Scotland’s Stolen Oil

What Happens to the Union Jack Flag If Scotland Leaves the United Kingdom?  - The Atlantic

There is little need to add lengthy comment to the Times article published today that makes plain what has been known for years, Labour’s clandestine plans to steal Scotland’s oil by moving maritime boundary lines, and disseminate falsehoods of a poverty-stricken nation wholly reliant on English monetary handouts. The Tory government continue the disreputable policy to this day.



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8 Responses to Scotland’s Stolen Oil

  1. duncanio says:

    And of course the Blair/Brown axis grabbed part of the Scottish seabed in 1999. That pair plus John Smith, together with George Robertson and Robin Cook – what a parcel of rogues.

  2. Grouse Beater says:

    Whenever I read about the theft of Scotland’s wealth I become very angry. Luckily, I tend to be alone when fury overtakes calm.

  3. alfbaird says:

    “Slavery was not abolished, it evolved into colonization. The economic aspect of colonization is fundamental (despite) the self-appointed colonial mother complaining that the colony was costing more to maintain than it was worth.” (Albert Memmi)

  4. lorncal says:

    James Callaghan, the Englishman, warned these treacherous bandits that the Labour Party would pay eventually for its treachery towards Scotland. The later shifting of the maritime border was down to devolution, it was claimed, but it was intended to keep the UK and Westminster at the table in the event of Scottish independence through English legal jurisdiction. That is yet another reason why the Treaty is crucial to Scotland: taking that extra chunk of our maritime integrity breaches the Treaty because the two countries were independent on signing said Treaty. All their individual terrestrial and maritime integrity remains with them regardless of the Union. The desperate bid to wrest Orkney and Shetland from us is equally reprehensible because, again, they were part of the independent Scotland’s terrestrial and maritime integrity. Even if the Treaty is never used to take back our independence (and I believe it should be used as part of a bigger strategy), we will need to be on top of everything when it comes to the negotiations because you can bet your bottom dollar that Westminster and the HoL will be on top of it as they seek every advantage for England. The Scots are fools to themselves and always have been since just before 1707.

  5. Graf Midgehunter says:

    When Scotland becomes independent, whether via the courts or General Assembly or simple termination of the T.o.U., the negotiations of separation begin. Who gets what and how.

    As I have very little faith in the present SG as well as the skills needed to be a hard hitting, top-line negotiating team that would get the maximum result for Scotland, it would be very prudent of the Scottish team to bring in experienced negotiators from outside as support. People who know about the English two-faced way of dealing.

    They could “borrow” the team from Barnier or other EU/US trade deal specialists, folk who are real hard ba****ds and won’t take any s**t from London.

    We’re beginners compared to the WM Establishment mob who have centuries of ripping off the World.

    We need to be smart.

  6. alfbaird says:

    Graf: “a hard hitting, top-line negotiating team that would get the maximum result for Scotland”

    Think of Nelson Mandela. Think of Gandhi. In the same vein Scots need look no further than those who have recently been, and those who still are and will be, hounded by the ‘arms’ of the colonial oppressor and its Scottish functionaries, for they are the people our opponents fear most. Former First Minister Alex Salmond and Ambassador Craig Murray immediately come to mind. I am sure they as leaders would seek to appoint like minded skilled Scottish people to lead on every area of negotiation. We have a great many such people who support our cause and should use them to full effect. Independence finally ends the need to depend on anyone from outside to make decisions on our behalf, we have surely had enough of that these last 300 years and more. Its time to run our own affairs, ourselves.

  7. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Alf B.
    “.. I have very little faith in the present SG as well as the skills needed to be a hard hitting, top-line negotiating team..”

    I was mainly referring to the dwarfs who “govern” our country at the moment or their follow-up stooges who by a quirk of fate should get the lucky card of independence. England would tear them to bits as I doubt they could get a good team of their sycophants together.

    Craig M is a very nice, diplomatic person who would make a very good head of the Scot. Diplomatic Service. Maybe doing time as a “Jailbird” would return him into a bare-knuckle fighter, quenching for revenge.

    I was born just down the road from where AS lives and I have a huge regard for him as a leader of Scotland. It was him that unleashed the national spirit and YES, that got us to the brink of Indy in 2014. He is also very nice and cunning. 😉

    Should those two, and more like them, be the leaders who recognise where the home grown talent of skilled, Scotttish negotiators is, then that alone is worth gold. Most of them probably won’t be household names but specialists in their respective fields. I’m all for it.

    Make no mistake, England will try every legal, illegal, devious trick or strategy that helps them win something.
    See Brexit, EU, Northern Ireland, North Sea, water, Wind, etc..

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