SNP and MI5

Ken McCallum, head of MI5, and all-round nice guy

Campbell Martin is the author of ‘Was It Something I Said‘, an expose of the internal shenanigans of the SNP that saw some of its most qualified talent thrown out of the party, including himself. In his latest article Martin takes a hard look at the British State’s prime spy unit and finds some uncomfortable facts.

MI5 holds records of its activities in Scotland. Those should be handed over to Scotland on the advent of independence, and I mean records from Sir Francis Walsingham (1573) onwards, Queen Elizabeth’s person court spy who set up an efficient spy network on her behalf. They will be fascinating reading. Thereafter, England’s department of spying should be proscribed as an organisation excluded from access to Scotland. An independent Scotland won’t ever shake off a neighbour state’s surveillance but if it can identify folk, deport them and ban their re-entry.

Why our government tolerates a unit of the 77th Brigade, for example, operating from inside our border is a question they should answer. The SNP has been a political party ‘of interest’ ever since its inception when the early pioneers of self-governance, such as Hugh MacDiarmid, was spied upon relentlessly. How the current SNP expects to operate unhindered with naming and shaming is worthy of an article in itself. And there remains the ex-MI5 officer ‘operating’ in our Crown Office. He was there thought the farrago of the Salmond case, the Crown blocking or delaying vital evidence that exonerated Salmond. How comforting. I am happy to offer him right of reply over his alleged participation in that outrage.

One of the interesting aspects of colonised nations is how often individuals, compelled by injustice and artifice, feel compelled to explain the truth to the public as they encounter it, particularly when the functions of their nation is actively supressed or diverted by an alien power, legitimate organisations undermined by infiltration and disinformation. The subjugator himself is therefore undermined.

The other irony is the current head of MI5 is a state school educated Scot, Ken McCallum. He is a Glaswegian who joined the Security Service shortly after graduation. McCallum, who is in his forties, spent the first ten years of his MI5 career focusing on Northern Ireland terrorism and security and was involved behind the scenes during the peace process. (I am almost certainly on his books somewhere for my coinciding role working in BBC Northern Ireland. I do hope so, or I will be disappointed.) In 2012, McCallum took charge of all counter-terrorism investigations and risk management in the run-up to and during the London Olympics.

He was then seconded to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (now BEIS) to develop his and MI5’s knowledge of digital issues and cybersecurity. After returning to MI5 he maintained contacts with the public sector and business and served for three years as a non-executive director of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. From 2015 McCallum became the service’s strategy director, helping to develop closer working with MI6 and GCHQ.

He became deputy director-general of MI5 in 2017, “overseeing all operational and investigative work” during the period in which there were three terrorist attacks in London and the Manchester arena bombing. When Sergei Skripal and his daughter were poisoned in Salisbury in 2018, McCallum took charge of the MI5 investigation which, with Scotland Yard and others, identified Russian agents as the perpetrators. This is not necessarily a commendation considering the serious uncertainties surrounding the case, and how MI6 aided by the terrible twins SNP MPs Alyn Smith and Stewart MacDonald were busy chivvying us to believe Putin was the Devil and commies lie are under every bed in Scotland – a tactic instructed by USA for the preparation of a coup in Ukraine, in 2014. (Gay men are prime recruitment targets for the UK’s ‘intelligence’ services.)

And now for the humanising, nice guy bit: colleagues describe McCallum as “personable and friendly” and good to work with. (He leaves intimidating, untrustworthy and decidedly unfriendly to his staff in the field.) Apparently he is highly regarded in Whitehall and was seen as the natural successor to Sir Andrew Parker. He was appointed by the gremlin known as Priti Patel – and that should indicate the real Ken McCallum better than any puffery from the British State.


by Campbell Martin

I have previously written about how British security services must have agents working within the Scottish National Party (SNP).

I believe rational people understand that, as the SNP has the stated aim of independence for Scotland at the core of its being, British security services wouldn’t be doing their job if they did not have people working within the party. Despite this being a statement of the obvious, my previous article produced a venomous backlash from some SNP activists, mainly young members, and also from British unionists. In relation to both groups, it seemed the truth really did hurt.

For SNP members who either don’t want to face the reality that their party has been infiltrated by agents of the British State, or who don’t like the public being made aware of what is actually happening, let’s provide the MI5 (Military Intelligence-5) definition of activities it considers to be worthy of investigation. The security service states it only investigates groups and political parties it believes are carrying out subversive activities.

Subverting the will of the people

From a British unionist perspective, ending the existing British Union by re-establishing Scotland as a sovereign, independent nation would certainly fall within subversive activities. To be absolutely clear, the dictionary definition of the word ‘subversion’ is: ‘referring to a process by which the values and principles of a system in place are contradicted or reversed in an attempt to transform the established social order and its structures of power, authority, hierarchy, and social norms’.

MI5 sets-out what it considers to be subversion worthy of investigation as: ‘activities which threaten the safety or well-being of the state and which are intended to overthrow or undermine parliamentary democracy by political, industrial or violent means’. Note that political and industrial means are listed alongside violent means. So, political parties and trade unions are considered to be as worthy of investigation by MI5 as a terrorist organisation. Also, the ‘parliamentary democracy’ the security service seeks to protect is the English parliament in London and the English establishment headed by the monarchy.

During his term as UK Home Secretary (1985-1989), Tory MP Douglas Hurd put on record the English government’s belief that: “The sole criterion in relation to a subversive threat is whether there is a deliberate intention to undermine parliamentary democracy and whether that presents a real threat to the security of the nation.” Hurd’s version of a subversive threat was enshrined in the Security Service Act (1989). Again, the ‘parliamentary democracy’ referred to in the definition is the English parliament in London, and the nation is England.

The 1960s saw independence movements come to the fore in the West Indies and Africa. Security service files, leaked years after the events, show MI5 working hand-in-hand with a secretive department of the UK Foreign Office, the Information Research Department (IRD), to undermine and attempt to destroy those Black Power-inspired independence movements in what were British colonies. Contained in the leaked documents is a letter from an IRD operative addressed to ‘Box 500’, which has since been established as MI5 headquarters in London. The letter seeks MI5 support in “collating, assessing and where necessary countering publicity and by other means the growth of Black Power in the area”. The area mentioned was Bermuda, which finally became an independent, sovereign state in 1995.

Scotland, a nation of interest

It would seem, therefore, that MI5 and the UK/English Government had at least 50-years experience in “countering publicity and by other means the growth” of independence movements before it got to work ahead of Scotland’s independence referendum in 2014.

We’ve already set-out, above, the overall, general purpose of MI5, but it is very difficult to establish how the security service operates. There is no legal statute defining the service’s role and there is a minimal framework of rules under which MI5 must operate. Statements from former service personnel show MI5 has burgled properties and monitored phone calls, text messages and social media activity of those it has under investigation. If any police force wishes to carry out such covert activities, they would require legal permission in the form of a warrant: no such requirement is placed on the UK’s clandestine security service. They could be monitoring you reading this right now.

Cathy Massiter was an MI5 agent between 1970 and 1984. After leaving the job, Ms Massiter wrote that during her time with the service, she noticed a fundamental change in emphasis regarding the role of MI5, noting that it shifted from being a counter-espionage organisation, aimed at ‘hostile’ foreign powers and their actions in the UK, to a domestic surveillance organisation, investigating and infiltrating political parties and campaign groups deemed to be a threat to the UK/English establishment.

Cathy Massiter recorded that the primary reason for her disillusionment with the work she was being asked to do as an MI5 Intelligence Officer was the steady politicisation of the service. I’ll come back to that in a moment. First, though, with regard to the SNP being infiltrated by MI5 and other organisations working for the British State, it’s worth setting-out the two roles performed by those ‘spies’. Not everyone who works for MI5 is an agent. There are also low-level informants whose role is to pass to the security service anything they pick-up through their role as an SNP member/activist. These people are not trained agents, they are simply informants.


The thing agents and informants have in common is that their motivation for betraying the independence movement can be wide and varied. Some will never have been supporters of independence, some will have become disillusioned with the idea, and some will simply like the feeling of being a CHIS. Prior to the huge success of the TV series ‘Line of Duty’, few of us would have been aware of what a CHIS was, but we now all know the acronym stands for Covert Human Intelligence Source. A CHIS will receive payment, with the amount depending on the value of the information they provide to the secret service.

Unlike a simple informant, agents will have been recruited by MI5 to perform a particular role in infiltrating the SNP. They will also have been provided with ongoing support to help them carry out their roles. Agents are not MI5 employees, but they will receive payment for their work. It is these agents who will, mostly, have been in-place for some time, and who may have risen within the ranks of the party. It is conceivable that agents of the British State now hold senior positions within the SNP-leadership and are able to influence party policy, such as adopting a soft approach to delivering independence, and promoting extreme niche-policies, which reduce delivery of independence to a secondary issue.

A rogue among rogues

MI5 is not alone in infiltrating the SNP. There are a number of books related to ‘spy cops’, which detail the work of Special Branch. Some serving police officers were allowed to enter into such deep-cover infiltration operations that they went on to have children with women they met in the group the were spying on. The women didn’t know the cop’s true position or even their real name.

Within Police Scotland, though, there is no such department as Special Branch. However, if pressed, the force acknowledges it does have officers carrying out duties that would normally be associated with the work of a Special Branch. The work done by those officers is usually covert and will include investigations into political, environmental and animal-rights groups. Intelligence secured through the investigations of Police Scotland’s ‘Not Special Branch’ is normally passed to MI5.

It is, therefore, possible that ‘Not Special Branch’ may have its own Covert Human Intelligence Sources providing ongoing information on the activities of political parties it deems to be of interest to the security service of the British State.

I recently spoke with a serving, senior police officer. The detective spoke on condition of anonymity. One of the things they said immediately made me think of the comment by former MI5 Intelligence Officer, Cathy Massiter, mentioned above. Like Ms Massiter, the Police Scotland officer said that, since the creation of the all-Scotland force, “The job has become much more politicised.” The officer indicated their belief that very senior officers, those in management positions, were acting on instructions from the Scottish and UK governments. The officer also believed the Crown Office Procurator Fiscal Service was no longer independent of government, but, like Police Scotland, was now acting on the instruction of politicians.

If this is true, Scotland’s police and prosecution service are being controlled by politicians who are, themselves, being controlled by faceless and secretive elements of the British State. While, to some, that will sound far-fetched and possibly a good plot-line for a spy novel, to others it would seem to explain how certain, recent prosecutions and political events have come about.

NOTE: Campbell Martin is a print and broadcast journalist, and a former SNP member of the Scottish parliament. ‘Was It Something I said,’ by Campbell Martin, is available from Amazon Books.


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17 Responses to SNP and MI5

  1. Alastair Bryan says:

    It’s not just big Sister watching, big brother is to. Take your battery out your phone and switch of the Tablet. Even the Roman’s knew walls have ears. My worry is the damage that is being done to our assets on the way out of this horrible Union.

  2. Wait for the derogatory dismissals now. Margo McD wrote to MI5 telling them not to interfere in referendum. Not that long ago it was in the press MI5 files proved SNP had ‘been spied on’. We will be called Tin Hatters by those supposed to be on our side. Why? Are Scotland’s plans to be free of this toxic union not important enough to try stop? Are we still too wee, too poor, too stupid to worry about? The same folk who ridicule such ideas that SNP have been infiltrated are the same ones who know we were stitched up into this union by a small parcel of rogues to start with, who have point out the injustices served on us by England’s parliament ever since. Do they believe the parties are not worth spying on? Is Scotland’s goal of Self Governance NOT a threat to the Realm in their eyes? Or do they think they are so smart they would know if it was happening? Marquis of Queensbury Rules my ARSE!

  3. vivianoblivian7 says:

    The author doesn’t offer any individual links between senior SNP members and the British security state. Neither would I because I’m not aware of any. Linkage between senior SNP members and the US State Department, now that’s a different matter.
    I have long harboured the belief that the State Department are the “case handlers” managing the day-to-day, but specifically to a template devised by MI5 and in close coordination with MI5.
    Such a quid pro quo arrangement is hardly far fetched. Remember wee Simon Bracy-Lane of the Institute for Statecraft “volunteering” to work for Bernie Sanders in his primary run against Hilary Clinton.

    For any readers that doubt your assertion that; “Gay men are prime recruitment targets for the UK’s ‘intelligence’ services”, consider.
    Known, elected, Scottish recipients of the largesse of the US State Department’s, International Visitors Leadership Programme are; Patrick Harvey, Kezia Dugdale, Humza Yousaf, Ross Thompson, Jenny Gilruth, Angela Crawley & Patrick Grady (“Known” is a little tricky as Crawley and Grady are members of the British American Parliamentary Group and as such are mysteriously exempt from declaring foreign trips in their HoC register of interests. How many other SNP MPs are “friends” of the State Department?) Out of the seven named individuals only Yousaf is heterosexual. An odd coincidence?
    Then there’s the tres amigos of the neo-con apocalypse, Alyn Smith, Stewart MacDonald and John Nicolson.

  4. Alastair Bryan says:

    Yeh. The mother of all parliament’s that bastion of democracy it’s quite sick is UK,OK.

  5. vivianoblivian7 says:

    It would be remiss not to mention Kezia Dugdale’s sinister influencing op. the John Smith Centre for Public Service (Promoting Trust In Politics And Public Service). Why “sinister”, ‘cause their publicly available accounts are four years late and counting. Now that disnae strike me as “Promoting Trust”. Exposure of the source of their funding can’t be postponed forever. I’d wager on Foggy Bottom filtered through various front organisations.

    The board of the JSCfPS is a real neo-con who’s who. Highlights:
    Catherine Smith (Chair) “worked in the law … for London based NGO LINKS”. NGO LINKS is a State Department front and it’s based out of the University of Arizona, NOT London.
    Rt Hon Ruth Davidson.
    Rt Hon Ed Balls.
    The Baroness Smith of Gilmorehill, former senior MI6 officer.

    The JSCfPS is a finishing school for turning middle class humanities graduates into Stepford politicians. Nice and polished, vacuous and amenable to the directions of the British deep state.
    Nicola’s smug coupon features prominently on the JSCfPS website.
    Their series of Podcasts included contributions from Stewart MacDonald and John Nicolson. Well colour me shocked!
    The “lucky” SNP, MSPs to receive interns in 2021 from the JSCfPS intern program included Sturgeon, Yousaf and Gilruth. Jeez, they’re practically advertising the conspiracy.

  6. katielass04 says:

    Then there is Angus Robertson – FM-in-waiting:

    “Appointed to the Privy Council by her Majesty the Queen, he was a member of the Intelligence & Security Committee overseeing MI5, MI6 & GCHQ. Prior to being elected to Westminster, Angus worked as a Vienna-based journalist for the BBC and the Austrian broadcaster ORF.”

    When he stepped down, he was replaced by Stuart Hosie. Now were these men given access to security information in order to effectively ‘shut their mouths’ abt any security stuff being perpetrated on Scotland? Or were they willingly (or unwillingly) inducted into the service? Well, who really knows? Given the state of the party now, it’s wide open to speculation which…

  7. lorncal says:

    “… It is conceivable that agents of the British State now hold senior positions within the SNP-leadership and are able to influence party policy, such as adopting a soft approach to delivering independence, and promoting extreme niche-policies, which reduce delivery of independence to a secondary issue… ”

    I think it is a certainty, Mr Martin. Nothing else can really explain the foot-dragging and deliberate refusal to grab at opportunities as they have arisen, especially Brexit. The failure to take advantage of these cannot be put down to timidity or even crass stupidity, but to some other far more malign reasons. The attempt to take down Alec Salmond, and the means used, was pure intelligence services, taking a home-grown source and encouraging it to grow arms and legs. Civil service mandarins are paid by, and answerable to, Whitehall, and we know from past experience that they will dip a toe into politics if their masters require it.

    “… are able to influence party policy, such as adopting a soft approach to delivering independence, and promoting extreme niche-policies, which reduce delivery of independence to a secondary issue… ”

    Absolutely. The ‘trans’ issue is the prime example. Came from the States to England (London) and from there spread its tentacles into Scotland and Wales and the rest of England. The SNP and Scotland were chosen as the prime targets because the SNP was highly successful and ripe for infiltration, and this issue has the potential to undermine independence and even devolution, if it hasn’t already, the ‘just be kind’ brigade throwing the rest of us to the wolves. However, it also has the potential to destroy civil society, and, if you look closely enough, you can see how Westminster is trying hard to row back from its more pernicious propensities because the activists and many of the ‘trans’ lobby itself – deluded and naive beyond belief – wants the big prize, England, once Scotland and Wales have fallen, especially Scotland. Frankenstein’s Monster without the conscience.

  8. Clearly, fitting up Craig Murray and the relentless attacks on Alex Salmond were organised by dark forces within the British State. But is the woke crap that infests the party not a more universal phenomenon originating in the more progressive or idiotic departments of media/gender studies at US universities.

    My point is that apart from getting rid of Murray and Salmond, there is not a lot for MI5 to have done other than watch while the country tears itself apart under the influence of the most puerile unintelligent and intellectually bereft ideology ever to have affected a nation’s disaffected youth.

    I would be very interested to know if the author knows who are the agents and informants within the SNP doing the dirty right now. For there is a persistent rumour that Sturgeon herself has been captured and that Madge’s departments of dirty tricks have dirt on her and her husband that is sufficient to divert them from the fundamental aim of the party, which has obviously worked, for at no time during the years since AS handed over the reigns to NS has the latter shown any signs that she is interested in pursuing policies or deploying strategies that might lead to an independent Scotland.

    As one with a terminal illness and a limited lifespan, I have no qualms whatever naming names. In fact my rage against these lickspittles would motivate me to do so even if I was hale and hearty. Any evidence and information can be transferred to me via the personal message facilities at Twatter or WordPress. Although I recognise that if such information were thrown into the public arena it would be vociferously denied and my character traduced. There are however other ways of spreading information.

    I wonder too about the extent to which members of ALBA have put themselves in the sights of MI5. Likewise the many ordinary working class women who identify themselves as some kind of …..aurous on Twitter and who visibly refuse to accept the moronic stupidities of woke and who will never wheesht.

    At least when I was a disaffected youth, the ideologies I had to choose from were based largely on material reality, on analyses of class and its various effects. There are no ideologies available now, which bas themselves on material reality – even the opponents, with one or two exceptions, are based on the usual bourgeois individualism. As one of the more intelligent and perceptive commentators in the WordPress blogosphere opined some time ago. it will probably take a century for the effects of the woke to be excised from the popular consciousness. I cannot but agree, but this being the case there is no more work for MI5 to do. The country will be tearing itself apart, looking for scapegoats and generally failing to understand even the most basic principles of reason, for decades. In which case the powers that be will be able to do whatever the fcuk they want for many years into the future.

  9. lorncal says:

    Sadly, Duncan Spence, I would have to agree. Such is the damage that has been done from within that the security services are having their work done for them. As a defender of women’s and girl’s and children’s rights to their own integrity, I am also aware of my own tendency to become enraged at the circular and moronic arguments of the trans lobby and Stonewall. In the Alison Bailey trial at the moment, one Stonewall advocate has stated that there is no such thing as [biological] sex and that we are all just lumpen masses waiting to choose a gender and identity. Such lack of advocacy skills renders him a self-proclaimed idiot. If there is no such thing as sex, then there can be no ‘trans’ women or ‘trans’ men or ‘trans’ children because you cannot identify into something that doesn’t actually exist, so what are you?

    So, no need for separate prisons at all: just chuck the ‘trans’ men (women) in with the lumpen masses that appear to have penises and beards, but who are not men, no way, according to this prophet of unadulterated s***e. I suspect that the ‘trans’ men would soon discover their femininity and biological sex – probably the hard way. They can’t complain because they will be perfectly safe, won’t they? They’re men, after all, sorry ‘trans’ men. These people cannot even imagine the implications of their insanity and delusion.

    I have had someone, who could be either male or female, harangue me for not paying attention to recent science which claims that ‘trans’ people are born and have all kinds of natal conditions. There is absolutely not one iota of science to uphold their delusions because they would be arguing with the relevant data, and if ‘trans’ are born, they can’t be ‘trans’ as ‘trans’ cannot exist outwith the parameters of sexual biology – unless you can ‘transition’ from one gender into another, into another, into another, ad infinitum, before birth. Even if that were to be true, why is it a female problem? They seem to know our sex well enough to use us for their social experiments and as recipients of their hatred.

    You may well be right, Duncan, that we will have destroyed ourselves without any requirement of help from the south, albeit this insanity originated, in its British manifestation, in England (London), originating in America/Canada. Having studied Stonewall’s tactics closely, I am under no illusions that the SNP and Scotland were targeted deliberately as being easier to infiltrate with this madness (eh, Lorna Slater?) – so what does that say about us.

    The English are proving more resistant to date, but, if Scotland falls to it, so will England, eventually. Having said that, this whole mess that the SNP leadership and its cronies have hatched is fully home-grown and, I would have little doubt, has been used, with other ‘gifts’ from Scotland to destroy our opposition to a whole host of things coming down the line. I, and many others, such as you, have been saying this for years now. Sometimes, people just have to find out the hard way, as poor Cassandra discovered – and it didn’t save her either. That’s the real tragedy of utter stupidity and madness: it is never the utterly stupid and mad who suffer alone; they must always take us with them.

  10. LorCal I have a feeling that the SNP government was targeted by Stonewall because it is at the moment not actually a real government, but a sort of experiment in governance. It has no power to raise capital nor issue bonds in order to pursue policies that will benefit the country as a whole, and it is always beholden to Westminster. It is a devolved administration. Nothing more.

    The effect of this, in combination with the woke tsunami, means that the SNP and its partners in government, the so called Green Party, have been populated by nonentities and mediocrities with about as much political intelligence as a pair of dungarees. Anybody with the ability to hold forth with passion on their political beliefs and who is able to think on their feet and field difficult questions has been rendered obsolete. The complete opposite in fact of the loathsome Lorna Slater who when asked on the BBC’s premier Question Time, by a member of the audience, “what is a woman?” had the audacity to answer that this was a dogwhistle question asked by right wing ideologues. The audience member was immediately silenced and tarred with the implication of being “right wing”. What a cowardly piece of excrement that woman is!

    With people like Lorna Slater in the government, we truly are fcuked and MI5 can return to the business of infiltrating revolutionary groupings ….. revolutionary groupings, how quaint ….. such things no longer exist so MI5 might as well be disbanded. Seriously, with the tsunami of woke infiltrating everything, what work is there left for MI5 to do? Maybe just to keep tabs on ALBA and the …aurouses?

    I despair.

  11. diabloandco says:

    Duncan and Lorcal, you have expressed your anger and despair perfectly – it mirrors mine.

  12. duncanstrachan says:

    It Has been obvious for a long time. I could not have explained its workings as well as Duncan and Lorncal though. Spot on.

  13. lorncal says:

    Duncan Spence: they will undermine us and MI5, at al will allow them to do so. However, England is a different proposition, and you can bet that they will do their utmost to try and keep back the tide there. I absolutely agree that the lack of governing powers makes stopping them very much more difficult. I wish people would access The Denton Document, ready available on-line, to see just how this vicious lobby has infiltrated everything, how they have conned parents, schools, public services, et al. Maybe then they will believe those who are warning of the consequences of allowing this lot a foothold in governance. Lorna Slater, from Tranada, has brought that vile lobby’s agenda with her. I can just about, with a push, forgive men for their lack of awareness and uninterested stance, but women? Nah! To deliberately and stupidly hand over female spaces and rights to men is beyond the pale for me. Do these females have no sense of history, no understanding of what went before? They are so grossly ignorant and stupid and cynical that they cannot ever be forgiven. Many women themselves have to take the responsibility for enabling this men’s sexual rights/men’s rights movement to exist. If one child or girl or woman is harmed or feels unable to use female loos and changing rooms, etc., or who is ousted from female sports by this legislation, I, for one, will hold Nicola Sturgeon and Lorna Slater and all their handmaidens responsible and I will call them out to be prosecuted because we have warned and warned them. They do not have the right to hand over our rights to men.

  14. LorCal. History is precisely what these poeple have not learned. Neither have thwy learned the basics of reason and common sense. They live entirely in thought bubble and echo chambers where what the hippest most trendy of their peers says, goes.

    Thanks diabloandco and duncanstrachen. I am glad my words have helped.

  15. Robert Hughes says:

    Usual perspicacious intro Gareth , the article itself putting some flesh on the bones of what many have long suspected .
    It’s kind of inconceivable Walsingham’s heirs would not have infiltrated / propositioned / blackmailed SNP MP/MSPs : the only question is how deeply and high up . To enter that ” wilderness of mirrors ” is to risk disorienting suspicion/paranoia . Can ANYONE be trusted ? Nonetheless we have to assume a ” known unknown ” ; something is behind the paralysis , more accurately – the ruination of the Independence Movement .
    As has been stated above , such talk will elicit the now knee-jerk response of * Conspiracy Theorising * , the paper mallet of choice for dissemblers and the chronically gullible/naive everywhere , who seek to close down any debate or anything that contradicts dominant/ domineering * consensus * narratives .
    It certainly didn’t start with Covid , but the way that situation was used to effect a hegemony of * selective * views , how * Science * was wielded as both sword – to cut down any counter-narrative ( even from other , credible scientific sources ) , and shield – to parry any questions regarding the efficacy of the crudely imposed * measures * , saw a shockingly rapid and across-the-board ramping-up of State sponsored / MSM disseminated powers . Note Scot/Gov’s seemingly indefinite extension of such powers .
    This rigid imposition of * particular * interpretations of events seamlessly elided into the current ” Putin the evilest human ( ? ) ever to walk the earth / Ukraine composed of nothing but saints , heroes and martyrs ” narrative . F … knows where this one will lead .

  16. Grouse Beater says:

    The day after independence is won, the transition government’s priority is to outlaw unionist parties as a matter of constitutional urgency. The thought that some will remain with an agenda to reverse independence, or alter any new Accord with England to rescind aspects of self-governance is utterly unacceptable. In an autonomous nation state plots to overthrow the will of the people are seditious. Gordon Brown tried that one on the night Salmond won power to Holyrood, and he has been trying to double-down ever since by shifting Scots banks to English ownership, and concocting phony devolution nonsense and flaky federalism.

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