can be purchased as a signed copy from the author by writing to: Quality cheap at … Continue reading

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Mackintosh Art School Rebuild

The destruction by fire and the mismanagement of the art school’s protection by past directors, and its woefully inept board of governors, is a national disgrace. Scotland cannot afford to lose priceless architecture or internationally respected seats of learning. The … Continue reading

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