Sturgeon Should Resign

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Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland

You know things have deteriorated when independence supporters use unionist slogans to draw attention to their concerns. Calling for Nicola Sturgeon to resign is one such slogan. Publishing the blog written by Bruce Hosie does not mean this site agrees with all the views in it. What it means is, the SNP has lost touch with too many voters and Mr Hosie’s concerns echo much of what is heard spoken by other ordinary people.

I have pointed that Nicola Sturgeon showed her political limitations some while ago. (Prejudices and obsessions are a different matter.) I counselled she should hand over the reins of the independence campaign to a person or group with the political, PR and constitutional skills demanded. Her strengths do not lie in outwitting Westminster or Whitehall, or indeed, troubling those corrupt institutions very much. She is far too conformist for that. The rugged anarchist confronting authority is not our Nicola.

That said, Nicola Sturgeon is as much a casualty of Scotland’s predicament as the rest of us that voted in September 2014. How stupid were the doubters and the ditherers? It would have taken two years at a minimum to complete the main elements of a new negotiated relationship and settlement with our colonial neighbour. Those conditions of autonomy require time to be put to our parliament for debate, and for the electorate to comment upon. So, call it three, maybe four years to cover those eventualities. It follows a fully functioning democracy might only now be in operation seven years later. What was the panic in September 2014?

We were told the truth: namely, the day after a Yes vote nothing would change, but our absolute right to make our own decisions nationally and internationally would be reinstated. Nicola Sturgeon voted Yes, as I did. We all suffer the consequences since, even the No voters who wanted greater powers for Scotland short of independence.

Meanwhile Nicola Sturgeon has busied herself with provincial matters. She soldiers on, oblivious of the trail of despair and disillusion in her wake. From the People’s Darling we find her presence despised on the independence stage. She presides over a confused political agenda. Can it be what she sees are only articles in praise of her tenacity and tenure, and seeing them, she feels on her way to some predetermined, glorious destiny?

The clamour for new leadership grows by the day and by every SNP ineptitude that piles higher and higher, like a mass dump of plastic bottles. My view is now cobwebbed. Bruce Hosie’s view is fast becoming the public mood.

Similar opinion to Hosie’s was voiced by the eminent journalist Iain Macwhirter, a supporter of autonomy, cold shouldered by the right-wing media for it. He cannot fathom why Sturgeon’s track-record has her perpetually Teflon-coated. Macwhirter’s article is reprinted to demonstrate Hosie’s opinion is nothing new. (See Notes.)

The malaise is not about one person, but about the whole ethos and direction of the SNP. The existence of another independence party, ALBA, proof positive something is rotten in the state of Bute House. Age has withered its beauty.

To publish the articles is to give warning to those in power, piss or get off the pot.


by Bruce Hosie

It’s not that long ago that politicians would be forced to resign when they made huge mistakes, or even little mistakes, especially when those mistakes cost the public purse, not anymore and definitely not in Scotland. The prosecution by the Crown Office, we know they like a good wrongful prosecution, of the various people involved in the Glasgow Rangers fraud case will top £100 million pounds with yet more of the wrongly accused winning record payouts in compensation. Tory MSP Russell Findlay said yesterday “The malicious prosecution scandal will be a permanent stain on our justice system but, in SNP-run Scotland, no one is ever held to account. Is he wrong?

In Nicola Sturgeons Scotland accountability no longer exists. There are calls now for former Lord Advocate, and High Court Judge, Lord Mulholland, to stand down until an enquiry is held into this whole shambles.

Parliament voted in February for an inquiry into the fiasco when proceedings ended and politicians yesterday described the outcome at the Court of Session as “sickening”. (Daily Record).

The £6,393,046 paid this week to Charles Green is just for his legal costs, Green’s lawyer Garry Borland QC yesterday told judge Lord Tyre his client could still claim more money from the Crown Office. This on top of David Whitehouse and Paul Clark, of Duff and Phelps, settled out of court for more than £24million. They sought a combined payout of £20.8million from the Crown Office and Police Scotland, settling for £10.3million each plus legal costs, thought to be about £3million. Their former colleague David Grier is also seeking £7million in damages for wrongful arrest after Rangers’ owners collapsed in February 2012. 

Former Lord Advocate James Wolffe made an apology in Holyrood to Green, and the others, two months ago saying they should never have been prosecuted before he was allowed to quietly retire and walk off into the night, after being the Lord Advocate who was in post with other high profile prosecutions, that of Alex Salmond, the failed prosecution of Mark Hurst, and the equally disgusting jailing of Craig Murray, and yet no one has resigned or been forced to resign. 

It is obvious for anyone to see in Scotland that there is something rotten to the core of our justice system. Iain MacWhirter wrote in the Herald that Scotland’s prosecution service is rotting, like a fish, from the head down. There are disturbing parallels between the pursuit of Clark and Whitehouse and the reckless behaviour of the Scottish Government in pursuing the former First Minister, Alex Salmond, through the courts. He is not wrong is he, yet no one has been forced to step down, not one single person. We also know that the Alex Salmond legal fiasco was  “tainted” and “unlawful”, from the findings of the botched civil service disciplinary inquiry conducted under the Permanent Secretary, Leslie Evans. Ms Evans is another figure still miraculously in post despite having been responsible for losing large amounts of public money.

Iain MacWhirter wrote “I fear there is a culture of collusion and cover up, and I believe there is an ethical void at the prosecution service. This is intolerable in a democracy. There is ample evidence that the Crown Office is not fit for purpose.

This is a scandal of epic proportions and yet the media in the main have ignored it. Yes there have been a few stories but nothing like the headlines there should have been, why is that? Are the media protecting Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP Government? Why is that? Why is it that it takes new media bloggers (often targeted and abused by SNP loyalists) like Barrhead Boy, Yours For Scotland, Grouse Beater, to join all the dots to get this information out there?

This SNP Government and First Minister look as rotten to the core as Johnson and the Tories do, they throw mud at the Tories for the Covid contracts scandal yet they are presiding over a scandal that makes that look like nothing, yet no one is responsible, no one is forced to resign, shit, there is maybe a case for an enquiry int0 some of them given the scale of the scandal unfolding before us but what do we get from Sturgeon, SILENCE.

The buck stops with Nicola Sturgeon. Evans should not still be in a job. Wolffe should never have been allowed to quietly walk away into the night. Mullholland should not still be sitting as a judge. The Crown Office at the very top should be facing an investigation, yet under Sturgeons watch, nothing.

The buck stops with Nicola Sturgeon. In any other country she would have been forced to resign a long time ago, Scotland has become the equivalent of a banana republic under this Government and this First Minister, how much more do we have to accept before someone, anyone in this SNP Government takes responsibility for the actions of the systems of justice in this colony?

Sturgeon should be resigning end of. However, no doubt she will sail off into the night into some cushy job in the future leaving behind a colony that looks to the outside world as corrupt and broken as Westminster and North Korea, and I am being kind.


Bruce Hosie describes himself as a former gardener and greenkeeper, now a community worker in Dundee. He is married with three children, a supporter of independence since 14- years old. His blog, ‘Grumpy Scottish Man’, is here:

Iain Macwhirter’s article ‘Rotting From the Head Down‘ published in the Herald newspaper is here:


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9 Responses to Sturgeon Should Resign

  1. lorncal says:

    The fundamental constitutional authority in our so-called democracy is the election, where the people speak – either whispering or roaring according to their lights. Contained within that democratic authority is the right of every party elected to government to put forward its policies and have them both acknowledged by the parliament and sanctioned. Sometimes, the country won’t agree and the government has to go back to the drawing board, but, essentially, that is what happens.

    In Scotland? Nope. You can have a whole wardrobe chock-full of mandates, preferred by the people and seconded by the parliament, but the government is too weak to do anything with them. That is the Scottish government. Yes, all governments govern for everyone, but the fundamental principle of the ruling party being able to introduce legislation is paramount – except in Scotland.

    So, no, it is entirely the fault of this government in Scotland that we are no nearer independence than were were before 2014. They have taken their democratic authority, bestowed by the people, and sat on it on behalf of those who DID NOT VOTE FOR THEM, but for Unionist parties. In what other country does this happen? The Unionists are not one homogeneous group. They are several parties with that one uniting theme – opposition to independence. Ergo, they should not be given even a modicum of authority to oppose what the majority of the people have voted for – independence.

    The elections confers the authority and the authority confers the mandate to take the Treaty of Union to the international arena for resiling. Three things become necessary: a) choosing a currency (your own is always the most sensible choice); b) setting up a central bank; c) gaining international recognition – and not necessarily in that order, as international recognition will make the other two successfully possible. The Scottish government has not even tried to do any of those thins – nary a one. Yes, it has to go, kit and caboodle, to start to act like the Scottish government it was elected to be. The Unionists have NO LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY in Scotland. None. Zilch. Nada. Riens. Nichts. Stop pandering to them and their voters. Now.

  2. alfbaird says:

    “The buck stops with Nicola Sturgeon. … how much more do we have to accept before someone, anyone in this SNP Government takes responsibility for the actions of the systems of justice in this colony?”

    It seems pretty clear that Nicola Sturgeon is merely the political figurehead in Scotland’s continuing colonial administration (and oppression), and where the SNP elite has made ‘an accommodation’ with the colonial power, a development which corresponds with postcolonial theory. George Osborne alluded to who actually runs Scotland when he referred to ‘the arms’ of the British state in Scotland, namely Crown (COPFS+Police) and Civil Service.

    Frantz Fanon tells us that the natives campaigning for independence and hence liberation from oppression can expect nothing from a colonial justice system, whilst the ‘arms’ and agents of the colonial power may do as they please, with impunity. This appears to reflect what we see, the only solution for which is independence and a total break with the colonial institutional set-up.

    One might also argue that malicious prosecution has been around for some time, given Scotland has the largest prison population per head in western Europe, and this also fits with a colonial environment/legacy.

  3. kurikat says:

    Well said Lorncal..Well said..

  4. Michael W says:

    I have to agree with Alf Baird.

    The unionists have more than enough destroy her with on this glorious day and yet they choose not to. Their silence speaks volumes.

  5. 100%Yes says:

    If we give the SNP zero votes at next years local election this is our best chance of saying to Sturgeon and her cronies let’s see what all your councillors are going to do now, they’ve lost their jobs and the SNP aren’t in control of the local authority, you should have given us a referendum.

  6. Molly's Mum says:

    The day she announced she was “Chief Mammy” sent shivers down my spine.

    Part of me believes the state must have something big on her, but a bigger part thinks no, she is a gift to them because she actually is that useless.

    No strategy, more soundbites than Blair and an ego to match

    She and her alphabetically inclined sisters should be in the jail, not Craig Murray (the famous inventor of the one piece jigsaw)

  7. Muscleguy says:

    No mention of the missing, fraudulently acquired £600k in donations. The subject of an ongoing polis investigation. I expect they will sacrifice some functionaries to protect the Murrells who should be held accountable. The problem with the Scotland fish is that there are two sources of rot at the top and they are linked.

    SNP members still don’t know what Oor Peter DOES. He doesn’t answer the phone or email messages. He launches things then forgets about them. Imagine what the SNP could be with a CEO who actually does the fucking job? Maybe one elected by the party in the teeth of opposition from the FM. That sort of dynamic with the Party pushing the govt to be bold, to be independent or deselections will follow.

    All the gradualists should have been deselected as soon as they raised their heads above the parapet. Sturgeon, comfy feet Pete et al. But the party has been neutered, emasculated. Raise a deselection motion? don’t make me laff.

  8. Alex Montrose says:

    the negativity here is almost overwhelming,
    I would expect a statement on yes2Indy fairly soon after the conclusion of the SNP-Green talks, McKaskill should have the courage of his convictions and resign, and put himself up for judgement by the electorate.

  9. Grouse Beater says:

    That’s up to MacAskill. He has not altered his political views from those that impressed voters and garnered enough to elect him an MP. The voters will make the decision if they prefer the SNP, or support him as a man of conscience.

    As for your snidey remarks, the fashion where you wipe out people whose point of view you dislike is abhorrent. Governments that do that are usually condemned. They rely entirely on duping supporters to get off with their actions, people who do not realise that one day they may be next – it’s that random.

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