Baird on Colonialism

This site published a video on three occasions – all for good reasons – one being First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s visit to the Irish Parliament, the Dáil Éireann. No Scottish newspaper covered the event, a few merely gave it a page two mention. Her speech there and the warm welcome the politicians gave her must have riled our colonial cousins no end. (I switched travel dates to coincide.)

This video is an outstanding interview with the marine industry specialist, Professor Alfred Baird, who has studied the issue of Scotland as a colony of English rule. Since 2014, this site has publishd its own essays on English colonialism as it affects Scotland and countries abroad, pointing out how every aspect of our daily lives are manipulated by London’s power elite, our wealth and talent removed south. And yet when challenged, no English politician, House Jock, or person-in-the-street who calls themselves a unionist, can or will answer the question: if Scotland is an economic basket case, why does England’s hold tight to ownership of us?

Readers will know, Professor Baird contributed ten well-researched articles on the subject of colonialism in all is ugly anti-ethnic cultural aspects. Each is an extract from his book, ‘Doun-Hauden: The Socio-Political Determinants of Scottish Independence’, an indispensible work for any student of the subject. When first published, Professor Baird encountered a lot of animosity from his academic peers (as I did for early essays and writer-illustrator Alasdair Gray did for his ‘Incomers and Settlers‘ seminal essay. To date, the SNP has kept well away from the subject.

Professor Baird’s claim that, the fewer the Scots lecturing in our universities, the greater and the easier is the manipulation of Scotland cultural values, saw him belittled in his own academic territory, though not by the principal of his university who defended him.

He is interviewed by Roddy MacLeod, ‘Barrhead Boy’, about his views, and why he feels the Scottish National Party has let down its supporters on the desperate need for full self-governance. Nothing less protects a nation’s sovereignty than independence. England knows this, and England is happy to have a parliament that puts its people’s needs before any other in the UK.

Click on the image to hear the interview

Through A Scottish Prism 19th Sept. 2021

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10 Responses to Baird on Colonialism

  1. urapps says:

    Excellent! Independence is removing the scourge of colonialism!

  2. benmadigan says:

    I agree with much of Prof Baird’s analysis and insights.
    However, since Westminster can argue that an Eng vs Scot disagreement over Independence is an internal issue, the UN may not be able to come to Scotland’s aid, if requested and needed.
    Security Council member, the UK sucessfully used this argument in the past vis-à-vis Northern Ireland.
    In the 1970s the Dublin government appealed to the UN when the UK sent the Army into Northern Ireland but UN intervention was blocked by the UK’s argument that it was a domestic mattter and thus not within the UN’s remit.

  3. Grouse Beater says:

    I’ll leave Professor Baird to answer you, but NI doesn’t go back 1,000 years as a nation. It is another botched construct by an English authority keen to get out of Ireland. NI is a province not a nation under a treaty. Every so often Westminster threatens to take it back into direct rule. Even with an 80 majority, the Tories won’t dare threaten Scotland without inviting insurrection in the streets.

  4. twathater says:

    GB – I posted this comment previously on Prof Alf Baird’s post on Barrhead boy’s site

    A great and truthful dissection we have accepted for far too long, unfortunately we have been robbed of the truth and betrayed for decades by those who were elected to serve US but instead worked for and on behalf of our oppressors, they were well rewarded for their treason with baubles and trinkets and it still continues to this day.

    Many people will object at calling these people traitors but in reality when these people are actively distorting and deliberately hiding information which is vitally important to the financial viability, stability and capability of a country to prosper, support and benefit the citizens of their mother country what else could you generously call them

    I place no faith in politicians and the current ensemble at Holyrood of all the parties has to be a congregation of the biggest misfits, incompetents , lackluster parasites and corrupt liars to govern Scotland

    We had no choice but to accept the franchise of voting rights put in place by Cameron for the 2014 indy referendum because that is just the effect that hundreds of years of brainwashing and conditioning will achieve, that we are so grateful maister to even have this vote that we will even accept your deliberate gerrymandering of the voter franchise.

    One of the taunts used by the opponents of indy is that we cannot even convince enough fellow Scots to vote for independence , but following an investigation by Edinburgh Uni (i think) it was discovered that 53% of Scots had indeed voted for indy where 70% of new Scots or incomers had actually voted AGAINST indy taken in conjunction with Scots no voters THAT destroyed independence , it is called SABOTAGE

    There was no reciprocal arrangement in place for the 2016 Brexshit vote where EU citizens were DENIED the ability to vote on their future , yet when Scots demand a similar franchise they automatically become racists, bigots, nativists, blood and soil nationalists, fascists, or moon howlers.

    The argument is always used that “no taxation without representation” does that mean that obviously no EU citizen was paying income tax to the UK govt so they were not entitled to a vote on their future

    I personally believe that if I were a new Scot I would NOT consider myself entitled to determine if Scotland should become an independent state once more. That is up to Scots born people to decide. When Scotland is independent from the UK then I can decide whether to apply for citizenship or not.

  5. alfbaird says:


    A colonial power will no doubt argue in its own favour whatever the matter. I am not saying Scots should necessarily depend on the UN for their liberation. An oppressed people must try to sort out their own affairs for themselves, but understanding the nature of their oppression is always a good start. Arguably most Scots remain unclear about what independence is or why it is necessary.

  6. Grouse Beater says:

    Professor Baird is quite correct. Via my writing, I have spent the last three years trying to make members of the SNP understand criticism of the SNP should not be translated into ‘another moaner demanding a referendum tomorrow’, but rather a supporter of self-governance asking why the SNP has stopped educating the public to the need of living in a free state and the benefits that accrue.

    During the run up to Sdeptember 2014 I became anxious that too much emphasis was placed on the idea of an abject ‘independence’. Sure enough, our opponents turned this around and called it ‘separatism’ and ‘seceding’, when that was alie for the most part. This had the desired affect of scaring off potential ‘Yes’ voters who envisaged a large black hole of nothingness ahead of them.

    The answers were all there in Salmond’s ‘White Paper’, but at 650 pages it assumed all Scots had the time to read it, and all Scots are proficient readers. Wings’ ‘Wee Blue Book’ reached a larger number of people, but alas, as was that site’s custom, it borrowed the prose style of the Daily Mail. What was needed was a constant daily barrage of a single topic eminating from Holyrood, altering the indy topic week by week, causing Unionists to be perpetually defending their position.

    The same attitude of enlightening the public holds true for these last three years. The SNP, under Fish Out of Water Sturgeon, altered the focus, she deciding full independence is unattainable. The SNP disbanded all committees engaged in the task of disseminating public information. Worse, the SNP had, and still has, no strategy on how to combat attacks on our civil rights.

    I would have preferred emphasis was on what the civil rights we do not have, how much wealth is being stolen from this nation annually, and which constitutional rights we must reinstate to function as a mature nation in the 21st century. What has saved Sturgeon’s reputation – in the short term, for everything she touches turns bad – is the pandemic. Fronting that has had her attract devotees.

    The referendum vote lost, predictions of state retribution are coming true. We have an SNP unfit to withstand the onslaught. Sturgeon will go down in history as the least capable First Minister at the most critical time in our history. In fact, there is every evidence she may have lost our independence for the next fifty years – at least.

  7. tawley says:

    The discussion was brilliant and I learnt such a lot from you both.

    I was born in England to Scottish parents during the 2nd world war. I identify as Scottish not British. My DNA tells me I am Scottish/Irish 85% and Baltic 15%. (There is someone in Finland with some of my DNA)

    I did live in Scotland for about 2 years and It would never have occurred to me to consider that I could vote in any election let alone a referendum – there is something wrong with that. I think English people see themselves as British above English so that could easily skew a referendum result.

    I so want Scottish Independence before I leave this world and I would dearly love a Scottish passport so please hurry up with independence! I was ok with my EU one but that’s run out. I don’t want a blue British one as it’s far too embarrassing. It’s bad enough being asked if I am English when abroad. I always correct it and then get a lovely smile. Scottish accents are great.

  8. peeliewallie says:

    Have just purchased ‘ Doun-Hauden ….’ on your recommendation and have started reading it. Thank you; it’s very enlightening!

  9. Grouse Beater says:

    Doun-Hauden is a first-rate piece of scholarship. Happy to learn you have a copy. Please recommend it to others. Having written about Scotland as a colonised nation since I began my essay site in 2012 – at first ridiculed for the notion, I gave a cheer on discovering his book. For my part, I might have my copy bound as a hardback, the work is a great reference book too valuable to let fall apart with constant use. One for my children when the time comes.

  10. alfbaird says:

    Thank you peeliewallie and Grouse Beater, much appreciated.

    Perhaps also of interest may be the video ‘lecture’ which summarises the book and its main findings:

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