Grouse Beater Publication

Does that apply to Scotland, Your Majesty?

Forget the kids festive time, buy the book; trade the kids for a holiday where you can read it in peace.

“A collectors item fit for your local recycling yard.” “A literary sensation. I could not bear to read it.” “Now I know why have I not heard of Grouse Beater”. “Poor reviews are wrong. It held my front door open in a Force 10 gale!” “I thought it was a book on recipes and asked for my money back.” “If Scotland wants to restore its self-governance make sure Wardell is on holiday.”

Responding to thousands of requests from readers, well, okay, many hundreds – alright! Ten. Grouse Beater’s writer in residence (he works from his home office) has compiled a collection of the most enduring essays, old and new, many of the old uprated, a few written especially for the book.

“Essays” is the simple unadorned title, a gift fit for friends and foe alike, yourself first and foremost.

The book will be available in hardback and eBook from Amazon for the festival period, price to be confirmed. Over two hundred pages (200 plus) of ‘great stuff worth keeping to enrich the independendista’s arguement’, and when that fails, heavy enough to throw at your opponent’s head’.

A taster: “Faced by bellicose opponents keen to belittle Scotland, tell them this: even if they do not, Scotland thinks like an indepdendent country and has done all its 1,000 years of existence. Let them huff and puff for that is what is insurmountable to the colonial.” (And then sell them a copy of the book)

Here are a few plaudits from the privileged in the know – readers are free to add their own remarks in the Comments section on this site, for possible inclusion in the book. You can write about one particular essay, or essays collectively.

“A beautifully crafted collection of critically acclaimed essays, old and new, offers up a wonderful mix of subjects that touches the brain, heart and soul of the reader for their concise coverage of Scottish political and social commentary. ‘Grouse Beater’ is the wordsmith’s wordsmith.” Ken McDonald, Editor iScot magazine

“His writing is always extremely interesting, often profound, provocative, polemical and challenging, and always an enjoyable read. He has a knack of seeing underneath the endemic bullshit in the world and enlightening us with his sharp wit to explain its deceptions.” Professor Ian Ritchie CBE., Master Architect and Engineer

“Gareth Wardell keeps one step ahead of the zeitgeist. His research is sound and incisive. His arguments are thought provoking, a constant education. His wit is rapier sharp, his prose riveting.” Patrick Doyle,. Movie Composer

“Writing as ‘Grouse Beater’, Gareth Wardell’s thought-provoking essays invariably are written with the passionate conviction, forthrightness and respect characteristic of the man himself.” Eva Menuhin, Ghost Writer

“Gareth Wardell has proven to be the finest political essayist in Scotland today, as the highly successful ‘Grouse Beater’ blog repeatedly confirms. His many literary compositions combine fine prose and pinpoint identification of key issues, sprinkled with inspired provocative insights and thought.” Professor Alfred J. Baird. Maritime Expert and author

Gareth’s views are not just fantastic and enjoyable but for me essential reading. He transmits a thoughtful analysis of the current panorama, reminding us of the huge historical effort humans have had to make in order to achieve relative peace, a little bit of freedom and a few rights. He is a brave man who shares his wisdom and experience with eloquence and helps us to understand the importance of the past in order to fight for our future. Pilar Fernandez, Galician writer, activist

“Asked to categorise Gareth’s essays, I’d say robust, exceptional, balanced, authoritative, generous and often unforgettable.” Eva Comrie, Family and Child Law Specialist

“As a Scot resident in Australia, out of touch with my homeland, Gareth’s essays filled a void in my understanding of the history of Scotland and its achievers.” Howard Cairns, Grousey’s cousin


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18 Responses to Grouse Beater Publication

  1. James Kydd says:

    Ah’ll be havin this! Will you be selling direct, Gareth?

  2. Grouse Beater says:

    It will be sold on Amazon first, though I’ll buy in copies for folk ask me for one. 🙂

  3. Stuart MacKay says:

    Can I buy a copy for you to send to Pete Wishart? Better still, does Holyrood or Westminster have a gift opening day? I’d happily stump up the price of a few copies to send to our glorious MPs or MSPs as a “gift from the people” so they could share of moment of giving instead of taking, with all their colleagues.

    BTW if anyone bothers to read Voices for Independence ( you might have noticed an “Archive” link for the more recent Grouse Beater posts. I’m currently in the process of making sure that all of Gareth’s blog posts are archived so future generations can enjoy them for the rest of time.

  4. tombkane says:

    Gareth, I, for one, will be looking forward to getting a hardback copy of this book. Am a huge fan of your writing. Fearless and Frank and Compassionate. Looking forward to it.


  5. Grouse Beater says:

    Stuart – a copy for Comfy Slippers Pete is a great idea! Didn’t know about ‘Voices for Independence’. I’d better fix those typos fast!!! 🙂

  6. Grouse Beater says:

    Will advertise soon as book is up on Amazon’s site!

  7. Molly's Mum says:

    Definitely be buying one but it would be even better signed by the great man himself 😍

  8. Ooooh, put me down for the hardback please Gareth, signed 1st of course…

  9. diabloandco says:

    Hard back please and of course signed!

  10. Lyn Hay says:

    Ebook when out walking, and hardback when home with a malt – signed if I may be so temerous.

  11. alfbaird says:

    Thocht in deepth fir thinkin fowk.
    A’ll hiv ane, nor mebbe e’en twa o yer braw buiks masel, Gareth. Leukin forrit tae hit!
    Gaun yersel.

  12. Grouse Beater says:

    Twa? Man, ye were aye wan fir the sufferin’. 🙂

  13. peeliewallie says:

    Would definitely love a signed copy so hope to be able to buy directly from your site.

  14. Would like to request a signed hardback copy as soon as they become available, thank you and congratulations on getting to publication.

  15. Toni Young says:

    I would love to have a signed hardback copy. I also get the ebook when it’s available. Thanks for ALL your writing, I love your film criticisms too.

  16. Grouse Beater says:

    Toni – I’ll buy some copies myself to sign and find a way to get payment, rather than buying by Amazon.

  17. Toni Young says:

    Good idea. I’m happy with any means of payment, cheque, bank transfer, PayPal.

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