Scotland’s Rights – a Discussion

A nation’s right to free will and peaceful co-existence is a basic of democracy

Very rarely does this site post a video, and usually only when it is tied to an historic event. But this is one occasion when a video is better than the written word. International readers are not all following Grouse Beater’s Twitter News Bite account, hence this essay site is a good place to publish the contents of a discussion.

At the invitation of broadcaster, blogger and host, Roddy MacLeod, domiciled in sunny Catalonia, I got together with Iain Lawson, the former SNP apparatchik of the SNP now an unrepentant ALBA party member, and the eminent maritime industry expert, Professor Alfred Baird, to discuss Scotland’s current crisis – that is, the alarming inertia and depressing colonial outlook of the SNP. The platform offered by Roddy is one of the many that have arisen from the outcome of the 2014 vote on autonomy, about as close to a free press as any that disappeared early in the 19th century when press barons gobbled up newspapers national and local to build their empires and sway public opinion.

Gravelly voiced Iain Lawson is a walking encyclopedia of SNP history, the down-to-earth Alfred Baird now much vaunted for his clinical study of colonial Scotland, his collected research published by Kindle under the title ‘Doun-Howden: The Socio-Political Determinants of Scottish Independence‘. The book is a synthesis of what so many Scottish patriots have been arguing about for generations, liberty, fearful of seeing the dissolution of our country under increasingly intolerant and vindictive English rule.

The discussion ranges over who should vote in a franchise for an independence referendum (the 2014 referendum was almost an all-comers welcome vote), Scotland’s ambitions to rejoin the European union, and how inept or antagonistic is the current Scottish Government in protecting our civil rights. Above all, the key question is, how do we protect our sovereignty?

You could call the panelists the Four Horsemen of the Apocalyse, if you enjoy a joke, but I think we have things to say that are well-informed unlike most opponents of Scotland’s conmstitutional legality to exist again as a separate state. At the very least, nosy readers might wish to see what books I have on my office shelves if their their attention drifts from the debate.

The discussion lasts one hour. Just click on the image below.

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3 Responses to Scotland’s Rights – a Discussion

  1. Derek Grainge says:

    I’d love to follow that Twitter Account, Gareth. Except you blocked me a while back, probably because you thought (wrongly) I was toeing the SNP party line.

  2. Grouse Beater says:

    You can follow the site without going through my account, but tha nks for giving me the benefit of doubt. My life is cut short. Hard to suffer disputatious argument constructed to cause doubt when I am spending my last months doing my best to give people hope and the resolve to achieve the ideal.

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