Played For Fools

Alba's manifesto alone in taking Scottish independence seriously – Alex  Salmond | Evening Standard
Right Hon. Alex Salmond MP

The former First Minister of Scotland, the Right Hon Alex Salmond MP, now leader of the ALBA party reminds us we are still at the mercy of vindictive colonials who think Scotland has to be tamed. This is what London MPs said in 1707, and in many successive occasions since when the populace rebelled over iniquitous laws, policies and taxes imposed on the people of Scotland. Wesminster acknowledges Scotland is a separate country but refuses to drop the habit of a lifetime – kleptomania – the desperate need of our wealth for its economy and our youth for wars.

Alex Salmond reminds us Tory and Labour are as bad as each other when it comes to hobbling Scotland’s progress. England keeps telling us the truth, it needs Scotland, just not our affection.


Scotland’s crucial carbon capture hopes have now been sunk by the Westminster Government for the third time in 15 years – once by Labour and now twice by the Tories.

The plans are truly revolutionary – take Scotland’s biggest carbon emitting problems at Grangemouth, Peterhead and St Fergus and turn them into solutions. Instead of just taking world warming hydrocarbons out of the North Sea fields, send the carbon dioxide back to store and save us all. And, in the process, generate tens of thousands of jobs in new clean hydrogen gas technology.

That was the plan for Peterhead power station that Labour politicians Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling sunk in 2007. It was an even more ambitious “Goldeneye” proposal that the Tories and Liberal Democrats sabotaged in 2015, after falsely promising its go-ahead to buy votes in the independence referendum campaign. And now Prime Minister Johnson adds his name to this Ragman Rolls of treachery by refusing to place the Acorn project, or Scottish cluster, based at St Fergus at the front of the carbon capture queue.

Of course at Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday “sunshine” Boris claimed it really was a triumph for Scotland to be on the subs bench and we should all be very, very happy. That is what was said in 2007 and 2015! The hopes and technology for carbon capture are not pie in the sky. They are now going ahead in the Humber and Liverpool. And totally overwhelmingly the prime location place for the key project is St Fergus with a ready baked pipeline system to transport the CO2 back from whence it came.

Without the prospect of carbon capture on a serious scale, the UK Government does not have a prayer of meeting its carbon reduction targets and Johnson would be further embarrassed and humiliated in front of the planet in Glasgow in just ten days’ time.Instead it’s now Scotland to be humiliated, stabbed in the back yet again by perfidious Westminster.

After sending £350 billion of oil revenues straight into the maw of the London Treasury since the 1980s, we get zero return instead of zero carbon. Who is there to defend Scottish workers and Scottish based technology? Not the SNP/Green coalition in Edinburgh, arm wrestling over the lunacy of closing down the North Sea, instead of embracing the hydrogen economy.

A justification for carbon capture is that it makes feasible new field consents in the North Sea and to place an enforceable zero carbon obligation on these consents. It makes continuing North Sea production compatible with the future of the planet.Not the Union jokes in the Scottish Conservative Party whose political influence is negligible as Johnson targets consolidating the Tory breakthrough in the north of England with carbon capture investment and sinks yet more countless billions into ageing and failed nuclear technology in Suffolk.

Scotland welcomes the world to Glasgow with the ability to be an exemplar in all things green. No country on earth has more access to renewables and no hydrocarbon producer is better placed to embrace the clean hydrogen fuel of the future.

But none of this happens spontaneously. It requires industrial strategy. In any modern economy lots of things are important but only a few are really important. For Scotland carbon capture is one of these. With it we consolidate our position as a world energy capital.

Without it the key plants of our industrial structure –Grangemouth, St Fergus, the North Sea itself – will fall like nine pins. Scotland does not lack power sources but the political power to turn these opportunities into reality and transform our country into one of the green engines of the planet.

If we allow ourselves to be played for fools again then we will have no-one to blame but ourselves.


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4 Responses to Played For Fools

  1. lorncal says:

    We knew, Grouse Beater, that where the UK is concerned, there is only England. We have always known that fact, those of us who understand our predicament and want out, sooner rather than later. All that tarrying on the independence front has done has allowed England to steal everything for itself. England has a massive population to feed, water and heat if it is to avoid an uprising at the end of the day. It really is as simple as that. Those facts alone drive its rapacious attitude towards the rest of us. It also promotes a lazy, manyana attitude towards change that is desperately required.

    It looked at Scotland and saw the carbon capture proposals, and thought: ah, yes, I’ll have some/all of that. It looked at the North Sea and thought: ah, I’ll have that, and I’ll change the maritime boundaries to enable me to stay in the game whatever happens; it looked at hydro and water, and thought: I’m going to need that in a few years, so I’ll make sure all the cables and lines run south. It looked at the fishing industry and thought: I’ll build a large landing plant on the Humber and let the Scottish fishing ports close one by one. It looked at Faslane and Coulport, and thought: yes, we need to ensure a long-term strategy of keeping nuclear in Scotland, or, that failing, we’ll park the nukes on Wales or NI.

    England interests are always, and always have been, long-term and at the forefront of English/British/UK politics. Any Scots, Welsh person or NI who doesn’t understand that, is, frankly, short of a brain cell or two. All we can do is mitigate against the worst excesses of England. The SNP Scotttish government has hasn’t even done that for seven long years, but has acquiesced in every rotten trick played on us, colluded in every lie (and told quite a few themselves) and done everything it can to play down independence.

    England, in the shape of Westminster, and aided and abetted by its Scottish contingent of ‘English’ MPs, intends that Scotland shall never prosper, that Scotland (and Wales) shall be the recipient of English overspill and migration, that all the jobs where influence is carried, will go to people furth of Scotland (Wales) so that no internal Scottish resistance is possible or encouraged. We need look no further than any British colony that left the Motherland. The same tactics were, and are, used. How anyone left in Scotland could believe for even a fraction of a second that we are better off in the Union must be deluded to the point of no return – effectively, a Borg.

    There is no Britain. There is no UK. There is only England and England’s political, economic and strategic interests. That is all there has ever been for nigh on one thousand years. When are we going to accept that and do what we need to do to cut loose? A second referendum, in those circumstances, is a total waste of time, energy and money that ordinary Scots cannot afford to throw away on yet another SNP pie-in-the-sky venture that comes to nought. We need to start using that Treaty now.

  2. duncanio says:

    As ever with Alex Salmond there is a plan, a strategy:

    Capture the energy and capture the emissions, double the employment using the same infrastructure (so no extra sunk costs).

    Won’t get fooled again? Maybe…

  3. Midgehunter says:

    This just goes to show people in Scotland once again, that we have a total vacuum of leadership or vision when it comes to an energy policy, or any other policy which would benefit Scotland.

    Apart from the utterly bonkers Gender Woo Woo and Hate Crime nonsense of course…

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